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Support Cindy Sheehan/Out of Iraq Now! Rally continues

Ongoing rally in support of Cindy Sheehan's vigil on Bush's doorstep continues today at 12 noon- 1pm in Terry Schrunk Plaza, 3d and Madison
Join VFP72, Code Pink, Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak out and many other groups rallying in support of Cindy Sheehan's courageous vigil in Crawford, TX as she calls upon GWBush to come out and meet with her. Cindy has vowed t stay camped outside the ranch until GW comes out to talk to her or leaves the ranch for DC- in which case she will folow him. Come support this woman who is asking for hersalf and also all of us "Why are our troops dying for lies?" Call your family and friends, come to Terry Scrunk Plaza at 3rd and Madison downtown today at 12 noon!
unjust war 10.Aug.2005 12:37


Please also tell him the truth that real and fullest freedom begins with the scraping of the war machine and thusly arriving at the possibility of each country freeing itself. For Cdn. First Div.

Meeting with Cindy 10.Aug.2005 13:15

a watcher

Why won't the Boy-King meet with a Marine's mother?
50 vacations is hard work
50 vacations is hard work

tunes and shirt for the protest 10.Aug.2005 15:34


podcast of cindy and friends

Deceptive comics! 10.Aug.2005 17:04

red suspenders

The ups comic posted by "a watcher" is very unfair and deceptive to Mr. Bush.

The one photo op of bush cutting firewood I have seen pictures him with a small chainsaw which has become so dull as to not even be producing sawdust. (Most likely he ran the saw into the ground as fast as if it was a business built with someone elses money)

Mr. Bush would under no circumstances be able to cut and stack any significant amount of wood in the time represented by the comic strip.

Wearing a Beret Under That Stetson? 10.Aug.2005 20:39


For the figurehead of a regime that so relishes heaping scorn on the French, it's ironic that the runt is probably the only "working" US citizen afforded the luxury of a French vacation--i.e., taking off a month during the summer doldrums, as does virtually the entire French population.

How progressive and egalitarian--for the French!

The rest of you...get back to work!

Thursday rally for Cindy too? 10.Aug.2005 21:56


Are we having a rally thursday too? That would be great. Also if we rally on Friday, we can go over to the Bite of Oregon and make some news!

Deceptive comics! REDUX 11.Aug.2005 10:06

a watcher

As for "Deceptive comics!" by red suspenders, I have to agree. I also seem to recall that this particular 'brush' he was working on was the same one as the last few times he was shown 'working'. The point is he is too busy Photo Op'ing to a mother of a killed Marine who is excercising her Constitutional right to "peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" [Amendment 1].

Not that the monkey boy will read it or care, please join the growing petition at:

It's time for a really big peace march 12.Aug.2005 21:17

john springer john@digitalmx.com

Cindy Sheehan has planted the seed, but it's now time to return the kind of massive rallies we had before the war started.

The American people are getting sick and tired of our troops dying for no obvious good reason except defending GWB's pride.
There will be way more support for an end-the-war march now than there was for a don't-start-the-war march back in 2002.

How do we get a really big march in downtown portland started.

SE Portland

Candlelight Vigil? 17.Aug.2005 12:34


Is there a candlelight vigil in Portland tonight.. if so, where?
I heard there were going to be 1500 vigils across the country tonight.