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Sol Fest This Weekend in Hopland California

Interview with Doron Amiran, Programs Director, Solar Living Institute
The annual display of the future, SolFest, will happen this weekend. Hopland is about a hundred miles north of San Francisco, on Highway 1, and is an opportunity to see the newest innovations and inventions in the world of alternative energy.

The 150 booths and seminars get into great details and thousands of like-minded people will be a great chance to network into this future.

Catagories include:
Solar & Renewable Energy
Green Building & Design
Sustainable Living and Water
Permaculture & Gardening
Workshops for Women
Peak Oil Preparation

The main stage includes:
Rhythm Village with MICKEY HART
David Lindley
Holly Near
Amy Goodman
Hunter Lovins
Mike Ruppert

No Car? Still want to go? Carpooling at < http://spaceshare.com/solfesthopland/>

Audiofile runs 28:05 minutes.

homepage: homepage: http://solarliving.org
phone: phone: 415 864 1006
address: address: SF IndyBay