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Changing the World: General and Specific Ways

Many people desire change. Many people know just exactly what end result they would like to accomplish. But they have no concrete method that will work. I offer a different perspective, and some true methods.
World Peace. Universal Compassion. World cooperation. A healthy earth environment. Absence of suffering through hunger, disease, opression, or other social and human injustices. BUT how do you get there? The 'structure' of the world has been universally the same since humans have inhabited the earth. Just as in the human body, the world is set up in systems, with different 'organs, levels of tissues, substances, and individual cells'. This will not change. We cannot expect to throw out the structure and preserve the whole organism, whether it be the human body or the world itself. This seems to be the self-defeating method that the human societies have always used, in revolution after revolution. This is why it has never worked. As much as we would like to, throwing out the corporations, the politicians, the beaurocracies, etc., will never work, because throwing out the structure does not get rid of the disease. THIS IS WHY removing a tissue with cancer does not remove the REASON that the cancer exists. And without removing the REASON, you have not healed the WHOLE PERSON. SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER? It is the FUNCTION of the world that needs to be changed, not necessarily the structure. Eventually, if the function is corrected, then the structure will be allowed to change to accomodate the proper functioning. So we need to correct the function of the organism, whether it be a human being or the whole world, at a level which changes function of every level: cells, tissues, organs, systems, and integration of all systems into a healthy balanced function. Human beings create their own reality, in mind, spirit, body, and yes, in the whole world, the material world, the political and social world too. People who are extremely wealthy have also helped to create the extremely poor. People who are extremely poor have also helped to create the extremely wealthy. And it is this way in all things. Nature seeks balance, otherwise it is in disease. However, too many extremes, even those seeking to balance each other, are signs of disease in the system. WHAT NEEDS TO OCCUR is the essential enlightenment of people. Enlightenment of coursE encompasses many things, but when we are talking about the overall health and balance within each individual and within the world society itself, we need to be guided to the understanding of world / universal truth: WE ARE ALL ONE. WE ARE ALL intimately connected to each other, and to the earth. WE ARE HERE TOGETHER, and we need to FUNCTION AS ONE, TOGETHER. The way to do this is through individual enlightenment, the understanding of universality, of cause and effect, of kharma, of personal responsibility, and of personal power. I call it "keihatsu", a Japanese word which means "to open the door to understanding, and to emerge through it", or in one word, "enlightenment". For it is not government per se that is the problem, because that is just structure. It is intangibles like opression, injustice, persecution, prejudice, and the like that are the problems, and these lie within the hearts and souls of PEOPLE. The way to change the world is through (saving) enlighenment of people, and they will save themselves, and change the world for the better!!!

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