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Going for Peace, Wildly! Psychedelic Dundee Tops 15 days Across WA!

Sportings neon-colored signs, weird but catchy clothing, a wild-looking 'masque' that messes with paradigms, this semi-crazy solo bicyclist has been riding across Washington state for the past 15 days, inspiring creativity and consciousness! (with pics)
psychedelic dundee on his bicycle
psychedelic dundee on his bicycle
(apologies for a rough-written article, but choke-hold on time at library computers forces such)

Signs including:
"We are kept hyped-up and divided against each other"
...this guy, dubbed "psychedelic dundee" --back in Madison, WI (when he arted himself there)-- is "art-bent" on seeking to INSPIRE creative-leaning persons towards ARTING THEIR HEARTS in UNPRECIDENTED styLe!

"Everything is art! Everything we do, everything we are! Dressing in the morning for slave wage jobs, or "just" for fun; we're ALWAYS doing art, or art is doing us!" says psychedelic dundee, meaning, in the last part, that if you don't "do" yourself creatively, corporations--complete with piles of corporate logos, will be glad to "art" you.

The angle is about putting our DESIRES, our HEARTS, our too-long-hidden and restricted PASSIONS back into our lives, not only against whatever single issue the Left brings up (i.e. the Iraq war), but the WAR OF EVERYDAY Life.

Everyday life is a kind of war, with all the ways we have been taught, programmed, "socialized" to play what can be called a "meta game".

The way the whole society is structured, the "social" we take for granted is a war-oriented society. We learn young to shut up and get "with the program". To subordinate our individual desires to "the group" (but whose values win out in group politics? always a very narrow frame--vanguard-like). If you don't conform, if you don't at least put on the APPEARANCE of conforming, there are consequences.

And it is this kind of corralling, this kind of pressure to conform, which keeps us from even exploring our desires, the spirit and energy that inspires us to LOVE LIVING ON THIS PLANET.

Getting out on a bicycle, slowing down, you start to hear more going on in the world than the ever-present narrative on TV and in "normal" society.

Now, if an authentic peace movement is going to happen, not just due to some crisis (like upper middle class kids being drafted), it's going to come via some angle of liberation--of individual spirits finding ways of freeing their hearts from all the armor and fortresses we so often **feel** forced to live under.

Hysteria and anger trying to lull our guilt isn't gonna do it. Desires are gonna promote the largest authentic inclusivity, and that is what peace is about.

Anyway, getting out on a bicycle sure has a beautiful way of connecting one with the Earth, or "MomEarth". Slowing down from the perpetual hectic pace, listening to birds and squirrels (have you ever had a squirrel play with your hair while you're sleeping outside your tent?), to our fears of the unknown; getting re-connected with our pre-colonized SPIRIT. The *ways of living--CREATIVELY--which open up a whole HIDDEN world; or as Jon Strongbow (artist of Seattle) points out: the REAL world!

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homepage: homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/folk/magixnartz

Psychedelic Dundee sounds like an enlightened master 18.Aug.2005 20:36


The hell of it is that the average person, the ones into the Meta games, the ones that need to hear, will never listen to him. They cannot think for themselves and will only listen to one of their own, one who is even more deeply into the game and displays the trappings of weath, status and power.

So it's the blind leading the blind.

Not a bad piece of writing, especially considering that it was knocked out on a library computer.