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Bush misled us into war: 94% say YES!

the latest MSNBC poll
sure, just another online poll. but will the results get mentioned anywhere on the corporate media?


nonetheless, out of 62,000 respondents, 94% say Bush is a liar!

where is this 'majority' who support the atrocities being committed in our name? they don't exist. impeach Bush and Cheney now!

homepage: homepage: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8248969/

Impeach? 19.Aug.2005 11:28


This should be the beginning of a major criminal investigation. In a just world, we would need to vacate several prisons to contain the co conspirators.

The Bush Demonaic WMD Choir on Iraq WMD's 19.Aug.2005 14:14

The Bush Demonaic WMD Choir

Bush: "Sorry to Oil the Azores Summit, Carpet Bombings, Napalm, and other WMD's being used on Iraqi Civilians but Oil comes first."

Discussion 19.Aug.2005 15:15


One may say that the "No" vote crowd would be less inclined to vote, since the question to them is beyond question. However, this is still significant because of the sheer number of votes recorded (62,000+) and the fact they are being recorded among MSNBC site surfers, which is not likely to be frequented by the far-left "conspiracy theorists."

The pressure is building and the Neocon lunatics are having an increasingly difficult time holding it all together.