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Progressive Peace Proves Politically Powerful

Is the peace movement gaining more political power in light of the swirling debate surrounding the contrary facts being bandied around the maintstream media about the true motive behind the war in Iraq...some political pundits would agree with this author amid the growing Out of Iraq Caucus and an event coming up the weekend of September 24th, 2005 in Washington D.C.
Progressive Peace Proves Politically Powerful

By Alex S Gabor - Recovering Resident Political Pundit

Last Saturday more than a dozen members of the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Topanga Peace Alliance converged at a Maxine Waters "Teach-In" at the Covenant Worship Center in Inglewood.
Andrew Moriarty, a member of both groups gave a moving speech about the use of depleted uranium being used in the War in Iraq, but it was Congresswoman Maxine Waters who stole the show!

She laid out in stark terms the illegality and deceitfulness of the entire Bush administration in creating the intelligence used to justify the Iraqi War.

The event began with an audiovisual presentation delineating the wholesale destruction and death of thousands of innocent civilians caused by the US military invasion, along with figures and pictures describing the uses of Depleted Uranium weaponry.

Waters took charge and described in grave detail the Downing Street memos and how they showed incontrovertibly the intention to "fix" the intelligence, based on a combination of weapons of mass destruction and a terrorist element in Iraq.

She further pointed out that the US began preliminary bombing of the country up to six months before the "official" invasion.

This point was later corroborated by Tim Goodrich (USAF) who described in some detail how he was pulled out of the Afghanistan conflict and sent to bomb Iraq in an attempt to both "soften up" Iraqi defenses and provoke Saddam Hussein into retaliation.

A number of other speakers enumerated on the details of various aspects of the war that are impacting Americans.

A representative from the California chapter of the ACLU spoke about the memos and their legal significance. Another spoke on the involvement of
Halliburton in this and all other venues for the "War
On Terror".

He laid out in detail the pay scales of ordinary Halliburton employees as opposed to the tiny percentage paid to "third world" subcontractors. He recounted his conversations with various executives within Haliburton who annually garner about a million dollars per year in salaries.

Vice-President Dick Cheney, involved in one of the most massive conflicts of interest in history by indirectly owning millions of dollars worth of stock in Haliburton through a blind trust, has avoided all legal prosecution forcing him to reveal his involvement in letting multi billion dollar contracts to Haliburton. This Administration has failed to fully disclose its' secret energy policies which influenced the collapse of Enron.

That hidden agenda has enhanced the growing domination of the defense industry by three major players. Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Haliburton, United Defense Industries, a former subsidiary of the Carlyle Group to which Bush Senior is a former Board member and consultant, and Bechtel Corporation, a long time player in the middle eastern infrastructure reconstruction business.

Reverend Lawson spoke powerfully as the leader of the non-violent resistance movement. He praised the role of the black community in consistently opposing the war and condemned the police attacks on members of the community. He outlined an attack on offending corporations and media organizations by systematic boycotts of their products and services, including Wal-Mart and the LA Times. Rev. Lawson has a powerful speaking voice and roused the audience to passionate applause.

Waters proposed that progressive democratically aligned peace activists mobilize to force other representatives, such as Henry Waxman, Berman, Sherman and others, to sign on to the Out of Iraq Caucus. They should join the other caucuses and commissions that are actively pursuing various congressional investigations into the handling and prosecution of those who falsely led us into an unjust war. "To be effective, we need unanimity, and it is the job of the progressive community to force them to represent us," she is quoted to have said to the attendees.

Near the end of the event, in response to repeated pleas from the audience to speak out on our military's use of Depleted Uranium, Andrew Moriarty got up in front of the remaining activists present to outline some of the world's most horrific war crimes committed by this Administration.

He explained the significance of the use of these weapons as contributing to the long-term extermination of the entire regions' population and completely destroying their environments. "An executive that allows deployment of our very own yellowcake weaponry is not only creating cancers and diseases in the areas where they are being used, they are poisoning their own troops and creating birth defects and death for ages to come," said Moriarty.

"That millions of people who have died to date because of the U.S. military use of these weapons needs to be publicized, investigated and condemned by all Americans and the whole world."

It would appear that the progressive peace movement reminiscent of the 60's has found new favor among peace activists and progressive democrats alike. Their political power is being felt across the country and will again be voiced in Washington D.C. on September 24th, 2005 as they once again converge in front of the White House for what is being hailed as the largest peace rally in American history.


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Pentagon Power Proves Potent 19.Dec.2005 13:01

Valued Customer

Another bit of information that progressive peace activists would be well served to promulgate is the current whistle blower suit filed by Bunnatine H. Greenhouse, the pentagon procurement officer in charge of ensuring competiveness in awarding contracts. More information on how, and who through, Halliburton received multiple $billion contracts is available on the kkc.com website.

This is the smoking gun that connects Cheney, Halliburton, and the pentagon in influence peddling, corruption, and war profiteering. Check it out.