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peru hold in the mountain sufficient hydraulic power resources to produce electricity and suply all the sudamerican continent with clean and regenerable energy, and they have no reason to conflict against the kyoto protocol by giving permission to build 4 termal power plants.
the protocol of kyoto is an agreement ratified by 121 states in the world, including the government of peru. the aim of the protocol is to reduce every emission that give greenhouse effect and affect the stability of climate and the environmental balance - as in long term can affect the survival of our self and other species.

in peru they are not respecting the international agreement, and neither exist a environment ministry to take care of cases as this, and that is one of the reasons why they have so many attacks against their nature and now disobey the world aggreement of control with emission of gases regardless of their signing of the kyoto protocol.

the kyoto protocol, is in force from february 2005, carrying out the principle, that "who make polluttion, have to pay". from that day went into effect a system of emmision trade as a mechanism to reduce the total gas emisión in the world.

negative impacts
these thermal power stations will emit:
74.000 tons of nox, nitric oxide per year
2´500.000 tons of carbon dioxide per year (responsible for climatic changes)
20 tons of carbon monoxide per hour
200 kilos of nitric oxide per hour
12 kilos of complex organic volatiles per hour.
sea water will be used, (1 million tons vapor of water a year), these amounts would increase notably the production of nitric and carbonic acid to more than 200.000 tons/ year. too wil be disgorged sulphur dioxide to the atmosphere with 100 kg/ hour, as together with nitric oxide is responsible for acid rain.
during the year the emission of poisonous gases will pass tree and a half million tons a year without any treatment withput any environmental alliviation

the project consider to quadruple their initial power plant in short time.

around the substation and the high tension lines where all the generated energy will be send off it will be emitted electromagnetical rays which can bring harmful health influence to the nearby living village

indications of corrupcion and lacking press freedom:

as coordintor of the support, the front to defense of the salt lakes and 'humedales' nest hunting of chilca, we ask for an objective and neutral investigation from the international organisations around following malpractices.

1. egechilca, is a company of panama, which have not demonstrated any representation or association in the country. it have a registed share capital of 300 dollars and pretend to promote 450 million, though companies of panama are in observation, according to a patriotic agreement of the 1 of setiembre (act patrriot signed by peru)

2. an environmental impact study, plagiarized from an other study made for a mining company (compañia minera pampa del cobre - chapi - compania minera milpo) but now approved by the peruvian authorities

3. the government resolution permitting 4thermal power plant's without treatment neither gas mitigation with iireparable dammages on the environmental of chilca and aci rain over lima.

4. use of front men (puppets) in purchase of land for egechilca (a watchman for the peruvian vicepresident appear as landlord)

5. threats against defenseless residents who protests against the thermo electric plans.

6. press and other means of communication are silenced and manipulated by order from the government.


we denounce the peruvian government, in front of the international organisations for refusing the instruction of the kyoto protocol permitting emission of greenhouse gases without treatment which offend against life, pollute environmental and put aside the principles signed in the protocol.

the citizens of the peru will start a great public crusade in favor of the ecosystem of the salt lakes of chilca and respect of the kyoto protocol.

front of defense - citizens of the salt lakes of chilca.
and coordinator of help

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