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Vigils Supporting Cindy Sheehan Held Across Cascadia

Vancouver: About 378 people came out with candles and signs for Cindy at one of three vigils for her in conservative Vancouver. We began showing up by 7 pm at the library on Mill Plain. Because of the large numbers, we moved over to the grassy field across the street. We visited old and new peace friends, and Vancouver for Peace had a table with literature, free social security t-shirts, and a card for everybody to sign for Cindy. [ more ]

McMinnville: From 7:30 to 8:30 the corner of 2nd and Adams in McMinnville was filled with pro-Cindy, anti-war protesters. There were lots of signs, candles and even a few kids. In contrast to the last protest I attended at this location in September '04 (on the other side of the street) a majority of the people driving by honked, cheered, nodded and exhibited drive-by support. Only one person expressed their disagrement with a single digit "Bush Press" salute. [ more (w/ photo) ]

Astoria: Tonight we held a Candlelight Vigil in honor of Cindy Sheehan who is still trying for an audience with President Bush to ask the questions spawned by the death of her son in the Iraq War. Our purpose in the vigil was to show Ms. Sheehan that she is not waiting alone. Setting up, I was fearful that no one would come and I would have to stand alone. But people came from every direction: singly, in couples, in families, and in small groups, on bikes, by motorcycle, in cars, and on foot. People came from Ilwaco, WA, Cannon Beach, Seaside, North Bend, and even Portland. And they kept coming. [ more ]

Olympia: This is a second hand report but I was told that 400 people showed up to the vigil in downtown Olympia tonight. Spirits were apparently very high and the response from the community was overwhelmingly supportive. People spread out along the sides of the street for several blocks with signs supporting Cindy Sheehan and calling for an end to the war. The overall feeling, as related to me, was very positive and energizing. [ more: 1, 2 (w/ photo), 3 (w/ photo), photos (flickr.com) ]

Portland (@ NW 23rd): This evening, August 17, 2005, I attended one of the many Vigils being held throughout Portland to honor and support Cindy Sheehan in her ongoing attempt to speak with President Bush at his ranch in Crawford Texas... This Vigil was held in Northwest Portland, beginning at NW 23rd and Hoyt. By 7:30, people had already begun to gather, and before the Vigil ended, and hour later, at least four full blocks were lined with people holding candles and carrying signs supporting Cindy and opposing the War in Iraq. I estimate the crowd at this Vigil to be in excess of 350 people. [ more (w/ photos) ]
Video: [ 56k | dsl/cable ]

Portland (@ SE 82nd): Code Pink hosted a "Stand with Cindy" vigil on SE 82nd Ave at the Eastport Plaza set of superstores (that includes Wal-Mart and the largest Armed Forces Recruiting Center I've ever seen). Cindy Sheehan's son was killed in Bush's war of choice in Iraq. We were supporting Cindy's month long vigil to get Bush to come out of his Texas vacation home and explain to her just where in all his lies about the war is the noble cause for which 1,860 American soldiers and more than 100,000 Iraqi's have died.... About 200 people took part in this SE 82nd Ave vigil. [ more (w/ photos) ]

Portland (in NE): Judy and I were back on the protest streets last night, vigiling for Cindy's vigil. The demonstration we attended was in the NE, it was the largest, but quite a number were organized by moveon all over our city. There must have been at least a thousand at the one we attended. It wasn't my favorite peace crowd. I usually prefer something noisier and with pointed and angry humor but we carried candles, held up Cindy signs and felt quite at home. Mother Cindy magically broke the Teflon curse, she actually scored big points on Bush. It was a warm hearted pleasure to be standing on a street corner and to be supporting and honoring her achievement. [ more ]

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Camp Casey Vigil, Olympia, WA
Camp Casey Vigil, Olympia, WA