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Fascists Don't Resign. They Must Be Removed II.

"Why hasn't Karl Rove resigned?" seems to be the question written on the faces of all my liberal friends as they walk around Martha's Vineyard this summer in a conscious stupefied form of denial I have literally never seen before.
Fascists Don't Resign. They Must Be Removed II.

By Lloyd Hart

"Why hasn't Karl Rove resigned?" seems to be the question written on the faces of all my liberal friends as they walk around Martha's Vineyard this summer in a conscious stupefied form of denial I have literally never seen before. "Why hasn't Karl Rove resigned?" Not even Bill and Hillary Clinton had the guts to press the public flesh as they always have in the streets Martha's Vineyard towns teaming with tourists hoping to meet the sexy prez and his smart wife the Senator from New York. No they were virtually non existent when it came time to raise money for Hillary's New York senatorial incumbency from the liberal elite's here this August. No they were hidden behind the gates of a billionaires estate here on Martha's Vineyard the world's largest gated community knowing full well the question if not spoken would be written on people's faces: "Why hasn't Karl Rove resigned?" and of course the follow-up question "Why the Fuck haven't you done anything about it?"

To begin to even come close to entertaining the answer we must revisit the pup tent that Bill Clinton pitched inside the big tent of the Democratic Party, the pup tent that houses the Democratic Leadership Council. The pup tent that decided in cynical ploy to feign resistance to the so obviously stolen election but to in the end accept the results printed out of Electronic Jim Crow in order to "keep the country united in a time of war." Or what was the other one? Oh yeah! "We cannot afford to have our image abroad as the leading democracy in the world today sullied." It is very clear that the morons in the pup tent need to get out and do some more traveling around the world. They need to step out of the limousine, the plush hotel and walk around the streets of the capitals of the world and just maybe talk to some people. Or if that's too scary, read some foreign press you idiots.

What the enlightened left here in America needs to do - as I have done all spring and summer - is take their Liberal friends that voted for these schmucks in the democratic party gently by the hand and explain to them that the reason Karl Rove has not resigned or for that matter why anybody from the Bush regime hasn't resigned as a result of exposed crimes and human rights violations such as torture, illegal invasions' and mass genocide of innocent civilians and oh yes, the outing of an under cover CIA agent, (and just to rub it in a little.) all of whom are laughing their asses off at all you liberal voters, is because the very mechanism for punishing politicians, the ballot box, has been privatized into the hands of draconian businessmen who can't stand all this silly regulation to protect the environment, people's health and welfare and oh yeah, lest we forget the living wage. And who needs to learn about the biology of adaptation in the natural world that the theory of evolution has so carefully studied allowing us to observe that the damage we are doing to the natural world through our lust for the illusion of wealth and power can be fixed. And god damn it, this public voting thing? Who came up with that.

George Bush has all the confidence in Karl Rove and the entire criminal enterprise that makes up the Bush regime for the simple fact that they can no longer be punished by the majority of Americans that went to the polls and that in reality elected John Kerry in election 2004 but had their votes changed electronically. At a much less level of criminality the Nixon administration was already throwing central figures in the Watergate break-in to the criminal justice system knowing full well that the narrow margins between theft and a loss of an election for them was a simple increase in voter participation. In other words, if voter participation was up 5% in any election cycle Conservatives would lose across the board. Today however with the paper less unverifiable touch screen electronic voting machines or Electronic Jim Crow, spreading across the land handing election management to the very people in America who despise public (or the unruly mob as they like to call us) participation in the destiny of America, the Conservative elite businessmen the public has lost the ability to bring their grievances to a proper public airing.

Just recently Alabama went to 100% paper less Diebold Electronic Jim Crow voting machines and in a very interesting twist of fate a prediction I made just after election 2004 of federal elections intervention in blue States with Electronic Jim Crow is coming true in Boston Massachusetts. The Gonzales the Justice Department has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boston seeking federal Justice Department oversight of Boston's mayoral and civic elections claiming that language rights in polling booths of certain Asian and Hispanic ethnic groups have been chronically and systematically violated. Well this is very interesting. By claiming language rights the Justice Department can solve the language problem by simply putting in touch screen electronic voting machines (Electronic Jim Crow) preprogrammed with the languages of those ethnic groups whose rights have been violated in past elections. If the Justice Department does acquire federal oversight of Boston's elections which the Justice department's lawsuit is demanding local Liberals in the state of Massachusetts and the Boston area can say good-bye to their democratic rights and oh yeah, Mayor Menino.

What it all boils down to is this, if liberals, liberal progressives and the enlightened left do not form a unified voice about the truth of the theft of the elections and demand the establishment of free and fair elections according to well established international standards and then get down and dirty confrontational in the streets of America as it were the beginning decades of the 20th-century and we were fighting for living wage, which we are and knocking heads with the minority conservative goons who murdered thousands of working people in a futile attempt to prevent the working people in America from getting some part of their fair share, if the left continues to bow its head to fascism for the sake of avoiding direct confrontation over what is so clearly a coup de tat of not just the state but of our very flesh and bones we are all doomed to share the fate of those masses written about in Margaret Atwood's international best selling book The Handmaid's Tale.

We have reached the moment in history where movie stars and celebrities politicians giving speeches about how bad it's gotten will no longer slow the pussing of the collective wound that has been cut in the American public's illusion of an enlightened society. We have reached a moment where only direct confrontation can reverse the work of the fascism the Bush Regime and the U.S. Military is sowing in America. I do sympathize with those who are having their illusion of America stripped away from their consciousness. I do not however feel any empathy. You who were alive should have seen it coming when they assassinated John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy and when they resisted black voting rights so violently. You who were not alive back then need to understand that this civil war that America fought to end slavery did not end. That we are still in a state of civil war in which we the so-called conscience of America are losing every battle because of our unwillingness to enter in direct confrontation. Conservatives are cowards that use the ignorant, the bought and sold to do their fighting for them. If we stand and fight the Conservatives, they will eventually fold their tents and run for the hills like the cowards they are. And yes they will use violence against us as they always have and indeed most recently have.

Yes the last illusion the liberal left must get over once and for all is, how did David Griffin the world renowned theologian put it? And I might be paraphrasing. "19 men with box cutters could not have brought down the world's most impenetrable air defense system by them selves." "They had to have had help." "It had to have been an inside job" Yes, the 911 commissions' report is a lie and yes liberal America you are lying to your selves if you think the books are closed on 911.

On September 11th. 2001 the Bush regime and the U.S. Military murdered 2800 Americans in New York City by attacking the World Trade Center with civilian aircraft in an attempt to make it look like terrorists instigated the attack so the already planned War on Terrorism could be launched so that American Conservatives could so completely grasp at the illusion of Global domination.

Liberals, get with the program or get out of the way.


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Put Fascism In Its Place 20.Aug.2005 12:31


Once way or the other, fascists hang around...
Put Fascism In Its Place
Put Fascism In Its Place

just curious 21.Aug.2005 10:16


i would like to hear a pacifist (non-militant, reformist) liberal respond to this!!!

WAKE UP ALREADY -- DEMS DO *NOT* OPPOSE REPS !!! 21.Aug.2005 12:36

neo-historian and dot-connector modern.politics.is.akin.to.pro.wresting@staged.opposition.us


In the early 1950s, Americans were told they were facing "the Communist menace" ("better dead than red", or so the saying went). But World War II was still very real to most people in this country: Italians were commonly referred to as EYEtalians. "Japs" were worse, in the minds of most. And the Germans, well; there are some people who, to this day, will still not ride in a German automobile.

Yet, amazingly, a man who had his companies taken away from him by Congress during World War II under the Trading With The Enemies Act managed to get elected to the U.S. Senate! This man was a banker. He'd financed Hitler's rise to power. And after the U.S. and Germany were officially at war, this fine American banker increased, and sought to conceal, his treasonous pro-Nazi banking activities. He was helping German soldiers kill American troops! That's why Congress acted in 1942.

But, after the war, Congress gave this fine American traitor $1.5M and said, in effect, "no hard feelings, eh?". The incident was never reported journalistically to the American people. In late 1944, the New York Times buried a small, belated, dismissive, deceptive piece about the story. fact-check this at  http://tinyurl.com/78chk

Then in 1950, the treasonous American banker ran unsuccessfully as U.S. Senator from Connecticut. As a Republican. Two years later, in 1952, the same traitor ran successfully, and became a Republican Connecticut U.S. Senator.

Obviously, Dems (and, of course, the media) had kept his very-dirty, not-so-little secret for him, and from We The People. The Dems had only pretended to truly oppose him!

The treasonous traitor Republican's name?

Prescott Bush (S&B-CT), the grandfather of our current, acting, smirking, Dem-enabled President.

The monster has 2 heads -- will we ever learn...?
The monster has 2 heads -- will we ever learn...?