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A Limousine in Crawford

A bumper sticker spotted on a limousine choogling through Crawford, TX.
A comfortable, tricked-out, bullet-proof, fully-stocked luxury limousine (in stark contrast to anything being driven by American troops in Iraq and elsewhere) was spotted motoring unhaltingly through the streets of Crawford, Texas recently, sporting an eerily familiar bumper sticker.
A limosine in Crawford Bumper Sticker 19.Aug.2005 08:34

Irene Tikerpuu ( yes, Tikerpuu) ipettengill@commnewspapers.com

I don't get the slanderous depiction of our leader in Charlie Spider's Bumper Sticker.

I mean, is that the way to treat our President Bush? Our President that has always been here for the People of the United States? I mean, First we attached ourselves to his strength of handling the 911 "incident". Then this horrific never ending, constantly in our face war. Oh, and the unconscionable way we treated our prisoners of war and showed the rest of the world , under the Presidents direction, how savage WE really are. Then the Love, and caring Sympathy that he has displayed time and time again for the wretched pain that countless number of families endure because we are STILL engaged in a war to stop "weapons of mass destruction" that have never been confiscated in a country we STILL occupy? Soldiers mamed, tortured, beheaded, killed and........

Oh. Now I get it. Where can I buy the Bumper sticker Charlie?

speaking for the Citizens of Rodentia: HE'S NOT REALLY ONE OF US! 19.Aug.2005 12:47


He may pose as a true rodent, but he's really more of a bug than a mouse. But I don't want to insult the roaches either so I'll just sign off......