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Hysteria Collective's Services for Survivors

Update of Hysteria Collective's survivor support services.
Hysteria Collective is an anarchist collective working against patriarchy and sexual assault. Our points of unity are listed below.

Hysteria Collective's free survivor support group will be starting up again this fall. This group is for survivors of all forms of sexual violence and is now open to all genders. We are also looking for co-facilitators. Hysteria continues to provide funds for counseling and alternative therapies for survivors. Contact Hysteria through e-mail or phone if you're interested in either of these services.

We also offer workshops on a variety of topic such as consent, healthy sex, and safer spaces.

Hysteria is currently open for new members of all genders. If you're interested contact Hysteria for more information.

Look for our upcoming Bingo Night!

Contact Hysteria at  hysteriacollective@yahoo.com or (503) 282-0465

Our points of unity:

Support: We support the demands of survivors. We support the creation of safer spaces by any means necessary. We support women, girls and trans folks reclaiming their anger/assertiveness as a tool to deconstruct patriarchy. We support male-identified people proactively working against the rape culture in which we live. We work to support the many complexities of women's identities as is relates to the needs of each individual. We work to create a sustainable support system to be utilized by our community. 

Action: We take action against the system of patriarchy in all forms. We utilize all tactics that serve to abolish sexism and sexual assault. This includes direct action of all kinds. We work to create sustainable protocol in dealing with perpetrators within our community. We are NOT a resource for perpetrators, but we do understand the gender constructs at work that push people into sexist and violent roles and work to abolish such constructs. 

Education: We work to provide educational resources based on the deconstruction of patriarchy. We work to deconstruct internalized oppression within ourselves. We work to deconstruct the ways in which we as individual oppress other. We understand all forms of education to be a crucial tool in being proactive against patriarchy. 

phone: phone: (503)282-0465

hum..... 21.Aug.2005 10:00


"....but we do understand the gender constructs at work that push people into sexist and violent roles and work to abolish such constructs."

My experience is that you don't......