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Utah Attack-Interview Tonight

Interview tonight on the webradio, tune in!
You've seen the feature and read some of the accounts online about the attack on the permitted music event over the weekend in SLC, Utah.....tonight, the portland imc audio collective will be interviewing one of the headlining performers from the event. Tune into the broadcast starting at 8pm pst to hear the first hand account and other research about the incident.

You will also have a chance to call in or send an instant message. Tune in to get the info.


Here is the link to the feature

Utah "Rave" Raid on FRSC 25.Aug.2005 20:47

reposted from santa cruz imc frsc@freakradio.org

Utah "Rave" Raid on FRSC

FRSC coverage of Utah "Rave" Raid

mp3 utraid - time: 1:49:18

Coverage of the electronic party that was raided by police, SWAT, and National Guardsmen (helicopter and all) in Utah County on Sat Aug. 20, 2005. Aired live on FRSC Thurs Aug 25, 2005. Listen for updates on Mons 3-5pm pacific during 'Galixy Hour" on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1FM streams @ www.freakradio.org