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forest service admits fawking up botanical reserve in siskiyous

the forest service admits that it wrongly marked the boundaries of the fiddler timber sale resulting in significant logging in a rare botanical reserve.
as part of the biscuit "salvage" project, the fiddler timber sale was continually blockaded early this summer by peaceful activists until the forest service closed the area to the public. after the roads were reopened and logging was completed, members of the siskiyou project discovered that significant logging had occurred within the protected 350-acre babyfoot lake botanical area. mismarking of logging and roadbuilding boundaries is being blamed for the illegal logging. this seems to blatantly illustrate the forest service's error in locking the public out of their own forests. the seattle times is reporting that 290 stumps were found within the reserve. logging within the biscuit continues today; consider supporting the activists that are holding the line against illegal forest destruction.