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Noreen Gosch Speaks About: Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch and the Attempted Theft of Her Book,

"Noreen has been instrumental in exposing organized pedophilia, its infrastructure and some of the personalities behind it, as well as helping to expose the pedophile network's interlocking relationships with elite hierarchies of political, military, and corporate power. For the past 23 years, Noreen has dedicated her life to educating parents, politicians, police, teachers, children and anyone who would listen to the sordid facts behind child abductions in America, including the hidden menace of organized pedophile rings."


"On July 23rd, 2005 Michael Corbin, talk show radio host of A Closer Look @ www.4acloserlook.com issued the following press release:

"Jeff Gannon/James Dale Guckert is he also Johnny Gosch? Gannon/Guckert Offers to Take DNA Test to Prove he is not the missing paper boy Johnny Gosch...."
Noreen Gosch Speaks About: Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch and the Attempted Theft of Her Book, Why Johnny Can't Come Home


Bullshit. Hoax. Fraud. Scam. Religious kooks. 19.Aug.2005 16:37

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

The outrageous notion that there are "pedohile rings" operating in the United States is an occult superstitious notion contrived and maintained by extremist Christian cultists, an artifact of occult superstition that gave us the McMartin Preschool fiasco.

There is none -- zero, nada -- evidence that there are "pedophile rings" operating anywhere. If the author of some book thinks there is, he or she needs to go to the police and inform them about this amazing evidence he or she has. Instead what we usually find are _religious_ beliefs being traded back and forth among cultists who think that their Jesus gods are going to "return" to Earth only after years of Very Bad Things and in order to make believe that Very Bad Things are happening and that Jesus is just around the corner, cultists contrive the notion that there are massive pedophile rings operating all around the world.

To make this bullshitery worse, Bush's gay lover has NOTHING to do with pedophilia!!! Nothing in any of the news articles anyone could conceivably find covering Bush's gay lover indicates any pedophilia.

Does the author think that homosexuality equates to pedophilia? That's another Christanic extremist occult notion not evidenced in fact but highly touted among the conspiracy mongers who also want to think there are "pedophile rings."

Good fucking grief. This just pisses me off no end. Such blantant bullshit. Didn't anyone learn from McMartin and the Christanic death-centric occultism that spawned it?

me thinks 20.Aug.2005 00:35

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me thinks thou doth protest too loudly, my good man.

wow, serious troll acid reflux there! humorous, thanx, saving that! 20.Aug.2005 11:07



"There is none -- zero, nada -- evidence that there are "pedophile rings" operating anywhere."

What about the "future to steal" catalogue?

And, why should these people trust the police, FBI, and CIA? They are the one's involved in and running the market for these pedophile rings?


Read her first book chapter for free, and how as early as the 1983-4, there were publicly submitted "FUTURE TO KIDNAP/STEAL CATALOGUES" printed up with pictures, body weight, age, etc., that the rich pedophiles of the U.S. could choose from, then then someone would kidnap them and deliver them. Senator Arlen Specter was on the Congressional committee, and guess what? 25 years later the same things are still being done. No action. That's corruption in huge places folks.

free first chapter of book:
 link to www.johnnygosch.com


The pedophilic political elite IS THE PULSE of the United States and the European powermongers at present.

Other books you should read are David McGowan's _Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder_. I think you can read the first chapters for free on his website. It deals with the Belgian case, and organized crime rings of drug running pedophiles in general.


Find free bootleg copies of the documentary on the pedophile rings, BANNED IN THE U.S. by CONGRESSIONAL CORRUPT action, then bought up and destroyed. It's called _Conspiracy of Silence_. It was produced by a UK journalistic team sent to the U.S. to investigate about the pedophile rings, and though it was ready to go on the Discovery Channel, it was quickly banned at the last minute. Bootleg copies were secreted out. It's an explosive film.

. 21.Aug.2005 07:09


The Franklin Coverup Scandal

The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse


John DeCamp Seeks Barbara Hartwell's Address to Serve Libel Lawsuit

From Ken Adachi
July 30, 2005

It was bound to happen. Barbara Hartwell, the most vicious and libelous slanderer currently residing on the planet, is finally going to be sued for libel.

For the past 5 or 6 years, Hartwell has relentlessly libeled and slandered Ted Gunderson and others over the Internet and to date, has not faced any serious legal consequence, but apparently, that's about to change.

Hartwell's bravado-and recklessness- had recently swollen to the point that she actually accused attorney John DeCamp, a former state senator from Nebraska and author of The Franklin Cover-Up, of being a child molester and pedophile. Her latest fantasy accusations coming to us in yet another of her now famous rants, usually set in the length of a mini-novel, as is the customary style of The Crimson Viper (or The Merchant of Venom) as I prefer to call her.

Hartwell, progeny of a CIA family and programmed under the trauma-based MK Ultra program to be a mind controlled slave for the CIA, has always loudly declared that she was free of CIA mind control programming influence because "God" saved her and "freed" her from mind control and the CIA.


Pope conspired to cover up the molestation of three boys by a seminarian in Texas

Pope seeks immunity in Texas abuse case

August 17, 2005

VATICAN CITY -- Lawyers for Pope Benedict XVI have asked President Bush to declare the pontiff immune from liability in a lawsuit that accuses him of conspiring to cover up the molestation of three boys by a seminarian in Texas, court records show.

The Vatican's embassy in Washington sent a diplomatic memo to the State Department on May 20 requesting the U.S. government grant the pope immunity because he is a head of state, according to a May 26 motion submitted by the pope's lawyers in U.S. District Court for the Southern Division of Texas in Houston.

Joseph Ratzinger is named as a defendant in the civil lawsuit. Now Benedict XVI, he's accused of conspiring with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston to cover up the abuse during the mid-1990s.

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Gerry Keener, said Tuesday that the pope is considered a head of state and automatically has diplomatic immunity.

Lawyers for abuse victims say the case is significant because previous attempts to implicate the Vatican, the pope or other church officials in U.S. sex abuse proceedings have failed -- primarily because of immunity claims and the difficulty serving Vatican officials with U.S. lawsuits.



Gosch Case Solved! 22.May.2006 17:35

son of gaia

Not a rehashing of the Gannon=Gosch material or the Franklin cover-up material.

A fresh perspective grounded in verifiable realities:


It sounds a lot more convincing than the Noreen Gosch/pedphile conspiracy lunacy 07.Jun.2006 22:11


In fact the Gosch conspiracy is the most ridicolous crap I've ever read. Nothing surprises me though when it comes from Gunderson.