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Pro-Life protesters coming to Portland August 15-17.2005

August 15-17.2005, a pro-life group from Kansas will be protesting in Portland. "Silent Sieges" are planned for each day from noon until 5pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square....
I'd like to encourage folks to show up at Pioneer Courthouse Square to oppose this protest
(although they claim that this is just "prayer", not a protest).
The website for general information is  http://bound4lifekc.com/

The "silent sieges" are also scheduled for the Lovejoy Surgicenter in NW Pdx.
Unfortunately, opposition (in the form of counter-protests) at the clinic will serve little purpose aside from causing additional stress to clients of the clinic. There will be pro-choice escorts outside the clinic at all times, consisting of people who are trained for and have a history of escorting at this clinic and are all well-known to the current clinic staff. Tensions outside the Lovejoy clinic have been stressful lately (for other reasons) and we hope that we (the escorts) can keep things happily under control.

Email can be directed to:  thigmotaxis@gmail.com
Sweet 10.Aug.2005 18:06


I'll plan on showing up as a Pro-Life christian extremist with dead Iraq babies on a stick. Because you know, pro-lifers only care about white babies.

Wrong Choice of Words 10.Aug.2005 21:12

We are Pro-life

Its Christian Supremicists. They are usually pro-war.

I am pro-life and pro-choice.

i will be there.... 10.Aug.2005 22:01


let's kick em outta our town....

check out this video 11.Aug.2005 20:56

*shaking my head*

They can't answer the question!

AtCenterNetwork.com Blog Archive 7/11/2005 - Feature - Libertyville Abortion Demonstration:

Any idea what the name of the group is? 12.Aug.2005 12:23

slumbering heart

It'll be good to do some background research on them and their past activities...