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Back 2 the Wall says "Reopen the Biscuit Fire case"

On August 15, 2005 the Back 2 the Wall performers got on a bus named "Cool" to do two performances of "Light It, Fight It, Log It", a protest musical, in Sisters and Bend, Or. "Light It, Fight It, Log It" tells the story of the probable arson that started the Buscuit fire in contrast to the Forrest Service's, frankly, questionable story. Back 2 the Wall asked folks listening and watching to call the governor to "Re-open the case". Here is the audio: Click Here
correx 20.Aug.2005 10:30


Back 2 the Wall's charming and educational musical is about the "B & B Complex Fire", not the Biscuit Fire. The B & B fire happened in the Deschutes National Forest, and the Biscuit in the Siskiyou National Forest. As revealed by Back 2 the Wall, the B & B Fire was very likely an arson. By contrast, no one is claiming that the Biscuit Fire was started by anything other than lightning (though the Forest Service-set "back-burns" there took out many acres on their own).

Both are cases where a natural occurence, Fire, whether sparked by people or nature, is being used as an excuse for unnatural activity, Logging.

Back2theWALL has a new web site! 21.Aug.2005 07:36


Check out the new website for Back2thewall!