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Funeral for the Columbia River

Come to a New Orleans-style funeral for the Columbia River on Sunday, August 14, at 4 PM, at the RiverWalk in Astoria
Funeral for the Columbia River

New Orleans style

Mourn the Corporate Takeover of the River

Sunday, August 14

4 PM

Procession will start at Riverwalk at the Train Depot, and meander to the Port of Astoria offices.

Dress festive, bring musical instruments, pots, pans, plastic buckets, songs, flowers.
? 10.Aug.2005 20:52

wanna know

How did this happen to the Once Mighty Columbia? Why are cities and states letting the Great America Hater have his way with our natural resources. They belong to us, not some Fascist Thieves. Kick their Butts to Hell.

Dredging 11.Aug.2005 00:07


Dredging the river 3' deeper to bring in larger ships, supposedly, is the reason--the economy. The business community lets the river go to sewerage and stirs up the contaminants on the river bottom. It's already polluted. Roll on Columbia, really.

Four LNG refineries are being sited--commons to be enclosed 11.Aug.2005 00:41

peasant with pitchfork

the winners will be the RFID chip manufacturers and weapons makers, and a few local greedheads and a handful of carpetbaggers, including Enron and Shell-Bechtel, of course. The losers will be all of us who live on or near the river.

Come on out to Astoria if you want to fight for a bed in a trailer with six of your co-workers, making the big bucks in "security"! And, oh yes, they're building a WalMart and a Home Depot on Clatsop Plains, home of active eagle and osprey nests, elk herds, and the prettiest coast grass. So you'll be able to get plenty of stuff and drive around a lot on the choked highways spotted with dead and dying fauna, if you go in for that kind of stuff.

Right now, the "housing bubble" is about as tumescent as it's going to get, with one-bedroom cottages being snapped up for $150,000. But very soon, the bubble will burst, and houses will go for nothin'. So hold on to your pennies, cultivate those dumpster-diving skills(great dump in Astoria,though a lot of it is now closed off-limits, and come on out--)