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Michelle Tea Live Webcast from Portland, OR - minutes away...

Michelle Tea, who is best known for her novel Valencia, which chronicles the life of mid-90's dyke culture in San Francisco, and her collaboration with artist Laurenn McCubbin for the graphic novel, Rent Girl, will be webcast live from ACME (SE 8th & Main) in Portland momentarily.
This is a reading to benefit In Other Words Women's Books and Resources.
michelle tea photo
michelle tea photo
It is a 21+ event, begins at 8pm, and costs $10-50 sliding scale.

Joining Michelle Tea will be local authors Chelsey Johnson (whose work was recently featured on Selected Shorts, read by Cynthia Nixon), STS and Dexter Flowers (who collaborate on a bi-monthly open mic and writing group in Northeast Portland).

Interludes of music will be provided by the Gossip's Beth Ditto and Marisa Anderson, (formerly of the Dolly Ranchers) in their new project, The Park.

Check on the "Listen Now"