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alot of posts about pending economic collapse and martial law

we need these stories featured
Notice alot of talk of pending economic collapse, martial law, cascadia (oregon secession), arwareness that we have crest the peak of oil consumption (notice the high prices), high ranking officers pondering a coup of the NeoCons. I think we need these stories gathered and featured in one big center article!
... 12.Aug.2005 13:08


what an incredible job of journalism

"Somethin's happenin' here!" 12.Aug.2005 15:28

One snowrich2002@yahoo.com

"Somethin's happenin' here, and what it is, ain't exactly clear"
And you might addto the mix, the Mother of all current events: the Cindy Sheehan stake-out/vigil at Crawford, Texas. "Oh Momma, Momma, Could this really be the end, stuck
here in Crawford with the Baghdad blues again?".

I think you're on to something. There's a certain momemtum building here amidst all this synchronicity. Why don't you write what you think it all means, how it all ties together.

add to that 12.Aug.2005 16:40


the bankrutcy laws are about to come into effect.

dollar is still falling.

tuition in higher ed is raising up this coming term.

military recruitment is way down (relates to tuition rise).

employment news is misleading cause it does not figure in underemployment and nonemployment.

service oriented economy with a decline in the money to pay for services.

high number of degree holding job-seekers in an economy that punishes the "over" educated.

debt, debt and more debt.

the effects of CAFTA looming over the horizon.

a large potential for more outsourcing of service jobs due to CAFTA.

Chinese and Saudi ownership of US debt.

on a bright note: you can get a nice tan due to global warming.

trying to pull something out my *** 12.Aug.2005 17:00

its of perkiness between long momenets of reflective sadnes

I can not articulate this well, but we have a million things coming to head soon. Some things can be good and many are potentially extremely tragic. One of the biggest things many of us are ignoring is "What the Hell is John Negroponte, John Poindexter, Mueller, Otto Reich and Elliot Abrams doing in the shadows right now?" Let us say there becomes a confrontation be it social upheaval due to economic collapse or a grieving mother demanding to be heard by an arrogant "president" through out this country then what are these demons of suffering and death up to? If the bulk of middle class can not pay their debts or cover their debts with more debt then what will happen? What if driving from suburbia to work or the store becomes so uneconomical that the housing bubble bursts in the various suburbias? We are headed for something very fast and this car may not have oil but does not matter its going down hill without brakes fast. Some people talk of the pending declaration of martial law and that might happen. Though there is no national guard to enforce it really. What could happen is scarier. The El Salvador Option maybe not planned for Iraq after all, but for an economically collapsing USA. As the infrastructure collapses and "blue states" demand their rights restored we could witness something grotesque familiar to what the School of the Americas unleashed on Central America.

Check that fact 12.Aug.2005 18:32

Dr Strange

Yes to the above comment except that the Washington Post just recently stated that contingency plans for a crisis in Amerika would include soldiers assisting regular law enforcement at potential disaster areas. There is a law in the Crapsitution (don't want to commit the name to long term memory) that says military can't be walking the streets of Amerika. However according to the report by WPost is that the loophole is that the military under the control of individual states would be able to help with this. So the article also says that if(when) this "terrorist" strike happens there will be at least 3,000 or more of these military at each site. With further news reports stating up to 7 possible strikes (nuclear?) are possible and so they are planning for all scenarios. So if the u.s government decides to turn this Demokracy ( system created by Roman and Greek empires) to a dictatorship we just need another severe/ scattered 9/11 and voila... martial law?!

Options 13.Aug.2005 00:19

Fireye pleiadian@alienembassy.com

The options of the People in the present state of America are limited to only two: Resist or Submit and either carries a heavy price.

resist 13.Aug.2005 01:42

Patrick Henry

Excersize your 2nd amendment right and resist to the death.

Perfect storm ahead 13.Aug.2005 11:10


Disruptions of oil supply from one or more of the United States' major suppliers such as Canada, Mexico, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria, and Venezuela due to one or a combination of economic, military, political, social, or natural events, coupled with peaking oil supply and an ever swelling demand for oil by the rapidly growing and industrialising populations of China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, the Phillipines, etc. has the potential to drive up the price of the massive daily US oil imports. This in turn would have a dampening effect on US consumer confidence, corporate profits, home purchases, and US GDP (which figures may be already dramatically over-estimated, see link at the bottom for an explanation), and drive the US government to attempt to secure access to cheap oil through military adventurism offshore and in from space - targetting primarily the Middle East and Venezuela.

The US government and economy "double deficit" (current account deficit and trade deficit) coupled with the growing government fiscal debt necessitates the private Federal Reserve to continue its aggressive interest rate tightening trend in order to continue to motivate foreign sovereign banks and hedge fund managers to purchase $55 to $65 billion dollars worth of US Treasury Bills each month to bankroll the bankrupt and heavily indebted US government and economy.

This is having two primary effects:

1) Domestically, rising interest rates increases dramatically the carrying cost of US consumer and corporate debt. The average US family is carrying about $250,000 in debt, premised on 1% prime interest rates. The inevitable result of escalating interest rates targeting as high as 7 or 8 percent over the next 12 months will be a reduction in consumer spending on new houses, home renovations, new automobiles, vacations, consumer goods, restaurants, clothes, etc. and increasing mortgage foreclosures and bankruptsies. This in turn will have three immediate effects:

a) A reduction, even small, of US consumer confidence will create a loss by offshore investors in confidence in the future value of the US dollar in foreign exchange markets, creating a rapid decline in the value of the US dollar.

b) A loss of consumer confidence will create a reduction in corporate profits which could create a potential dramatic decline in the US and world stock markets. This would in turn produce a decline in the value of the US dollar, reduction in the paper "net worth" value of investors and consequent reduction in new home sales.

c) A significant increase in interest rates and decline in disposable income could cause a collapse of the hyper-inflated real estate valuation "bubble". This, in conjuction with an increase in mortgage defaults and foreclosures, would potentially cause a rash of bankruptsies in certain sectors of the US banking and mortgage lending industry.

2) Internationally, rising interest rates and an ever growing double deficit is creating a loss in confidence in the future value of the US dollar, creating the conditions for a continuing decline in the value of the US dollar. A falling US dollar, coupled with rising interest rates and oil prices, will put a growing burden on the US economy which will further contribute to a negative ecomomic feedback loop. Money spent on ever growing interest payments on ever growing foreign held debt is money lost to the U.S.--not spent on investment or consumption domestically. Consequently, these interest payments will drain national income and further destabilize the US economy.

A stock market collapse, rapid drop in the value of the US dollar, and US real estate market collapse, coupled with a large decline in consumer confidence, will form a negative feedback loop wherein each small change triggers a larger decline in the other area. The result could be a cascade effect resulting in a decline in Treasury International Inflows and a major economic collapse and a recession or depression could eventuate.

On the military and civil law front, if the Bush regime and global crime cartel instigates another straw man terrorist attack on US soil or targetting a US embassy, then the US shadow government will declare martial law, shut down the US borders, and attack Iran in a burst of misguided US patriotism to distract the gullible American populace from focussing on who the actual perpetrators of the attack are and how the Rumsfeld / Cheney / Feith / Rove / Bush Sr. /, etc. regime are shredding what's left of the US constitution, discarding modern concepts of legal justice, eliminating civil rights and terminating the western way of life. This will slaughter the US economy in one fell swoop.

The US economy is currently being bankrolled primarily by three or four parties:

1) the US banksters, channelling their purchases through hedge funds in the Caribbean
2) the Chinese banksters
3) the Japanese banksters
4) the UK banksters

with additional support from the banksters of Taiwan, OPEC, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Norway, Singapore, etc.

If this continuing monthly inflow of capital to the US economy diminishes significantly then a collapse of the US economy will be imminent. Knowing this very well, the banksters / war industrialists / global shadow government is seemingly preparing to pre-emptively transform the US and Canada into a police state through a straw man nuclear terrorist attack on US soil which would trigger an assault on Iran and imposition of permanent martial law at home, massive round-ups, ruthless suppression of public assemblies of any kind, censorship of the internet and forced vaccination and microchipping of the US population. Cash will be replaced by microchip accounting in a cashless economy where every economic transaction, every movement, and every communication will be recorded in permanent shadow government virtual files that are being data mined constantly for signs of possible dissent which will be responded to with ruthless repression.

(in billions of dollars)

2005 2005 2005 2005 2005
Country May Apr Mar Feb Jan

Japan 685.7 685.2 679.5 680.3 679.3
Mainland China 243.5 240.5 223.5 224.9 223.5
United Kingdom 2/ 132.5 125.2 122.2 111.6 101.1
Caribbean Banking Centers 3/ 125.9 124.6 137.2 104.7 94.2
Taiwan 70.9 70.6 71.1 68.5 68.3
OPEC 62.6 60.6 62.2 67.6 67.0
Germany 61.2 60.8 56.0 53.0 53.8
Korea 58.7 55.9 57.1 53.1 53.6
Hong Kong 47.6 47.2 45.2 45.2 45.3
Luxembourg 44.6 45.3 42.2 42.9 41.7
Switzerland 42.0 43.3 44.1 44.3 40.8
Canada 41.1 42.1 38.4 38.0 35.4
Norway 37.7 29.8 16.9 33.8 35.1
Mexico 31.2 31.6 32.5 33.0 33.5
Singapore 30.3 30.0 30.7 29.2 29.9
France 28.0 22.3 25.1 27.1 21.2
Sweden 17.9 16.8 16.9 16.3 15.8
Ireland 17.7 13.3 17.2 17.8 15.6
India 16.9 18.0 18.3 18.1 15.9
Brazil 16.8 16.2 14.7 13.6 13.8
Belgium 15.8 15.7 15.3 16.7 16.8
Netherlands 15.2 17.0 18.1 16.5 16.8
Italy 14.4 14.7 14.5 13.8 13.1
Thailand 13.3 11.1 12.1 13.0 13.3
Poland 11.8 11.9 11.4 10.6 10.2
Israel 10.3 11.6 14.6 14.3 14.9
Turkey 10.1 10.7 11.4 10.4 12.9
All Other 123.3 128.3 128.1 128.0 125.8
Grand Total 2027.0 2000.3 1976.5 1946.3 1908.6

Of which:
Foreign Official 1241.7 1236.1 1227.9 1242.5 1238.3
Treasury Bills 229.0 230.1 235.8 235.5 242.6
Treasury Bonds & Notes 1012.8 1006.0 992.0 1007.0 995.7

Department of the Treasury/Federal Reserve Board
July 18, 2005
1/ Estimated foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury marketable and nonmarketable bills,
bonds and notes reported under the Treasury International Capital (TIC) reporting
system are based on annual Surveys of Foreign Holdings of U.S. Securities and on
monthly data.
2/ Includes Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
3/ Includes Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Netherlands Antilles, and Panama.

More details here:


to "fits of perkiness between long momenets of reflective sadnes" 13.Aug.2005 13:48


hey "fits of perkiness between long momenets of reflective sadnes"

notice PIMC did not feature any of these stories in one collective feature?

Zit-head 13.Aug.2005 20:15


So the zit has a head, you give it a good squeaze. What is the collective conscience waiting for?

featuring... 15.Aug.2005 13:58

pdx indymedia workerbee

...these stories is a great idea. as one of the featurizers, i have been watching the newswire for how to best do that. one good original story, even a very short one, even as a comment, could work as the feature text, and then there could be links to a bunch of the other articles. keep your eye out (or better yet write something) and it'll be featurized soon in some way...