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photos from Cindys vigil, Newport oregon

140 people showed up in support of Cindys vigil. A group of dedicated (but unknown to myself) folks made wooden crosses , painted them white with the names of the dead on the front and the details of their deaths on the backs. They sink them in pails and we line the highway with them. Too many crosses and its just
unknown girl honoring war dead at vigil
unknown girl honoring war dead at vigil
the tip. I think of all the Iraqi dead and I feel sick.
We stand there with our candles and flowers as 9 out of 10 cars go by wildly honking and waving in support. A man and his son with a Support Our Troops sticker drive slowly by handing out to go cups of coffee. I refuse one and the man says softly , come on, drink on for our boys. I hold back tears.
My friend takes out his harmonica and softly plays TAPS. Now I have to cry.
Today ,Friday, those same crosses are lined up in lthe sand in front of the Nye Beach turnaround 'backed by a sign with a quote from Cindy. Some caring soul has carefully sprinked tobacco on each and every cross.
It is fittingly enough , a foggy day . Sadly , most of the tourist either pointedly ignore the crosses or eve worse , dont seem to see them.
Once again I cry.
Is our chidren learnig? 19.Aug.2005 20:24


Check out this public servant-

"Congress should declare war on Iraq/Iran/Syria/North Korea. That would invoke the sedition act. Then Cindy Sheehan and her Democrat traitors could spend a few years in prison for aiding and abetting the enemy.
Rodney R. Stubbs, 64, Land Use Planner, Salem"

were all here 20.Aug.2005 11:59


vacation is a time to get awy from concerns and reality. but when they get back home, the peace movement will be waitng. the right wingers and pro-war democrats can't make us go away this time. thanks for your efforts, they haven't been wasted!