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US Soldiers shut down brutally shut down rave party in Utah

Numerous accounts from attendees of an outdoor electronic music event in Utah county indicate excessive force used by Sherrif and SWAT officers. A video has surfaced depicting officers dressed in full military fatigues raiding the main stage of the event. Local news stations side with police in initial reports.
Attendees of the outdoor electronic music event dubbed "Versus II" taking place the evening of Saturday, August 20th in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon in Utah County arrived at the event with confidence that the concert organizers had obtained the proper permits and legal clearance to hold the event. Personal accounts available at the local electronic community websiteutrave.org paint a scene of police brutality and mayhem, many accounts bearing eyewitness to the forceful arrest of young girls.

Reports state that at approximately 11:30pm upwards of 90 officers, many wearing full camouflage gear, gathered from Sherrif and SWAT departments in surrounding areas stormed the previously peaceful gathering dedicated to music and dance. At least 1 helicopter was dispatched, along with large tranport vehicles designated for both officers and detainees. Numerous statements from attendees indicate excessive force being exerted by many officers. Inuries including mild to severe bruises and cuts have been reported by party goers as young as age 17.

The Utah County Sherrif's Office has expressed a long term vendetta against what they call "Rave" parties. Statements from the Sherrif's office as well as eyewitness accounts make it clear that this was a premeditated attack on the promoters and community supporting these events. While the Sherrif's office has stated that many drugs and pieces of paraphernalia were obtained, they fail to note how many of the 60+ citations were for drug violations. Many accounts indicate the majority of citations and arrests were for resisting arrest. The Sherrif's office states that the party was raided on the grounds of failure to obtain a mass gathering permit for an event hosting more than 250 attendees. Reports vary as to the number in attendance, estimation ranging from 250 to 1,400. Controversy exists as to whether a mass gathering permit was actually obtained, however, a Health Department permit was obtained, and hired security and emergency medical service personnel were on site.

Many eyewitness accounts indicate that officers singled out party goers attempting to document the events on camcorders, cameras and camera phones. Victims have claimed that officers knocked cameras out of the hands of the owner, even confiscating some. Luckily, one video has surfaced, and is quickly spreading across the internet, as well as being featured by at least one local news station. The video clearly displays a large number of officers dressed in full camouflage fatigues, some brandishing rifles. In the higher quality version of the video, which includes sound, it is apparent that the use of a taser was employed. While the video is somewhat unclear at times, the viewer can plainly see an officer atop a young girl fully subdued on the ground on her stomach; he swings on her at least twice, as more officers rush forward to manhandle the girl. It is clear that many others were subdued using similar levels of force.

Initial reports from local news stations side with the Sherrif's Office, one anchor calling the event a "drug party" without batting an eye. Reports tend to focus on the drugs and paraphernalia acquired by police, rather than the obvious violation of civil liberties reported by those in attendance and depicted by the amateur video, which has been provided to all major local news agencies.

Surprisingly, the local Fox News affiliate Fox 13 seemed to give the most unbiased report, stating that many attendees had reported excessive force, as well as showing the official media response from the Utah County Sherrif's Office. Clips of the previously mentioned video were also shown.

Other news agencies have gone along with the Sherrif's Office in painting a picture of drugs, guns, and sexual assault running rampant at electronic music events in general, and especially this one. KUTV Channel 2 News blatantly inferred that the hired security was merely in place to prevent the sale of drugs by anyone but the event organizers. All major reports restate the claim made by the Sherrif's department that a 17-year-old girl was found by officers to have overdosed on ecstasy, treated on site, then released to her parents.

Many attendees and members of the electronic music and dance community are organizing lawsuits against the Sherrif's Office. The ACLU has been contacted as well as many organizations dedicated to educating and protecting the electronic music community. Vigilant party goers are compiling evidence, including video and pictures of the event, as well as personal accounts and documentation of injuries inflicted by law enforcement.
so...this means we're going to respond...how? 22.Aug.2005 14:46


This, the abuse of the anti-mining demonstrators in Tennesee, the murdering and abuse of innocent motorists, the attacks on peaceful anti-recruitment protesters in Pittsburgh (which also involved the tasering of those who were already restrained) is clearly indicitive of the fact that we as an activist community need to join hands with every group of people, including ravers, in order to battle this growing trend of police/military-state violence against its own citizens. We truly are turning into a police state and time is running out to form a truly Revolutionary movement to challenge it.

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original story 22.Aug.2005 17:00

can be found

the third glimpse in about 10 days... 22.Aug.2005 17:47

this thing here

... of the New American Fascism, the "new norm" we are supposed to cherish and laud, because it is "for" "our" "security". sure it is, and i'm president george w. bush II.

utah law enforcement has taken off it's mask, quite obviously showing itself, it's attitudes and it's tactics, for what they are: authoritarian. if they want to argue with me about that, make me laugh.

let's just say that the event was "illegal". so argue convincingly that no warning being given, emerging from the dark and causing chaos, fully automatic assault rifles, fully camoflagued national guard troops, dogs, body tackles, compliance holds, tasers, and helicopters are an appropriate, legitimate, and lawful way to deal with people dancing, people enjoying music and each other, and even the small minority of people who may be consuming illegal drugs. argue that that is just and appropriate. try to make it seem "sensible". MAKE ME FUCKING LAUGH.

"we care about the kids of our community". ha. ohh how utah law enforcement's lucky stars shown overhead that night, emerging camoflauged from the dark with assualt rifles, causing panic, and no one getting shot. that's not professionalism, it's luck. talk about putting kid's lives at risk. and speaking of drugs, by these totally overblown and paranoid actions, it makes me wonder if utah law enforcement has a severe problem with meth and roids going on in it's ranks. jesus, talk about roid raging and meth freaking. but then again, fascism has a typical look, doesn't it. especially the national guard troops. just a little test of meshing tactics and C3, for some future "event"...


preparation for bush protests 22.Aug.2005 18:18


Utah has 3 blurbs on democracy now today. My take is that this was a test run for the Bush protests which will be occuring there.

Protests Planned for Bush Visit to Utah

Meanwhile in Salt Lake City Utah, protesters are planning to greet President Bush during his visit to the city today. The president is speaking at the annual national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Large protests are expected. Last week the city's Democratic mayor Rocky Anderson sent out an email urging supporters to join him in staging "the biggest demonstration this state has ever seen."

Utah TV Commercial Refuses to Air Cindy Sheehan Ad

Meanwhile ABC's affiliate in Salt Lake City, KTVX, is refusing to run an ad featuring Cindy Sheehan. The station claimed the ad was an "inappropriate commercial advertisement" that could QUOTE "be offensive to our community in Utah."

SWAT Teams Raid Utah Rave; 60 Arrested

Police officers in Utah are also coming under criticism for using excessive force. On Saturday dozens of armed officers dressed in military fatigues raided a peaceful rave in Spanish Fork Canyon. 60 people were arrested. Attendees of the party reported incidents of police brutality and the unnecessary use of tear gas. Police defended the raid by citing the confiscation of drugs and drug paraphanelia at the rave.

stories like this give me hope 22.Aug.2005 19:10

for the future of humanity

That cops can arrest you for "resisting arrest," AND FOR NOTHING ELSE, and still have a career in law enforcement after that, is one of the best demonstrations that the whole "rule of law" is a fraud. They can hurt you whenever they feel like it. Maybe you can win some money back later. In the mean time, they can hurt you again and again, and if you run away or fight back they will kill you. God Bless America!

Do any of you folks know how 23.Aug.2005 11:33


to defend yourselves against armed thugs?

to know when running is the only defense?

to recognize when you can delay and when you will be attacked?

to inventory, constantly, hiding places and escape routes?

to know how to use them?

to observe an incident accurately?

to write clear account of it?

to testify in court, as a witness of fact?

and not to be rattled by a lying lawyer?

to record videos, photographs, and sound, unnoticed?

to record in such a way that your work is credible evidence?

to choose which parts of your evidence, no matter how true,
you must hold back, because your _audience_ will refuse to believe it?

Question 'em 23.Aug.2005 12:07


I urge everyone to write or call and let these guys know that the ever vigilant eye of the concerned American citizen is upon them.

Sgt. Dennis Harris
Public Relations


Takes one to know one. 24.Aug.2005 15:38


Anyone out there from Colorado or Nevada? Have you evere taken a car ride over the border to Utah and had your stash confiscated by State troopers? And not been arrested, but instructed to turn back and as they say in Utah "put your ass in jail", if you don't? What I'm trying to say is...from observing the video, if there is anyone on drugs in that video, I would say it's the Para-Military sheriffs department. Amped, yelling screaming, panicking. Disregarding civil rights..that's drug behavior right there. Those boys were on something, and they were out to get more. There is a lot of meth in Utah.

czecktech festival in europe also shut down by police: 25.Aug.2005 06:02