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China Treason

a creative exploration of truth
I was king for a day. I wore no clothes 'cause it were summer time. I didn't have much brains, but I sure had a nice smile. Everbody 'tol me so. Since I am an idiot no one takes me seriously, and 'sides most peoples' brains are downsizing to make me feel smart. For the rest of you idiots out there, I have a story.
Our family was rich. I'll use spell check and grammar check to spruce up this story. We learned through Papa that the Japanese had stashed $1.3 trillion in the Philippines. We agreed to help Ferdinand Marcos get ahold of the money if he would share the wealth. To that end we advertised around Texas for enterprising young men. Ed was one of those we hired. I'll let him tell you his part of the story.
"Hello, I'm Ed. I live in Florida, voted for George W. in the last election, and am registered as a Democrat. I was in the Philippines in the 80's as a gold hunter with a salvage company. I have not been back to the Philippines since the 80's. There is no doubt in my mind that the Japanese hid billions there. $1.3 trillion was the estimate in the 80's. Much was recovered by the Marcos family. I worked on several land and underwater sites. Whenever we uncovered evidence in the digs, people were watching us. One individual comes to mind - probably CIA. He kept showing up in remote areas that had nothing to do with his cover story. We were run off of one site at Antipolo just outside of Manilla. It was a well filled with concrete. We were beginning excavation when Marcos showed up with his soldiers. He took possession. You don't argue with a dictator. (A CIA proprietary firm called Oceaneering International of Houston reportedly was involved in airlifting some of the gold from the Philippines.)
"Another site was in Batangas, Calitagong. We had to use a PT boat that Marcos lent us, but we knew villagers would harass his soldiers. This particular site was offshore where his goons could not follow. The site was about 150 feet underwater. It was 500 yards offshore. Though the seafloor was only 30 feet deep, the Japanese used bucket trenches to store the treasure. This site was supposed to be part of India's treasury - $13 billion and several jade urns filled with gemstones. At a hundred feet down, we uncovered a rusted 500-pound bomb, human bones, and metal tools. We secretly left a tape recorder on the PT boat that Marcos had supplied us with. When evidence started to appear, the captain of the boat was recorded as saying, 'When they find gold, we have to get rid of the Americans.' The next night I took a case of C4 plastic explosives and blew up the entire project. I flew out of the country the next morning."
"Thanks, Ed." As I was saying, we got ahold of a lot of Philippines' gold. We needed to launder it, to get it into the U.S. where we could use it. When you are rich, you always need more money to cover loose ends. Papa had a friend who did favors for our Saudi friends. His name was Adnan Khashoggi. He lived on a yacht and was one of the richest people in the world. He knew everybody.
We had to put some pressure on Khashoggi to help him keep his part of the bargain. Papa's Republican friend Rudi Guiliani was a big shot New York City attorney. Ferdinand Marcos was dead and we were trying Imelda Marcos. As part of that investigation, Khashoggi was put under house arrest until he could see the light of day. Here is where it gets interesting. With my brother a governor, we decided to rig local and national elections with our new money. Five Star Trust was our front organization that was to disburse the Philippine's money. We used Five Star to funnel Enron money as well as Philippine's money through offshore artificial shells. Adnan Khashoggi was our main man. We stored large sums of money in the Cook Islands with Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).
One of our Chinese connections walked away with $250 million, owns a lot of land in Colorado, and lives in Hawaii. He never got caught when Enron collapsed.
The problem was how to get the money into the U.S. NASA was our answer. We got Sean O'Keefe, the NASA administrator and close Cheney friend to work with us. Then my brother redrew the Palm Beach district to get Tom Feeney elected. 500 Yang employees at Kennedy Space Center were paid to picket against Feeney's opponent. Vice President Dick Cheney made campaign appearances for Feeney at the Kennedy Space Center. Theresa LePore, Madame Butterfly, was made election supervisor for Palm Beach County. She used to work for Adnan, so you can see the connection. Feeney's reward when he made it to the U.S. Congress was to be given a seat on the House Science and Technology Committee, which oversees NASA's operations.
Tom Feeney played another interesting role in our plan to rule America. According to a notarized affidavit by turncoat, Clint Curtis, he was employed by the NASA Kennedy Space contractor, Yang Enterprises, Inc. during 2000. Tom Feeney solicited him to write a program to 'control the vote'. At the time Curtis was of the opinion that the program was to be used for preventing fraud in the 2002 election in Palm Beach County, Florida. His mind was changed, however, when the true intention of Feeney became clear. That's why I call him a turncoat. Curtis betrayed our family.
Curtis said in his affidavit that he developed the voting program and gave the prototype to Feeney. The program was reviewed by Curtis's senior coder, Hai Lin (Henry) Nee, who according to the Florida Department of Transportation, was an illegal alien working in the United States. According to Curtis, not only did Nee review the vote switching program code, but he constantly downloaded sensitive data to his computer from NASA's computer.
Here's the problem. We had this great way of laundering money through NASA and of rigging national elections. BUT the Chinese intelligence operatives had us blackmailed. They knew about our connection with Enron and our NASA connection. That's where Curtis became a turncoat. He claimed that Yang Enterprise's parent company had 'unlimited sources of money' that came mostly from China. By the way you can guess that's why China holds a large part of our national debt.
Papa's CIA contacts got a lot of our Philippine's gold into UBS in Zurich. We're set, but it's a tough fight right now to keep China from spilling the beans and taking over America. Don't the rest of you idiots feel better knowing the truth. Everybody says I'm a liar, but when I tell the truth, nobody believes me. Go figure.
I can't help it 12.Aug.2005 19:55


This is beautiful. Has anyone else read this?