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Help Bill Gates Find Good Programmers

Bill Gates has so much trouble finding good programming talent in the US that he absolutely has to have the cap on H-1 visas (foreign special abilities) removed, so he can meet his need. Now, we know that he has probably overlooked some of the capable, but "more experienced talent" that is out there, so let's help Bill out and call to his attention any able-bodied and minded US programmers who, although not young and naive, can cut the mustard. Please post this everywhere, oh, any why don't you copy your Congressman while you're at it...they might want to put in a good word with Bill for you....
Bill Gates is having trouble finding good quality programmers to work as software engineers.

We're so moved by his pleas to an uncaring congress that we want to help. It's not fair to make the poor man suffer through searching the entire world with a stack of visas in hand when we know that the people he needs are right here in the USA.

It's us, that's right, us.

Bill has said, "Microsoft is trying to hire every great college graduate who has basic computer-science skills", and if you have a degree you are a college graduate. You also certainly have "Basic computer-science skills" if you have any experience at all.

But the company prefers to hire new college graduates. You might be a little bit too old, but I don't actually want to believe that that means age discrimination.

So we're beginning to understand when he says, "It's a big problem for us that we can't get these great students," and goes on to explain,"I'd certainly get rid of the H-1B visa caps."

So here's how you can help Bill out of this jam. Show him that if he can't find enough new college grads that he should take a look at experienced college grads.

Send him your resume and tell him that you're ready to report for duty.

"good" programmers? 12.Aug.2005 08:55

Jesus Christ GOD of war

Is Rich Bill looking for programmers? What? To fix his utterly broken bug ridden operating system and applications? He can use all the help he can get.

For the rest of use, just use Linux. Oh, if you have to, MacOS (though they're headed to Intel soon for their processors... which sux).

As for jobs leaking in from India, well just say no, Nancy.

You reap what you so... 12.Aug.2005 11:46

Pravda or Consequences

Will these new young graduates get to be "real" employees or "contract" employees that Billy loves to exploit?


Madame Karnak

While not wanting to accuse "the Bill" of exploiting others to support his opulent lifestyle (although you need to read about how he used a 'remainder' trust to avoid a huge tax bill on capital gains), I would say that in the past, Microsoft has complained bitterly of not being able to get the programming "talent" that they need. One has to wonder. Bill's past claims that American schools were not producing the people that he needed were COMPLETELY DISPROVEN by a CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE and a Congressional Research study that both demonstrated that there were plenty of good programmers of all ages and wages in the U.S.. I think that when he uses the term "talented," he probably means pliable, submissive and afraid of deportation.

Now, think about this whole idea for a moment, we Americans are told that we can't travel to Mexico without a passport BECAUSE OF TERRORISTS. Foreigners can be pulled off American planes and detained indefinitely BECAUSE OF TERRORISTS. The DHS can search our homes, our luggage and tap our phones BECAUSE OF TERRORISTS. The DHS needs to see all the information on CREDIT CARDS THAT WE APPLY FOR, HOUSES THAT WE BUY AND OTHER MAJOR PURCHASES because of TERRORISTS. But Bill can import all the programmers that he wants from who knows where and there is NO FEAR OF TERRORISTS BEING AMONG THEM? WHO'S LYING?

THINK ABOUT IT AND SEND YOUR RESUME, YOUR FRIENDS' RESUMES AND YOUR SPOUSES'S RESUMES TO BILL AND CC: your congressman and senators. Let's fill their offices with programmer's resumes and ask why we are endangering our ECONOMY, our PEOPLE and OUR SECURITY by importing programmers?


Tailoring the 'security update' 13.Aug.2005 12:37

Bill Posters post.nobills@hotmail.com

perhaps Bill Gates is having finding US programmers to get their head around the moral implications of something like this:

Microsoft helps China Censor Blogs
by Aljazeera Net [posted by Bill] Thursday June 16, 2005 at 10:24 AM
Chinese bloggers, even on foreign-sponsored sites, have been advised to choose their words carefully after Microsoft joined China in censoring web messages.
Users of the MSN Spaces section of Microsoft Corporation's new China-based web portal get a scolding message each time they input words deemed taboo by the communist authorities - such as democracy, freedom and human rights.
"Prohibited language in text, please delete," the message says.

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