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Music Video - 1984 - World Destruction - Afrika Bambaataa & John Lydon

..in 1984 he(afrika bambaataa) did a duet with punk-rocker John Lydon and Time Zone, titled "World Destruction" which was the first time ever that Hip Hop was mix with Rock predating RunDmc's duet with Areosmith "Walk This Way".
Afrika Bambaataa & John Lydon's "World Destruction" 1984 - 3.5 min
Lydon is a narcissistic, nihilistic talentless asshole 11.Aug.2005 01:49

rodent (I can't help myself)

who doesn't know 'Rock' from Bluegrass. He's now an 'official TV celebrity' who gets paid to appear on loser game shows. How far we've fallen Mr. Rotten. And Bambaata is 'Hip_Hop?'? What planet am I freakin' living on here? The ONLY good mix of rock & rap was Rage Against the Machine and Faith No More. You like AEROSMITH? Get a Life!

Lydon is a narcissistic, nihilistic talentless asshole 27.Aug.2005 01:41

rodent (a gnawing pest)

I can only assume you're 12 years old and prone to the fancies of the MTV rock show genre.

Perhaps if you spent a little more time reading up on the impact of artists past and present you might learn to appreciate the impact these people had on the sounds that you (and you're bubble gum chewing comrades) like to listen to while skateboarding outside the local library.

Bon chance mon ami et Vive le rock! (think a while before you reply - it might be a liberating experience)

PS: narcissist and nihilistic were quite an impressive start but i would reserve 'talentless asshole' for the previous contributor

Requiem for John 10.Sep.2005 20:12

Lloyd W. Holm Lholm@fhhlc.com

I saw Mr. Lydon at what used to be called the Pine Street Theatre back in the mid '80s. Lydon was a true pioneer of experimental music. Once free from Malcom Mc., he went on to form PIL, which is the incarnation under which I had the honor of hearing him at Pine St. John Lydon has done for alternative music what the Beattles did for R&R. Overstatement? I'm not sure. Go buy a copy of "This is what you want.." Then lets talk. Frankly, I wonder how prophetic his piece with Afrika was? Seriously! The mark of a noteworthy Artist is his sync. with the Zietgeist. Mr. Lydon passes the test. How dare any soul throw rocks at what he does not even understand!