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High-Ranking Military Officer: Major Terrorist Attack Looming

Government plans Martial law/terror "drills"
As the world seems to be closing in on Bush and his buddies, what might it take to get things back under control?
Larouche 19.Aug.2005 02:17


Though however nutty he may come across as being, he is a solid source of incredible information.

what 19.Aug.2005 09:38


I'm having a hard time with calling LaRouche a "Washington Insider".

Rush Limpd*ck , Hinted too this Today, 19.Aug.2005 11:52


Todays first Closing for break On the Not so smart Radio show of advanced Neocon propagandist,{RUSH LImpD*ck}.. He Said He was Not going to waste His time On **** Nahh Sayers and Bush Bashers.. And that If he Did he Would {LOOSE his Intelegence?}. and that he would not want His Listeners to suffer, Hmmm. I know he Is A Very Close freind of Bush, Mabe even closer than Carl Rove. you Think If he was hidding A {Coup de tahh Plan}.. he would Not Hint to it, He is a lunicrist,Heritic Loud mouth, Rush Limba Trully thinks His calling was to bow for Bush,, No one can be that Dum to see facts and still beleive The Bushco, No He ment What he said He did not want to let the cat out of the Bag, His { inteligence}..????