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Outrage! 30 days of anti-war speech left

The Town Concil of San Anselmo ignores 80% of the citizens and votes to deny the people their Constitutionally guarneteed right to free speech. Had the sign read "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS," the Town Council would have again voted against the will of the people.

Bush fascism creeping into every aspect of people's lives.
George Bush's fascism enacted by neo-fascist Town Council
George Bush's fascism enacted by neo-fascist Town Council
Outrage! 30 days of anti-war free speech remaining!

In a despicable act of partisan politics flying in the face of the
town citizens' overwhelming majority of opinion, the Town Council
for the city of San Anselmo, California, voted once again to deny
local anti-war activists their First Amendment rights to freedom of
speech. The citizen's vote: 80% for free speech, 20% against. The
Town Council's vote: 00% for free speech, 100% against.

At issue is the large anti-war billboard which long-time anti-war
activist Ford Greene maintains where undeniably truthful facts about
Bush's wars and the growing fascism in America are expressed, truths
that the Town Council doesn't want the town's people to see along a
busy city street where thousands of people read the sign every day.

To make matters worse for the Town Council, local citizens have been
emailing Greene with suggested messages for him to post to the
movable-type billboard, making the controversial sign a significant
threat to the Council's already tattered reputation for engaging in
partisan politics.

Controversial? The messages Greene posts certainly aren't. Greene
asks rhetorical questions of citizens sitting waiting in traffic for
the light to turn green:


Offensive? Yes, if you support Bush's regime and his atrocities in
Iraq and Afghanistan and don't like reading the undeniable truth.
Rape and torture aren't what _real_ America is about and Green
underscores the undeniable fact that the Bush regime does _not_
represent Americans.

Greene states undeniable yet embarrassing -- embarrassing to
Republicans who support and defend George W. Bush's war crimes --
statements of fact in his no-nonsense, straight-forward manor:


And while the vast majority of the citizens of San Anselmo are
applauding someone who finally has the guts to stand up and speak
the truth about the Bush regime, Greene addresses the religious
aspects of Bush's invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which
have been touted as the will of the Christian Gods:


Invading innocent countries, murdering children, seizing control of
the oil that doesn't belong to them... These are sins within the
Christian community, sins which happen to make the Top 10 List of
sins that Christians are admonished not to commit. And yet Bush
and his regime proclaim they've got the word straight from the
mouth of God to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and to "install
Democracy" -- the Republican style of "Democracy" where the will
of the people are ignored, just lately like it's ignored in the
town of San Anselmo.

On August 9'th, the Town Council meeting was packed wall to wall
with supporters of the anti-war protest billboard, and supporters
crowded around the building's doors outside, standing in the hopes
of speaking to the Council, demanding that the Council abide by
the overwhelming will of the people to stop trying to deny them
their Constitutional right to speak.

But despite the will of the town's citizens, and despite the
Constitution of the United States, the Town Council once again
exercised their putative legal ability to violate people's rights
with the mere movement of a pen, glibly and without shame signing
away the right of the citizens to speak, justifying their
un-American Republican fascism under the banner of "fighting
eye-sores" and under the banner of "public safety," a catch-all
term well loved by the Bush regime along with its twin, "national

The fascists claimed that the sign was a traffic hazard that
causes accidents. During the meeting when the local police were
asked how many accidents had occurred, the police said "none."

Fascism is winning, folks. The Constitution means nothing to
Republican war mongers and the will of citizens.

Write to the Town Council and express -- no, _scream_ -- your


Then visit Greene's web site at  http://www.fordgreene.com/

homepage: homepage: http://www.fordgreene.com/

Hood River Merchants Restrict Free Speech 12.Aug.2005 11:16

billyray aka Uncle Sam

At the Aug. 5 "First Friday" event in Hood River an ominus incident occurred. A group of citizens brought together by their concerns about our nation's drift towards becoming a fascist theocracy, their concerns about lies and deceit in high
levels of our government, and their concern about "pre-emptive wars" against nations whose resources are coveted, were told that they were not welcome on the streets of Hood River.
One of these citizens was costumed as Uncle Sam; the other three were carrying signs. One sign said simply, "Quagmire". Another sign said, "healthcare not warfare" and the third sign was a face of Dubya with an elongated nose -a visual reference to Pinocchio.
This group (senior citizens), while quietly mingling with the crowd on the blocked-off main street, was told by a group of people in yellow shsirts that they could not be on the streets of Hood River. When asked when the First Amendment had been rescinded, one of the yellow shirts pointed to the west and said the group could protest behind the library.
I learned later that the Downtown Merchants had put their "rules" in the local twice weekly paper and that the yellow shirts have no official or legal status to tell people where they can be or what they can carry.
One of the yellow shirts said First Friday was the downtown merchant's party and they didn't want the group there. In our nation's capital, multi-national corporations are running things while in Hood River it seems to be the downtown merchants. In both cases democracy is trumped by commerce and people are expected to be quiet and buy so that business will thrive.
The crux of this incident demonstrates the trend towards curtailment of the Bill of Rights and abuses of civil liberties and serves as ans example of just what the protestors wanted to point out.
Who would have thought that "Uncle Sam" would be unwelcome in Hood River? But as the governator of California once said, "I'll be back!"

Can you just suck it up and take the bust? 12.Aug.2005 13:43

Hood River or anyplace else with a sidewalk.

Hey, wherever you are, whether in Hood River or anywhere in the United States.

There is a simple solution for yellow shirts or brownshirts or anyone who tries to prevent free speech in the United States. Do two things: 1. carry a copy of the U.S. constitution in your back pocket. Ask them if they've read the Bill of Rights. 2. tell them to arrest you if they want to make a case out of it.

Most of the illegal laws restricting freedom of speech have been busted open when someone says, "Oh yeah! This is a sidewalk. It's public space. I am exercising my freedom of speech and if you want to arrest me, go ahead."

Of course, you'd better be ready to take the bust (and possible police violence, etc.) But it is the only way that we maintain the freedom of speech that we have. A lot of towns and cities have attempted to restrict freedom of speech. The only way to back them down is to protest and take it back. Or, suck it up and take the bust. Then come back with a hundred of your friends and do the same thing again. The IWW did it in the early 1900's. The civil rights/Black liberation movement did it in the 1950's and 1960's. Those rights we have now are a result of their struggling - along with many other battles.

I am not suggesting that this will solve all of society's problems. For that we are going to have to overthrow both the government and capitalism. But geez, if you're not ready to protest in public, then we're certainly not going to even be able to talk about those steps.