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Nymex Crude over $66.6 tomorrow - coincidentally just in time for ...

... entering the $1 dollar a day rythm period in the BIG BANG timeline, as predicted by Matt Marriott in 1999
Matt Marriott posted to the CNN Message Boards, from late September 1998 to March 30, 2001.
The "Clinton Impeachment" and the "Kosovo Conflict" Boards were the first and last global discussions in the History of the illuminati mass media.

As soon as Clinton was acquited, the "Clinton Impeachment" board was purged of all the posts exposing how the illuminati staged the controversy.
After February 1999 the "Kosovo Conflict" started being increasingly censored and soon turned into nothing but a psy-op playground.

After 2000 the last board that allowed some discussion was the "Evolution" board.
April 2000 marked the end of any posts exposing the illuminati big lies in the boards of their mass media.

Below a resume of some of the core illuminati lies that Matt Marriott exposed in the CNN boards.

1 - The exponential curve vs. the cycles

The curve representing the productive system (not only since the Industrial Revolution) is NOT a cyclic one. It is an exponential curve.
The reason for the the illuminati to carry the last phase of their plan (milestone : the bombing of Serbia and staging the Clinton impeachment, prepared by Waco, the OJ Simpson trial and the OKC bombing), was the fact that 1998 marked the point where the curve started to explode.

2 - Rate of consumption of non renewable resources is the key variable of the formula of the curve

Productivity is NOT the key variable to explain the formula of the curve.
Productivity is just a derived variable.
The rate of consumption of non renewable resources is the key variable of the formula of the curve.
Oil was the last replacement variable. The explanation for the curve in the XX century is the story of oil production.

3 - The illuminati chose the BIG BANG policy

The illuminati decided to conceal the essence of the curve from the sheeple and serve the "cyclic" big lie till the very end. In other words, they decided to end the curve taking the sheeple by surprise with a BIG BANG.

4 - The BIG BANG had to take place the latest by 2005

The lastest by 2005, the driving curve - the oil price - would reach the one dollar a day rythm.
The illuminati had to resort to the BIG BANG before the next stage - the two dollars a day rythm.