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Martial Law in Portland

martial law?
Recently I have been hearing mention of a "mock" martial law drill in Portland. At first the story was a "mock" bio-terrorism drill. But within the last few days I have had different people tell me the "authorities" are planning a big ass "drill". Does anyone have any concrete information on this? The rumor mills are turning and it would be nice to know the source or better see any plans being made. One rumor suggested that this would be a way to get homeland security locked into Portland and push Potter out. As oil prices rise up and the cost of living eventually will increase I think there is a real concern that the elite fear the masses especially those unrulely Portlanders with their protests and those damn Oregonians and Washingtonians even those whacky "pot-smokin" northern Californians (collectivelly all called southwestern Cascadians) concerned about silly things like the environment, elections and social justice.
Um, yeah... 12.Aug.2005 17:39

It's true *sigh*

I' gotta make this quick, but as a government you've always got to have 'contigency' plans. What you would do in a what-if.

Two appache silent helicopters flew right over waterfront about two months ago around 3pm. not more than 300 feet above ground.

Some of the plans DOD has been working on are called "garden plot"

fuck gotta run. Take care!!!!

Love, me

PDX is the Boonies 12.Aug.2005 17:51


"Cascadia" is the boonies to the neo-conmen. If all this activity were taking place in DC or NY, they'd be all over us. Don't let regional success go to your head. Preaching to the choir in the remotest corners of the Northwest isn't causing any PNAC types to lose sleep in Virginia. But every little axe stroke helps. But really, you say 'Oregon' to most 'Mercans and they think 'Lewis & Clark' and all those dead pioneers on the 'Trail'. Portland's WTO riot status is a shaky claim to fame anyway. There's dozens of bigger, nastier riots over Midwest college football games.

"Portland's WTO riot"? 12.Aug.2005 18:23

scratches head

"Portland's WTO riot"? did I miss soemthing? I was in Portland when bus loads of my friends headed to Seattle for WTO. Was there something here that I missed? If so I am sorry I missd it I could not go to Seattle because work, but would have made it to any even in Portland if I had known.

i was referring to the ' Little Beiruit ' tag 14.Aug.2005 11:45


sorry 'bout that-slipped on the verbal floorwax again