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Tonight!: Salvadorans fighting corporate globalization speak

Celebrate 25 years of Portland solidarity with the People of El Salvador! There will be music, spoken word and speakers from El Salvador. Tonight! Fri. August 12, 2005 at SEIU Local 49 Hall, 3536 SE 26th Ave. Dinner at 5:30 and Speakers' Program at 7:00 p.m. Information at (503) 236 - 7916.
Speakers include:
Guadalupe Erazo, leader of the Salvadoran Popular Social Block (BPS);
David Ayala, Organizing Director of SEIU Local 49;
Rafael Coto, ANDES (teachers' association) and BPS member and spoken word artist.

Join us for a discussion on the struggle against corporate globalization in El Salvador and a reflection on the 25 year history of solidarity that Portland shares with the people of that country. We'll raise money to support the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), on the eve of their - and PCASC's - 25th anniversary.

"El Salvador needs massive and deeply transformative change - change that addresses the root causes of our problems. I have been a leader in the social movement for more than 25 years because I know that through organization and dedication to struggle we can make those changes happen." - Guadalupe Erazo

homepage: homepage: http://www.cispes.org
phone: phone: (503) 236-7916