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morning news for 8-10-05
-U of O researchers say Oregon is getting sunnier and warmer thanks to global warming
-California report covered cap and trade on greenhouse gasses
-a former catholic priest claims that the church shuttled him to new parishes after he was accused of molesting children by many, many folks.
-U-S is using mercenaries to kill Iraqis and supply U-S troop, can you believe that?
-former Dutch PM said the CIA asked the Netherlands to release Abdul Khan, the father of the nuclear program in Pakistan, in the 70's
-Saddam's biological program was based on anthrax from the U-S. The U-S got the spores from Britian afted Churchill was conducting secret biological warfare tests back in the day. (old news, but for some reason now new???)
-FSRN story on Rummy thowing out more accustions at Iran
-pentagon says U-S "might" increase troop numbers to 160,000 during elections in December
-guantanamo prison camp is using wind power, so no more complaining cause torturing innocent folks is now environmentally friendly.
-FSRN story about lawyers for Guantanamo detainees appeal to supreme court on legality of military tribunals
-U-S and Iraqi forces are preventing Syrian trucks from getting back into Syria
-Israel says it will control borders, terminals both water and air of the Gaza Strip, making one big prison for the Palestinians (it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel)
-Niger president says country is not experiencing a famine
-Venezuela's pres gave 6 indigenous communities title to their ancenstral lands and plans on giving 15 more indigenous communities by the end of the year
-Rolling Stones say bush is full of SHIT on new album
... 10.Aug.2005 10:08


why isnt there any local news on KBOO? i think all of this news is great and all, but i live in portland and would listen more if the show were actually about portland or covered news about portland on a regular basis.

i know the rest of the world is out there, but so what. we have problems just the same as anywhere else and deglorifying our problem for far off unsolvable problem is part of the apathy that i sense. make the problems here more relevant and solvable but offering them up so people can at least openly discuss them.

kboo does local 10.Aug.2005 10:52


KBOO does more local news than just about anyone, though the broadcast listed above would appear to be an exception. I'm more concerned about delivery: today's news reader (Sanchez?) should definitely read the stories aloud, slowly, prior to broadcast--that's what every cub reporter has to do, for a year or so, until delivery becomes smooth under pressure.