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9 CONFIRMATIONS of high radiation in 9-11 Pentagon state terrorism hit, i.e.,not 757 there

9 different people now...
to reformulate and reiterate what is really quite clear and documented
about the radiation at the Pentagon:

[1] Dr. Moret, who has spent a life time working in the nuclear field, first as a staff scientist at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Laboratory in California, is now a member of The Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP), a privately funded group studying the devastating effects of depleted uranium especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. On September 11, 2001, she and another doctor connected with the Radiation And Public Health Project, and thus very familiar about DU and the federal government war crimes over it, tell each other "Get out of town, and don't come back until it has rained three times." Dr. Moret explained that one of her compatriots lived 12 miles downwind from the Pentagon. Dr. Moret asked her compatriot to go out on her balcony with her geiger counter. She said, "Get that geiger counter out of your purse. We had just done a press conference in San Francisco, and I knew she had it in her purse. Well, the radiation levels were 8-10 times higher than background." Armed with this information, the Radiation and Public Health Project called the EPA, HAZMAT, FBI, and said, "Get all those emergency response workers suited up. They need to be protected." "I'm not an explosives or crash site expert, but I am highly knowledgeable in causes and effects related to nuclear radiation contamination. What happened at the Pentagon is highly suspicious, leading me to believe a missile with a depleted uranium warhead may have been used," said radiation expert Leuren Moret in a telephone conversation this week from her Berkeley, CA home.

[2] 12 miles away: Working with Dr. Moret, "Dr. Sherman was downwind from the Pentagon on 9/11 and her Geiger counter readings show an extremely high reading, a reading of more than eight to ten times higher than normal," said Moret, also an expert in the cause and effects of depleted uranium. "Dr. Sherman, who is well-respected radiation expert herself, then went about contacting the proper authorities in order to try and alert emergency responders of the radiation risk at the Pentagon crash site. And we have also kept photos of the Geiger counter readings in order to verify what Dr. Sherman found 12 miles away."

[3] September 13, 2001: The federal EPA thanks them, and concurring with
Dr. Moret and associates that there was radiation at the Pentagon. EPA
even called them back two days later! Quoting from Dr. Moret's interview:
"The EPA radiation expert for that region called back and said, 'Yup, the
Pentagon crash rubble was radioactive, and we believe its depleted
uranium, but were not worried about that. Its only harmful if its
inhaled.' [hahahaah] He said, 'We're worried about the lead solder in the
plane.' [Dr. Moret's educated opinion, since she is very aware about DU:
"Well, you know what's in Tomahawk missiles? They have depleted uranium
warheads. The radioactive crash rubble contaminated with DU is evidence of
a DU warhead."] [excerpted from:  http://www.iconoclast-texas.com/News/19news03.htm] I note that EPA was clear to her that it was a DU hit on the Pentagon.

[4] seven miles south: During the week following 9-11-01, American Free Press has documentation that radiation levels in Alexandria and Leesburg, Va., were much higher than usual on 9-11. They persisted for at least one week afterward. In Alexandria, seven miles south of the burning Pentagon, a
doctor with years of experience working with radiation issues found
elevated radiation levels on 9-11 of 35 to 52 counts per minute (cpm)
using a "Radalert 50" Geiger counter.

[5] 33 miles northwest: After a week from 9-11-01, still there were high radiation levels noticed even further from the Pentagon. In Leesburg, 33 miles northwest of the Pentagon, soil readings taken in a residential neighborhood showed even higher readings of 75 to 83 cpm. "That's pretty high," Cindy Folkers of the Washington-based Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) told AFP. Folkers said 7 to 12 cpm is normal background radiation inside the NIRS building, and that outdoor readings of between 12 to 20 cpm are normal in Chevy Chase, Md., outside Washington. The Radalert 50, Folkers said, is primarily a gamma ray detector and "detects only 7 percent of the beta radiation and even less of the [very short lived] alpha." This suggests that actual radiation levels may have been significantly higher than those detected by the doctor's Geiger counter. "The question is, why?" Folkers said. If the radiation came from the explosion and fire at the Pentagon, as the EPA confirmed on the scene, it most likely did not come from a Boeing 757, which is the type of aircraft the federal government alleges hit the building. Why is that?

[6] Because Boeing said so! "Boeing has never used DU on either the 757 or
the 767, and we no longer use it on the 747," Leslie M. Nichols, product
spokesperson for Boeing's 767, told AFP. The "official story" of 9-11 is
thus contradicted once more--since the federal allegation is that the
Pentagon hit was a Boeing 757. Boeing confirms the federal allegation is
untrue since such a plane hit would not produce the radioactivity. [

[7] Rumsfeld even talks about a missile hitting the Pentagon a month and a
day after 9-11-01, despite contradicting his own administration's official
story about the Pentagon hit: "It is a truth that a terrorist can attack
any time, any place, using any technique and it's physically impossible to
defend at every time and every place against every conceivable technique.
Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines
flight filled with our citizens, and the MISSILE to damage this building
and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center. The only way
to deal with this problem is by taking the battle to the terrorists,
wherever they are, and dealing with them." --- Donald Rumsfeld answering
Parade Magazine reporter Lyric Wallwork Winik in Pentagon Press Conference
Oct.12, 2001. (Posted on the Pentagon website)

[8] Media pictures of radiation scrub down exist for first responders to the
Pentagon on 9-11-01.

[9] Instead of a witness per se, an expert ex-Pentagon official on DU: Regarding the missile theory, it is also backed up by retired Army Maj. Doug Rokke, a PhD educational physics and former top military expert banished from the Pentagon after the military failed to follow regulations regarding the use, clean up and medical treatment regarding the use of depleted uranium. "When you look at the whole thing, especially the crash site void of airplane parts, the size of the hole left in the building and the fact the projectile's impact penetrated numerous concrete walls, it looks like the work of a missile," said Maj. Rokke from his Rantoul, IL home this week.
"And when you look at the damage, it was obviously a missile. Also, if you
look at the WTC and the disturbing flash hitting the tower right before
the impact of the airplane, it also looks like a missile was used."

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Here is a picture of the scrub down talked in point n8 05.Sep.2005 22:51

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