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Forest Service Ranger Pam Bode Lies on Stand

Forest Service employee, Pam Bode commits perjury as Forest Service L.E.O.s escalate from harassment to abuse of protesters at Hobson.
In an attempt to rationalize an unconstitutional closure of Fiddler and then Hobson to stop protesters from stalling logging operations through non-violent civil disobedience, Pam Bode lies on the stand. In a hearing on 8/12 concerning a court case challenging the closure, Pam stated that some protesters had thrown rocks during an action, that she, "could not tell the violent protesters from the peaceful ones", and that protests at Fiddler, "approached riot levels". Anyone, who was at Fiddler, knows this to be an act of blatant perjury. To add insult to injury, Pam actually stated that in part her concern was to protect protesters from logger violence. This statement was worse than any lie, given what has been going on at Hobson, where L.E.O.s and loggers join forces in harassment and abuse of protesters. In truth a combination of Forest Service Law Enforcement behaviors including, 1, selective enforcement, 2, the turning of a blind eye to logger violence 3, Forest Service Law Enforcement's threats against and harassment of the protestors, all have worked together to create a culture of group violence.

1. Selective Enforcement. While one of our protesters was arrested for violating a crime scene taped barrio, I witnessed a logging hauler barrel (speed) through a crime scene taped line, almost hitting me and another standing in the legal side of the tape. Loggers have been allowed verbally and physically abuse protesters without response from F.S.L.E.O.s We are referred to as "hippies" by both F.S. L.E.O.s and loggers. No complaints we have filed against Loggers or L.E.O.s have been taken seriously or anything done about what so ever as far as we can tell. The abusive behavior of loggers and F.S.L.E.O.s has intensified with greater isolation from the community at Hobson. L.E.O.s have said things like, "Lets just plow it under and let the pod drop on him." And, "too bad we have to treat this animal like a human."

2. I have witnessed the following behaviors, which have occurred with the knowledge of and within the view of Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers. I have seen loggers sexually harass, verbally harass and degrade protesters in view and hearing distance of several F.S.L.E.O. Paul Williamson on May 8th at Hobson, (details attached in complaint filed) and on Women's Day, March 14th in front of several F.S.L.E.O.s that I cannot identify at the upper barricade. (In this case the loggers were discussing which protesters they may "fuck" and which ones they would not. I was there filming, and my daughter was one of those locked down. ) I have heard F.S. L.E.O.s refer to us as "hippies" when talking with loggers. This is the language the loggers also use. It is obvious that the environmentalists have been reduced to less than human, and violence against them is being rationalized. Loggers have also put their hands on at least one protester grabbing him by the shirt and yanking him around, and intense verbal harassment and threats of violence, rape, and even death.

2. L.E.O.s have tried to intimidate protesters and supporters with constant pullovers, harassment, illegal arrests, threats of harm, and reckless endangerment. The F.S. has used lies and unconstitutional closures to stop a public from stopping the destruction of National Forests.

At the same time the Forest Service is creating the social environment and group mentality of group violence it wishes to use the danger to protesters from logger violence in part as a reason to closure and the denial of protestors' rights, and community access to the National Forest.

While some of Pam's testimony was challenged, there was not enough time to challenge all her lies. So, lets subject Pam Body to the truth right here. Call her on her lies. Leave accounts of,
1. Refused requests to enter the closed area. (She also implied permits were liberally granted.)
2. Accounts of abuse by F.S. L.E.O.s or by loggers in the presence of F.S. L.E.O.s or abuse reported to F.S.

Bad Freddie!!!

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