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Sin (BKH)

Continuing my dissection of the corpse of right wing Christian imperialism


Crucifixion was a form of torture reserved exclusively for slaves and rebels from the colonies during the time of Roman Imperialism. Roman citizens did not have to fear this gruesome form of execution, since a Roman would be executed by losing their head, which while it would leave them just as dead, wouldn't hurt any near as much as being nailed to a cross.

As I mentioned in a previous discussion of this matter, the doctrine of original sin was invented in a ridiculous attempt to explain why the Jesus figure would be found hanging from Caesar's cross. Now any reasonable person would surmise that he was tortured to death by the Roman state either because he was a rebellious slave or he was guilty of opposing Roman imperialism. This is the common sense conclusion to draw. For example, when we hear about human rights workers or union organizers or priests and nuns who preach liberation theology being murdered by death squads in the third world, we understand immediately that their murder was an act of brutal oppression by an imperialist system. A crucifixion was no different, leaving one to wonder why anyone would have to ask themselves what the victim was doing hanging from that cross, since the answer to that question is so obvious it doesn't need to be asked.

But nevertheless, that question did need to be asked, not because it needed to be answered, but rather because there were imperialists who didn't like the answer, and thus demanded that the question be asked again only so that it could be answered again, and this time a better answer could be found. Imperialist religion must struggle then to reconcile an intractable contradiction. How can it be that a Sovereign God ordained the imperialist system and gave the Divine Right of Kings to Caesar, and also gave Caesar an exemption from normal morality and common law, thus allowing Caesar to kill and conquer and plunder, while at the same time the Jesus figure was found hanging from Caesar's cross.

Now the obvious solution to that baffling puzzle, is to just declare that imperialist right wing religious propaganda is just a steaming turd littering the surface of the planet, and then leave the matter at that. But one must think like an imperialist if we are to understand how there came to exist the Christian religion, and then we can see how that would not be the right answer, thus requiring us to ask the question again and again until we find the right answer. This explains all those controversies over dogma in the early church, as theologians squabbled with each other as they tried to determine which answer was going to become orthodox, and thus become the required correct answer. They didn't care much for the truth, and after centuries of squabbling, they were able to make themselves forget, and then remarkably, they were able to make entire churches forget as well.

The doctrine of original sin then became the official orthodox explanation of why the Jesus figure was seen to be hanging on an instrument of state torture, which although it was an instrument of state torture, it wasn't for it was all part of a divine drama that began in the days of Moses. For just as the priests of ancient slaughtered cows, for those rich enough to afford to use cow's blood to wash away their sins, or pigeons, for those to poor to afford a cow (the Wal Mart option), so the Jesus figure was a divine cow who was required to bleed on humanity to wash away original sin. Now there are many ways to make someone bleed. You could slit your wrist, which would have been more convenient for imperialism, for then you would not have that embarrassing business of having someone bleed on the instrument of imperialist oppression and state sponsored terrorism, which would have spared theologians a few centuries of bickering, since they would have had nothing to discuss since wrist cutting would have avoided that entire controversy. Better yet, since we are going to be using the model of some dead Leviticus cow sacrifice as the orthodox explanation for that bleeding process, it would make more sense if someone were to have cut the victims throat, since that is how they butchered those cows they were sacrificing to make them bleed so that the blood could be used to wash the sin off of people, and as we are told, it was also useful to wash the sin off of utensils, as explained in that brilliant 'Letter to the Hebrews', since utensils picked up sin from everyday use and needed washing for that reason as well.

One can see then how Christian theology is a masterpiece and a brilliant contribution to the field of philosophy, which explains why it is studied so assiduously in places like Harvard and Yale, and really, would any university campus in the imperial realm be complete with a department to study the intelligent discourses of Christian imperialist thought?

If the core symbol of Christianity was a symbol of imperialism, this would have spared the imperialists the task of doing an impossible deed, and this a strong argument that there was actually an historical event that took place, that the Jesus figure existed in history, was a real person, and did get nailed by Caesar, and then a powerful movement arose from within the Roman empire, like a growing cancer, thus creating that problem which imperialist theology would be forced to solve, if Roman Imperialism was to survive.

So then the first function of the imperialist doctrine of sin is to mount a counter revolutionary effort in the ancient Roman Empire, by inventing a new meaning for the crucifixion symbol, thus co-opting that movement which was obviously of great concern to the imperialists of Rome, since they went to the bother of humiliating themselves by making the attempt.

In order to understand why the imperialists settled upon the doctrine of original sin as the supposed redefinition of that execution, rather than coming up with something else, it is required that a person understand that close relationship that exists between the doctrine of original sin and the requirements of systems of imperialist propaganda. As everyone is aware, no imperialist system has ever been able to survive without an intact system of national mythology and propaganda as the pillar of support for the system. When the system of propaganda collapses the entire imperialist empire rapidly disintegrates, as you might recall just happened in dramatic fashion in such places as Romania, and what once used to the Soviet Union, and since no imperialist empire has ever achieved permanence, we can see that this process of collapse is inevitable at the end it all.

An imperialist empire creates about itself the illusion of invincibility, the idea being that there is no hope in resisting the supposed power of the empire. This power is illusory, with even fascist states like Nazi Germany pouring enormous resources and much time into spewing out endless streams of propaganda, and we see the giant media monopolies that have formed in America for the express purpose of attempting to completely control the propaganda agenda. In past times, throughout recorded history, empire was wedded to some form of religion, with religion combined with political propaganda providing the glue required to form imperialist empires and then keep those unstable craft afloat, which it turns out is a full time job for any group of sailors, as the busy work of propagandists so clearly demonstrates.

One of the key tasks of imperialist propaganda is to dis-empower the ordinary citizen. The product of this system is the myth of the powerful to whom one goes to make requests and to seek favors, and before whose power the average citizen is completely powerless. All action must be funneled through official channels, for the imperialist elite have that extra asset known as 'power', which is an abstraction but nevertheless quite real in that elites have it and you do not. This is a myth, but it is a persistent myth. As one example of this sort of thing, I keep agitating to get a people's movement started to end the Iraq War, ignoring Washington, and just getting the job done ourselves. Such a concept would be quite alien to the average citizen of the Imperial Empire, as I have found out in the past, when the suggestion was met with a flurry of raspberries. Apparently the average citizen is so brainwashed they do not understand that they have the power to say to an empire, 'Collapse', and its falls immediately into ruins at their feet, as we have seen for ourselves. You just say no. Your soldiers just say no. Its just that simple. You can tell that imperialist mythology has reduced the population to infantilism when such concepts are regarded as incomprehensibly alien.

For simple reasons such as this it is very important that imperialist systems of propaganda neutralize opposition. This can be achieved through terrorism, with crucifixion being a good example of that sort of thing, but this method carries with it the potential for dangerous repercussions, as the Roman Empire found out, thus making Christian religion necessary as a form of counter revolutionary reaction in order to regain control of the agenda, this control of the agenda proving to be crucial to the survival of imperialism.

It is important that a wolf only be seen dressed up in sheep's clothing, which is the foundational principle of all propaganda. How can one do evil, as imperialism requires, while appearing to be good. For this reason the use of brute force must be saved as a last resort, or effective propaganda must be manufactured to justify the use of murder as a tool to control dissent, for to do otherwise would to run the risk of losing that all important sheep's skin, exposing the wolf.

Hitler understood this essential truth about propaganda, and while there are many ways to deceive and thus many methods of doing propaganda, Hitler insisted that since the people are like good sheep, and they do not believe that wolves exist, if you are going to tell them a lie you should tell them a Big Lie, for trusting sheep that they are, they believe that the imperialist wolves are sheep just like they are, and thus could not tell such lies, and therefore they will believe the Big Lie. However they do tell small lies from time to time themselves, and thus it is dangerous to tell them small lies, since they might suspect something is amiss, so therefore the safest strategy is to throw off all restraint and tell them Great Big Lies instead, for as Hitler pointed out, that technique works every time.

Now if it were true that people were born with 'original sin' then it would be true that people would be found to be wolves, only becoming sheep when they were bled upon by Jesus, thus achieving a magical transformation through contact with the blood of a bleeding god. If we want to quibble with Christian doctrine of original sin, it would not do to quarrel over some verses from the ideologically inconsistent dog's breakfast known as the Bible, nor do we need to treat 'original sin' as though it were a concept from philosophy which should then be debated. Rather, what we should do is examine the evidence and draw our conclusions in this fashion.

What we see in the real world is that propaganda only exists so that what is evil can be made to appear good, and further more we know that wolves always dress up like sheep. The reason for this simple truth is that people are born good, and all 'sin' therefore is a product of the social conditioning of the imperialist system. The goal of imperialist propaganda is to create 'sinners' who will then do the evil deeds required to both expand and then perpetuate systems of evil oppression, or, failing that, to create the ignorant who will be deceived into believing that imperialist policies are good, or perhaps even better, to create systems of censorship promoting such profound ignorance that evil can be done secretly, thus sparing the propagandist a lot of extra work. The latter would be the preferred option, for as Hitler understood, people are basically good, and, unfortunately for imperialism, they are not born evil, thus hatched from the egg ready to be imperialist oppressors. Ignorance and censorship are the preferred modus operandi for imperialism for that very reason, for propaganda should only be manufactured under those circumstances when it proves to be impossible to do the oppressive and evil acts of imperialism in the dark where it will not be seen, and thus will have to be deceitfully explained instead.

The evidence from common human experience refutes the doctrine of original sin, and this is not surprising, since the doctrine of original sin was invented by imperialists only as means of hiding the meaning of an instrument of torture employed by imperialists, which is obvious, and so to find that the doctrine is doubly false would be what we expect and no surprise at all. Theology is also found to be riddled with internal contradictions (to numerous to mention here, and the subject for another piece, I am sure). If you buy a toaster that is defective, you complain to the vendor, and it would also be the case that God would be at fault for the fact that people are 'born sinful'. If this sin is genetic, and thus passed on from Adam through genitals, thus making genitals agents of evil, you condemn the filthy mind of God. You don't condemn an ant eater for eating ants, and neither can you condemn sinners for sinning, but nevertheless imperialist Christianity does just that, having from the very start plunged into ridiculous contradiction, with everything that follows then becoming ridiculously inconsistent and nonsensical, with even justice becoming injustice. None of this is surprising, given the fundamental contradiction that lies at the root of that system of thought, and that everything that follows is irrational and contradictory is another piece of evidence that the doctrine of 'original sin' is a cooked up falsehood.

The doctrine of original sin was invented for the purpose of redefining the crucifixion, rather than something else equally far fetched, only because of the close relationship that exists between the doctrine of sin and the requirements of systems of imperialist propaganda. The doctrine of original sin gives a deliberately false picture of humanity, and given how systems of imperial power can only survive when the people are fragmented, and collapse when the people are united, the doctrine of original sin serves to divide and fragment and thus serves imperialism well. The first division is between the saved and the unsaved. Then there are all the divisions of the sects, the heretics and the believers. Then there are the divisions between people on the individual level wherein people interpret each others behavior through the distorting lens of 'sin', and since it is human nature to be good, and it is also human nature to hate being accused of not being good, this leads to tensions and feuds and further fracturing and divisions among the people.

The doctrine of original sin transfers guilt from the imperialist systems of oppression onto the individual 'sinner'. This prevents people from seeing the system itself as evil, and instead they see other human beings as 'sinners'. So therefore the system can use evil oppression to deliberately keep people unemployed, thus creating poverty, thus creating crime and 'criminals', who are then seen as sinners, and in the worst case scenario you will find blind Christians, blinded by the doctrine of original sin, who cannot see the system of brutal oppression that creates the brutalizing experiences that produce 'criminals', but rather they can only see an individual 'sinner' who needs Jesus, and to them the system itself seems Holy, and when you consider that they also believe that the system of control by elites was ordained by God to restrain the forces of original sin, you can also see how such Christians would then see that evil system as being Holier still. This is a remarkable achievement in brainwashing propaganda, and one thing you can say about Christian Imperialism, it was one of histories most cleverly designed systems of exploitation and oppression, which explains its longevity.

The doctrine of original sin also thwarts effective activism and proper forms of resistance. For when people are seen as 'sinners' they can either be hectored and bawled out for their sins, this angry hectoring passing for 'activism', or the potential activist can give up in despair, because they are surrounded by such evil sinners, which means that the situation is hopeless, which means that no one will try to change the situation, which is exactly the outcome that imperialist system desires. People are blinded then by this false ideology. They no longer now themselves, nor do they know their neighbors, and thus they are kept shackled by a false perspective. The wolf understands very well that the people are good sheep, for no wolf can trick and deceive or tell Big Lies without knowing that a wolf must lie, and that a wolf must only be seen in public dressed like a sheep. What the wolf knows, an activist should clearly understand as well, making effective activism possible, and this then requires that every last trace of that doctrine of 'original sin' must be destroyed if we want to save this planet.

My analysis of the situation leads me to draw the conclusion that all that could be called 'sin' on the earth is not 'original' but rather is artificial, and since sin is the product of the imperialist system, and since the intended result of propaganda systems is to make evil look good, while making good people into either sinners or dupes, we can then see that the true source of anything that could be called 'sin' on this planet is the love of wealth and power, for the imperialist system only exists to protect the interests of a small clique of very wealthy elites, and therefore greed is the only sin people need concern themselves about, since it turns out that greed and the hungry desire for dollars is the source of every evil thing that is found to exist on the face of the is sorry, suffering earth. Christian imperialism and all its doctrines are just one more tool of elitists, and that the actually were able to make something out of that pile of transparent contradictions and falsehoods is a testament to the skill of those original sinners, those social climbers, the church fathers, who eventually took their place among the stars of heaven as elites themselves, which shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone.

Miscellaneous Commentary

The Pope on Terrorism and the Holocaust

A good example of Christian imperialism is found when we considered the twisted morality so characteristic of those monstrous characters who have littered the surface of human history, the Roman Catholic Popes, of which this current Pope is a classic example of the form, and thus worthy of careful study by anyone who is interested in the history of imperialism, since this current Pope is the embodiment of that ancient fusion of Roman Imperialism and Catholic imperialist dogmatism.

This particular fusion results in a unique form of naked hypocrisy which no matter how one attempts to dress it up in robes and cover it with pomp, splendor, and ceremony, proves to be impossible to disguise, for unfortunately to disguise it would be to surrender the very essence of Roman Catholicism, which to a true imperialist is just impossible. Thus we find this Pope to be another one of those doers of impossible deeds, as he attempts to pretend to be a moral leaders, while carefully making sure not to threaten imperialism or allow the poor and the oppressed of the world get any ideas about getting 'liberated' and going free.

For this reason, we can look forward to endless displays of brazen hypocrisy from this most Roman Catholic of Popes, such as what is being paraded naked through the streets of Germany at the present moment. I am afraid that the Pope has no clothes, but apparently he is convinced in his own mind that he is dressed up in his Papal finery, and thus is well concealed, and can fearlessly parade his blind hypocrisy without fear of being caught stark naked in public.

Just this weekend George Bush has launched a five day blitz to supposedly 'build up support' for the ongoing robbery of Iraq's Oil Wells, not by mentioning the illegal robbery of those oil wells, since that would be a Nazi War Crime, but rather by mentioning 9-11, and chattering about taking the war to the terrorists, and so on, although, really, you could try going through the legal system if you wanted to prosecute such a matter. Ideally you could stop attacking cruelly oppressing the entire planet, which is the ambitious project of Washington, thus inspiring no more of those desperate attacks of terrorism. This would spare the world any more blood shed and mayhem, but then you would miss out on the chance to put pipe lines through Afghanistan and of course you would miss out on the trillions of dollars of black gold, Iraqi tea, that lies under the sands of Iraq. Naturally, when you consider Wall Street, and those Elite Have Mores, war would be the preferred option. We have also noticed the ongoing collapse of the American economy and the gross instability of the world economy, leading to that rise of a fascist police state, modeled after Nazi Germany, currently rising up in America, which is illegal, since American's have a constitution, a binding contract which forbids their government to do such a thing.

Now all this, and more, is just repetitive on my part, but I felt it was required just to point out the hypocrisy in this Pope's latest remarks, which are being heralded in the media as the wise words of Solomon or someone like that. Speaking of terrorism, the Pope said,

"Terrorist activity is continually recurring in various parts of the world, sowing death and destruction, and plunging many of our brothers and sisters into grief and despair...Those who instigate and plan these attacks evidently wish to poison our relations, making use of all means, including religion, to oppose every attempt to build a peaceful, fair and serene life together"...Catholics and Muslims could "turn back the wave of cruel fanaticism that endangers the lives of so many people and hinders progress toward world peace."

. I would like to ask the Pope if he has heard of Fallujah? Tragic as it was for Americans to lose those two Wall Street stock market buildings and to have a hole punched into the Pentagon (those two symbols of global imperialist oppression), it all kind of pales into insignificance when you consider the destruction of an entire city. Now that is what I call terrorism, and for those worrying themselves sick about terrorists knocking out entire cities, I say, its be done. Been there, done that. This act of cruel fanaticism is constantly recurring sowing death and destructions and plunging many of our brothers and sisters into grief and despair. They remain refugees, since you see, they are to be an object lesson on the terrors of defying the Pentagon, so it wouldn't do to be nice to them later. That would ruin the whole point of that exercise in Nazism in Iraq. These terrorists nevertheless continue to try to poison the American people with their fascist mumbo jumbo, and use religion as well in their opposition to every attempt to build a peaceful and fair world.

I won't hold my breath waiting for that Pope, who choose to lecture Muslims on terrorism, to help us turn back that cruel fanaticism that endangers the lives of so many people in Iraq and hinders progress towards world peace.

The Pope also condemned Nazism, and vowed that all religious people would fight to see that such an evil system never arises on earth again. That would be nice, if it ever happened, for as you know from studying world history, it has never happened, and instead what happens is that ministers keep busy having church while priests keep busy handing out sacraments until the unchallenged law breaking of the powerful, having grown prideful and thoroughly arrogant, bursts out in just one more of those murderous rampages, that strangely enough, religion has never proved much use in preventing. However, while some might consider this a mystery, having watched religious leaders myself, during this current plunge into the abyss, I can understand how such a thing could happen, since Popes and such people are to busy nailing the soft targets, proclaiming their solidarity with the oppressors, lining up their support for that fraudulent 'war on terrorism' and perjuring themselves about the root causes of such conduct (the Pope chose to blame Islam and lecture mullahs on correct tutoring of young Muslims).

And none of this is surprising, because it is the essence of that reactionary Catholicism lies in protecting the powerful and being careful not to challenge imperialism, even if it means having the occasional Hitler running amock. This is the same Pope who saw fit to ignore the crimes of the wealthy and the powerful and their ongoing crime spree of torture and murder all over the third world, while crushing liberation theology beneath his boots, because that is the opposite of imperialist domination, and the Pope is an imperialist, so he will always be found crushing the poor while protecting the powerful, just like has been doing in Germany this week, I noticed, so we can all see that he is in fine form.

Speaking of the need for global liberation and the crushing of the poor, currently there is a 'free market' holocaust going on in Niger, and systemic oppression and hunger all over Africa, where, if the system of capitalist oppression is allowed to run its natural course, and subject all African's to the culling process of the Free Market, we should expect less famine due to the death of the famine victims, thus proving that capitalism can end a famine after all. It is in this context that the Pope choose to lecture on genocide and the Holocaust in particular, referring to the cause of it all as a 'racist ideology'.

This is a falsehood, but typical of the Pope, since the Pope is an imperialist, and thus inclined to perjure himself from time to time, as required to protect the imperialist system. The Jewish people were an oppressed minority, much like Blacks in America, and just as Blacks in America form a homogenous voting block for left leaning, socialist measures, so it was also true of the Jews in Germany, for whom, therefore, Hitler's favorite term was 'Jewish Communists.'

Now oppressed minorities cost money, as you can tell by looking at the poverty of Blacks in America who therefore cost the government money, although, now that the government is ending welfare as we know it, I would suppose that Black Americans will cost the government less money in the future, thus leaving the government only one program to finance by spending over half a trillion a year for the Pentagon, which also costs money. The Pentagon protects the fortunes of those capitalists on Wall Street, who being evil oppressors, need all the protection they can get, and it doesn't cost them a dime to get protected since the American tax payer picks up their security tab, and for that reason no one is heard to howl about that spending program, even though it dwarfs the cost of keeping Black people alive in America.

Therefore, given the racism rising up in America and targeting Blacks, we can see the rise of a new genocidal mentality, this being the same mentality that kept growing in intensity against the Jewish people, and eventually resulted in the Holocaust. Hitler explained the Holocaust by stating flatly that he wasn't going to be paying for the lunch tabs of those Jews, who were just parasites on the Germany body. It was, Hitler insisted, just ridiculous to show scruples about keeping alive what he referred to as 'useless eaters'. He also said that when he was exploiting the resources of the conquered nations, he did not care if the inhabitants were left to starve by the millions. You can see a similar logic at work in exploited Africa today. Therefore to understand genocide properly is not to target it as 'racism' and leave it at that, but rather you must think like a business man over on Wall Street, and then you can then formulate the following Social Darwinist principle of capitalism : Genocide - it's the most cost effective solution.

What can we say about this great hero of the poor and the oppressed, this imperialist in a gown and a tiara, the Pope. He's no Martin Luther King. These Popes are nothing, and they are people you forget quickly as soon as they are gone, because they don't amount to much, they don't matter, and people like that are quickly forgotten, while people like Doctor King live on, and you might notice, become prophets, for the murder of that particular genuine shepherd history will show turned out to be the complete ruin of everyone at the end of it all.

sharp words 20.Aug.2005 18:57


And a keen point. Drive it in, Brent. You have far more patience than I do as I can only react with disgust to the brain dead Christian masses.
You put it all out on the table no matter the raw, exposed nerves that are scraped by the logic of reason.
Drive on.