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Demonstrations in July Few, but Potent

Many actions against Military Recruitment at recruitment centers and Campuses. Result - Military recruitment way below their quotas.
Military recruiters are finding it difficult to complete the mission
of "No Child Left Behind" which it turns out is - there will be a place
for your children in the Military if they cannot make it to College.
Again in July, there were numerous actions against recruitment
centers, and it seems to be having an impact. Military officials have
lowered their quotas in the face of the falling numbers.

Of course, the most remarkable demonstration was in Scotland where
over 200,000 converged on the G-8 conference. Massive numbers of
police were brought in to control a vastly peaceful crowd, to the point
that the terrorists had little difficulty pulling off their dastardly deed in
London on July 7th. But the G-8 conference felt the need for heavy
protection of 11,000 police officers from the citizens. Hmm.........that's
curious......is it not?

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