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So you do not believe that the infrastructure of the USA is about to collapse

In Aberdeen, Cascadia, today truckers stage protest over fuel costs and timber industry policies
Independent truckers stage work stoppagehere is a small sample of what is about to happen as the costs of oil goes up. Eventually shipping will be so expensive for truckers because of cost of fuel, maintanance, insurance and being screwed over by the corporations like Wal-mart. In this article its the timber industry that is the company that is screwing over truckers. The days of cheap consumerism is gone. Next time you go to Fred Myers or WinCo or even Wild Oats to get basic things remember how much oil was used to drive that product there. Of course none of this addresses the issues of petrochemicals used for modern agriculture. None of this addresses all the petroleum used in plastics and manufacturing practically every modern convience.

If truckers in Aberdeen can stop the coastal town of Aberdeen for the day.. imagine the collective power of the whole bioregion on strike!

It is time for Cascadians to wake up! Be The Local Economy! Disengage from the Petroleum Addiction! Disengagement from Imperial Systems! Plant the seeds of sustainablity now! Plough under those lawns!

signs of things to come:

Independent truckers stage work stoppage
By David Wilkins - Daily World Writer

More than 50 independent log truckers parked their rigs and refused to work this morning, as a protest over the high price of fuel - and, they say, timber companies' refusal to help defray the costs.

"They're paying us on a scale that hasn't been updated since 1984," said Rick Smith, president of the Twin Harbors Division of the Northwest Log Truckers' Co-operative. "Everybody knows that in 2005, you can't live on what you worked for in 1984."

The problem, Smith said, is that the "big three" timber companies on the Twin Harbors - Weyerhaeuser, Rayonier, and Sierra Pacific - only pay a surcharge of between nine and 13 percent for fuel on each load of logs. The national average, he said, is currently at 23 percent.

The truckers are planning on staying away from work, Smith added, until they get some action.

"We've made these companies millions," Smith said. "It's time to say no. We can't even fill our pickups with gas, much less our log trucks."

Weyerhaeuser spokeswoman Marian Snyder said her company is sensitive to the plight of the independent log trucker, but the price of fuel is not something Weyerhaeuser can control.

"We do offer a surcharge but we can't control the rising fuel costs ourselves," Snyder said. "It really is an issue with the fuel industry. We're under the same situation (as the independents) with our own trucks. We don't want our contract drivers to be hurt by rising fuel costs, but we think we're offering an honest surcharge, and we're reviewing it all the time."

Sierra Pacific did not return a phone call by press time this morning.

Smith noted that Simpson Timber, which owns a door plant in McCleary, is raising their surcharge to meet the co-op's demands by the end of this week.

"Weyerhaeuser, Sierra and Rayonier can pay the money," Smith said. "I don't give a damn what they say. They know what we need. They keep saying that they're not going to pay it. Well, then we won't deliver. The bottom line is, the companies don't get the wood to town, they are going to talk to us."

After the morning meeting in front of the WorkSource office in Aberdeen, the truckers split up, some to go to the Sierra Pacific sawmill in Junction City, some to various Weyerhaeuser and Pettit Oil facilities, and some to the Highway 12 overlook above Morrison Riverfront Park.

A number of the truckers had signs saying "Fuel surcharge to survive," and "Out of business without a fuel surcharge."

Smith estimated that by not working, just the truckers who met this morning were taking about 225 loads of logs off the roads.

"This is our last run," he said. "If we give up, they're going to have us for the rest of our short careers. We're not going to stop until we get what we want. Some guys are folding already, but most of them are standing their ground."

David Wilkins, a Daily World writer, can be reached at 532-4000, ext. 123, or by e-mail at  dwilkins@thedailyworld.com

corporate trucking only 13.Aug.2005 00:34

Fireye pleiadian@alienembassy.com

The only truckers soon to be doing any trucking will be the corporate ones.
The NWO dont have no room for any independant truckers and have been quite successfull at driving them out of business. Americans make the best slaves of any people on the planet and they are simply taking advantage of that fact.
They could build a prison on every block , make you eat out of the gutter and use your offspring as cannon fodder and all you would probly do is bitch and ask for the tv remote. I can tell by the number of replys to all these news site articles that America is truly brain dead indeed....my compliments to all who still have the power to think and post thier comments.

what the civil engineers say 14.Aug.2005 12:07



Congested highways, overflowing sewers and corroding bridges are constant reminders of the looming crisis that jeopardizes our nation's prosperity and our quality of life. With new grades for the first time since 2001, our nation's infrastructure has shown little to no improvement since receiving a collective D+ in 2001, with some areas sliding toward failing grades. The American Society of Civil Engineers' 2005 Report Card for America's Infrastructure assessed the same 12 infrastructure categories as in 2001, and added three new categories. Access the complete Report Card with details on each infrastructure category and state infrastructure information.