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Riotfolk GASFAST Tour: Pedalling to Portland Aug. 13th

Gas fast summer 2005 is a 1,000 mile bike ride and folk music tour of the northwest featuring radical singer-songwriters Thistle and Anna Roland (of riotfolk). The tour began July 19th in Bellingham Washington at the the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center, and will wind up in Arcata, CA on September 13th at the Redwood Peace and Justice Center.

Currently they are heading towards Portland, for two shows this weekend. The first show is on Saturday August 13th at Liberty Hall (311 North Ivy). It starts at 7:30pm sharp and has a $5.00 suggested donation. Proceeds go to benefit Liberty Hall and the Blackrose Collective Bookstore and Community Freecycling Center. Thistle and Anna will play at the Bookstore (4038 N. Mississippi) during the day for the Mississippi Street Fair.

Anna and Thistle will be joined by "the banjo kid," a local musician that plays banjo on Mississippi Ave. and other local bands "Mondo Hollywood" and "Shakey Hands." It will be a great way to spend Saturday night! The second show is at the IWW hall (616 E Burnside) on Monday the 15th, 8:30 pm. To find more dates after portland, refer to their show calendar.

You can download all of Anna's music at riotfolk.org or indytorrents.org. Indytorrents.org also has live music from Anna's last few visits to portland.

address: address: 4038 North Mississippi Ave

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this sow will also be archived on indytorrents.org and be streamed live on the portland indymedia web radio, these are not reasons to stay home, however, because this is a benefit for a really great community bookstore!