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open season on meth-heads

Is the scourge that is revealing it self everso more obviously going to go away or get any better? Doesn't it make itself clear that each person that becomes addicted to this trashy, poisonous substance- will in turn share it with another person therefore expanding the problem exponentially?

The signs are clear and they repeat themselves over and over in the media throughout the country. Is there any point in trying to rehab any of these zombies- because they will forever lead a life scarred by the brain damage and the jones- correct?

I for one am sick of the fast talking, faux friendlyness they show while scanning your replies (or your area) for chance to take advantage of you. As if I didn't notice you face full of scabs and lack of oral hygiene (or teeth).
How about putting some posters up in some neighborhoods? We can start on outer Sandy, "Reward, tweakers, dead not alive"

how bout infiltrating the culture and swinging some poisoned batches.

Narcs have been traditionally been looked down upon in the drug culture for a long time, but it seems time to stop this epidemic in its tracks. If you see any sign of meth activity, report it. Many users are friendly seemingly harmless people, but I have found this is often if not always a fascade to avoid having their cover blown, their jig up. If at some point they can they will take from you. Anyone who is selling meth is destroying lives.

the same cannot be said for cannibis or LSD, yet people with LSD convictions usually have the book thrown at them harder than a Randy Johnson fastball.

I'm tempted to do some vigilante stings where personal propery is left in a tempting area and a justice team waits quietly nearby.

I think a rumor of poisoned meth would be a positive deferment that could throw the industry into a bit of upheaveal, probabaly spawning the kind of paranoia that could cause it to collapse or show the chinks in its armor of insider secrecy.

Something has to happen soon. If we banish it to the outskirts, and ignore it, the epidemic will grow until no property or neighborhood will be without the danger of meth realted crimes.

I don't mean to sound like Fox news and their breaking stories, but folks I've seen it up close and it is as ugly as it gets.

Also, I don't want the reputation of other drugs to suffer at the example of the black sheep amphetamine.

Karate chop a tweaker today!

that's stupid 09.Aug.2005 20:05


Bash an idiot in the face today.

Billings 09.Aug.2005 21:48


A friend who just came back from Billings Montana told me that meth is really out of control there.

respond??? 09.Aug.2005 23:02


I feel that this posting advocates violence against humans based on predudice. I further feel that, while choice and individual behavior obviously effect drug use, our energy is better spent on issues of education, unemployment and building healthy communities. Many of "these people" are our brothers and sisters who have experienced poverty, violence and the emptiness of modern culture. The fact that so many are focusing on OUR victimhood, while many are so much more fortunate (minus an occational car stereo -- solution: ride a bike!)astounds me regularly.

grow the fuck up 09.Aug.2005 23:43


There's everything wrong with advocating violence against people who are fucked up and broken by meth or other drugs especially in light of the complete failure of our culture to provide any meaningful rehabilitation to people who's lives and bodies have been trashed by their addiction. Maybe the easy target this dumb posting presents will encourage some healthy dialog about how prohibition encourages real criminal behavior and how the US stacks up in its approach to domestic drug epidemics such as the current meth crisis, etc.

idiot 10.Aug.2005 09:10


Yes, attack drug users. That is obviously the best course of action.

Whether in jest or not, you show a tasteless and appaling lack of understanding regarding substance abuse. Take this bullshit to freerepublic or some other similar cesspool of mental atrophy.

Tweakers Steal, regardless... 10.Aug.2005 09:25


"The fact that so many are focusing on OUR victimhood, while many are so much more fortunate (minus an occational car stereo -- solution: ride a bike!)astounds me regularly."

So much for that--I just spent over $200 replacing the stolen wheels on my Univega, including the stolen night lights. Feel like paying me back, Z?

There was a story of how tweakers fill up the city jail on a regular basis, and one of the occupants stated (and I'm paraphrasing)"Just lemme do my tweak and do what I want..."

I've met tweakers who have no scruples whatsoever, and have rolled me for CD players, cash, my wallet, etc, etc, thinking that these people are sick and need help, thinking that I can befriend them and help them...I am now beyond that. I never fed a habit(weed, alcohol, or cigarrettes)by stealing from ANYONE. I either dealt with not having money, or figured out a way to stretch my income.

If you put the paranoia that the streets are policing themselves, instead of cops who throw their hands up and shrug their shoulders, then the Tweaker culture will tread a little more lightly, and the pandemic will become just a few junkies and a majority of functioning drug users, rather than abusers...

NOT my brothers and sisters 10.Aug.2005 10:10


These tweakers are not my brothers and sisters - let them hang at your place Z, I don't want them around and I'm getting sick and damn tired or the crime they are causing and the lack of laws with teeth to keep these people of the street. How many people do you need to rob these days to get locked up and off the streets! Tweakers make a choice and they are not the type of people we should feel sorry for.

my dos centavos 10.Aug.2005 10:43

the former neighbor of the tweakers

I think whoever wrote the original post was probably just fed up after another encounter with tweakers.

I can certainly relate to the feelings (if not the implied actions against the offending parties). People involved with meth have no thoughts or consideration for how their behavior affects others. Believe me, they don't care about anything but themselves. If you've ever had to deal with them, you would probably feel just about as fed up.

It's incredibly rare for people involved with this particular drug not to affect others with their negative behaviors. And the fucked up things that the users of other drugs do, have nothing on what an average meth user will get involved in. They make crackheads look like model citizens. And that's not an easy thing to do, mind you.

Having recently endured a few painful sleepless months of meth using neighbors (who blessedly were evicted, but no doubt simply took their dysfunctional lifestyles to someone else's door), I'm at a loss to say what the community response should be to this problem.

There's no reasoning with meth users, and arresting them does nothing. They don't care about themselves, their kids, their families, much less about you. They only care about the meth. The police are no help either-the way they talk, there's absolutely nothing they can do about meth users. After awhile you feel like vigilante justice is the only hope you have.
Meth is a unique problem that defies the solutions that have worked for other drug problems in the past. I don't advocate vigilante justice, but would suggest that we as a community take the problem far more seriously. We need to come up with some new approaches to dealing with this plague, or else the tragic results of vigilante justice is what will happen when people like the orginal poster get fed up with it.

An addict's dos centavos. 10.Aug.2005 12:33


What is addiction? Has a person who's posted here know? Have the ones who've posted with such intolerance and venom even care? Of course they don't, it's not their problem. But the irony is, it is your problem too. That's one of the many sides of addiction. Do you think that people who smoke meth for the first time intend to become addicts, thieves and liars? Teeth falling out, face scarred and vacant, filled with self-loathing? But the desire, oh the desire.

Do you know the addiction lies? Do you even care? "You'll feel good. You'll feel less alone. You won't feel like a failure. You won't feel self-conscious meeting your partners' family. It'll all be ok. You can give it up tomorrow." Always and forever tomorrow. "You're not the weak fucking failure they said you were in school. You're strong, noble and chivalrous...YOU ARE NOT AFRAID OF THIS LIFE IN THIS WORLD!" The laundry list of lies goes on and on and on ad infinitum. Who has heard these lies locked in your head resounding day in and out?

Those in power know these lies; know and somewhat understand the nature of addiction. It's the great controller and divider. What need is there for martial law when the people have imposed it upon themselves from within? I'm not implying those in power have created addiction, they've only exploited it. Addiction is a self-perpetuating phenomenon that has become so widespread because within so many of us dwells a vaccuum. I've heard it said that Nature abhors a vaccuum, and i have as of yet to see this hypothesis disproven.

Knowledge will not save us from this "scourge"; nor will violence, imprisonment and more fear mongering. To be honest, i do not know what the solution is, but i'm certain of one thing, a step in the right direction would be to reclaim our souls. We need to quit believing the lies of the media and doctors and face ourselves, and be honest about what we perceive. We need to be quiet and listen, i mean empty the gerbil wheel called our minds and REALLY LISTEN. To whom? The murderers, the rapists, the dopeheads, the pedophiles, the alcoholics and the "insane". Let's try humility. Let's try to cut the self-righteous posturing and work on changing ourselves instead of poorly "fixing" every broken person lost.

And finally, i am not saying that meth heads, crack heads, smack heads, alkies and pill poppers shouldn't be held accountable for their actions; trust me, they will be, one way or another. What i'm saying is quit mistaking the symptoms as the cause of societies' ills. Addiction is a deep running spring and its' source is not a pipe, lighter and a weak will. I don't feel people need to grow the fuck up, they desperately need to wake the fuck up.

it's a tough call 10.Aug.2005 20:18

know it some

I used small quantities of meth in my youth for a short period of time to self-medicate myself out of a suicidal depression. It worked but 20 yrs later my metabolism is still abnormal as are my sleeping habits.
My housemate has a serious problem with alcohol and it's gotten to be too much for me to handle so he's getting the 30 day goodbye notice tonight. We tried to help him as best we could and he's repaid us by being a total parasite. Addictions are complex, that's for sure.

i wrote it 10.Aug.2005 21:16

brainstorm (fed up)

Yeah Z, why don't you volunteer your ever so treasured bike so some zombie with barely any skin left on his face can get another fix and chase down the shakes with a Steele resesrve 40.

I know about drugs damnit. I've seen it all. I've done some meth (ten years ago) I'm just a pot head who hasn't graduated to an adult drug habit.

What good is rehabing a half living bum who sleeps in the blackberries next to the railroad tracks and steals from the entire neighborhood for his malt and his tweak? Fuck your car stereo, how bout an elaborate ring of mail theft and identity theft (solution?) (one less identity)

OBVIOUSLY most of my post was a joke (except the Karate chop part) but I have seen it up close and (and had to interact with them in passing) you have not seen anything like it.

I am so glad i finally moved. They do, they make crackheads look like gems.

I'm not shooting anybody, but trust me, IF there is a group to antagonize, they are it. jsut pure fuckups beyond comprehension.


priorities 11.Aug.2005 07:39

lance armstrong

Y'know, when I won the tour 'd france for the 7th time, I used my 15 minutes of fame to rip the bush junta a new asshole. I told the world that americo. inc spends 320 billion dollars in iraq in an era when cancer researchers have to struggle to get their cause funded to the tune of 4 billion/year.
WE have a similar case of misplaced priorities here. Just a little percentage of the money we spend on our imperial adventures in crony capitalism could treat these meth heads.
Now, this is someqat anecdotal evidence here, but a lot of meth heads pick up the habit in the military.
THe military likes meth-ran the armed forces on it in ww2, made so much back in the 40's that it was an otc diet pill into the 50's. It serves their purposes-soldiers eat less, are more homocidal, and "work" longer hours. They still give it to soldiers and pilots in oil war 2.
WE need to shift some prioroties here.
Let's not jail/release meth heads. Let's send' em to Iraq, so the armed forces will not turn any more misguided southerners/midwesterners into meth heads.

clarification 11.Aug.2005 23:03


I just wanted to clarify that I do not intend to minimize the very real and negative ways that this problem effects peoples lives. I am really sorry about that loss of property and communities, family members. Theft has happened to me too, when I did drive I did not manage to keep a stereo so I gave up. I simpathize with the loss of wheels and lights, and did not mean to suggest at all that bikes and parts are less steal-able, far from it -- I just couldn't help taking the opportunity to promote riding. I also have the bias that most of the interactions that I have had (many) with meth users have been in a social service setting -- perhaps for this reason they have been mostly positive and the human has shown through the meth.

Attack the root cause... 12.Aug.2005 16:45


...not the tweakers alone. I am also fed up with this problem. It infests the West and has spread eastward. It is one of the principle causes of crime in the Portland/Vancouver area and our crime rate is way higher then NYC's. So much for livability. I've been a victim of tweaker related crime a 3 times this year, and that 3 times too many. A tweaker also came into our home and raped a friend of my daughter's. Meth is a crap drug and it destroys everyone with whom it contacts. However, this is an illness and where is the rehab for these kids? Also, we need to deal with the poverty problem in Multnomah County and elsewhere in Oregon. Everytime I walk through the Pearl District or other fancy neighborhoods, I become ill, because I know how so many other Portlanders live.

dead 14.Aug.2005 20:56


ive enjoyed reading all you guys comments on meth but dosent look like any of us can do anthing about it untill they all die of i am raising a 11year old boy whos mother died doing meth and dad is currently using ive sence adobted him and he asks questions about meth why it killed his mother do i tell him your mother was a bad person are someone who got in with the wroung pepole and his dad a pice of crap if anyone knows how to explain that please let me know thanks

can i share something with ya'll?.... 26.Sep.2005 02:40

free 2 b me...the wild child

i,too, have had bad encounters with people who have let meth rule their world...along with coke-heads, crackheads,stoners,alcoholics & a few "strait"/drug-free(?)people,too! no one said life was easy...nor am i casting any stones at anyone for their D.o.C.- but someone once told me, "moderation is the key. excess is a sin." i gave that a lot of thought over the years and i tried to learn from my life's experiences,both good & bad.i've modified or "added to" that original helpful phrase & my version is what i want to share with anyone willing to listen....Be Happy!Live Your Life.Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated,Do What You Want To Do...So Long As "What" You Want To Do Does Not "Do" You!!
for myself, this motto has put me in check countless times & made many complex decisions easy. it also gave me the ability to know when to say "when". i've used it to help myself become a more conscious,self-aware,responsible person.a person that's worked in my chosen career field for 24+ years & i've always payed my own way. i've been married twice but i now live alone & since leaving my parents at 19, i've never had to move back home.i have always depended on me to take care of me...
...oh yeah & i've done all of the afore-mentioned drugs and alcohol at one time or another...by themselves...or in various combinations...started experimenting at age 14...i am 42(and !/2)now!...and ice is nice but old school meth is my d.o.c.& nothing can ever compare...i didn't turn to a life of crime and i've never been arrested! i was not blessed with perfect skin genes but my skin is good & my face is not scarred AND people tell me nearly every day that i have a beautiful smile...all my teeth are intact & original except 1 i broke when i was 12. while eating waffles & reading Peanuts from the funny paper...i didn't notice i was chomping down on a waffle-less fork-ouch! but a trip to the dentist fixed that!
So Sex,Drugs,Rock-n-Roll,Food,Work,Sports,Gambling,Hunting,or even Religion... No Matter What Your Drug of Choice Is, Moderation Is The Key. Avoid Excess. Problems Start When What You Do Starts Doin' You!!!
thanks 4 letting me speak up for responsible drug users everywhere...even speed-freaks!
...W.F.O.may be great fun for a time, but folks notice when the party's always on at your house, your lights are on 24/7, or when you &/or your army of "friends" are mowing & weed eating at 3a.m.! soon "the man" will take notice and before you blink your eyes and call it sleep, he will take your freedom and give you a label you can never escape!
i enjoy my life! i enjoy what i do! i want to keep doin' it! moderation is the key!

sick of your stereotypes 11.Dec.2005 18:41

an honest tweeker

I am so sick of hearing the same old bullshit that all tweekers steal, have no morals or conciences. I know its bull cause I've been doing meth for 15 years. I work a full time job, pay my bills, and work my ass off(legitimately) for everything I have. You don't hear about people like me because we are not on the news. We can't speek out for fear of prosicution. There are plenty of us. I don't doubt that. The more the media feeds into the bull that ALL tweekers steal,lie and cheat, the more it becomes the standard. You CAN use meth and remain a decent human being. I have on more than one ocassion gone out of my way to return a lost wallet, cell phone, and yes even a credit card to the rightful owner. Just because I'm a meth addict doesn't meen I can't do the right thing. This is the message that we need to send out to all users. It is possible and thousands of us live decent lives, take care of our responsibilities and contribute to society. We just don't make headlines.

money 08.Apr.2006 01:37

zaman oooooga@insightbb.com

I do beleive there is to much govermental benifits to kill drug use al together if there wasnt drugs the loss of goverment jobs would be maraculous if the great leaders were concerned about it the would have kepted our military here and used that money for a greater purpose its all about the money it brings in its better than tax money great system huh?

re: Honest Tweaker 16.Aug.2006 11:57

susan 28 susan28@susan28.com

Dear Honest Tweaker:

Right on, love, bless you for speaking out.. i used it for a couple years back in the 90's and it wasn't without its price, but i wouldn't trade the experience for the world. i like my extremes so it wasn't a sustainable habit for me, and when the time came (and it's different for all of us) i put it down and walked away. it was as simple as making the decision. but during my tenure on it, i met the most (genuinely) wonderful, loving, supportive circle of friends of my life, whom i keep intouch with to this day though we're far away. they're like family to me. some are still on it some aren't, but all would be here on the next plane should i ever need them in any way, or take me into their home, and i'd trust any of them with the keys to both house and car. or PIN# for that matter. i'd trust them with my life, and would lay mine down for them. they're not sweet because of meth anymore than people are evil because of it, though they do get moody when off it and have the good sense and courtesy to stay in their comfort zone til unwound. they know when they aren't fit for public consumption. all are successfully self-employed in lucrative fields.

that said, the ones who haven't quit are beginning to deteriorate, it's a one-way street if you choose to go down it and they have, i may lose them soon, and when they go it will be with the dignity they've always maintained, and i'll be there to hold their hand if need be, even if i have to fly cross country to care for them; but none of them, including myself both then and now, have never done anything but love and serve our fellow beings, and to lump them in with the bad apples is just plain wrong.

if someone harms somoene they should be punished, if not, they shouldn't. it's that simple. save the kung fu for the bottom feeders and let's not lose sight of the prize: it isn't a perfect world, it's a free one, and if we're deprived of the power to decide what does or doesn't go in *our own bodies* - think about that - then there's no freedom left to defend the way i see it.

it is as HT says, the assimilated ones are invisible, but please, if you ever gain info on one who has done you no wrong, then do respond in kind <3 prison is far too horrible for the good-hearted, so please be very certain of their wrongdoing and don't act in haste, there's too much at stake.


Recovery 24.Sep.2006 17:09

L Wilson Palm Springs themethhead@dc.rr.com

Living in one of the most heavely populated areas for Meth use AND being a recovered Meth abuser I have to say that I am offended by the lack of humility this person gives off. They obviously have NEVER experienced an addiction and if they have I suggest a heavy dose of ANTI-DENIAL drug because we are human being that NOT ALL of us Steal , Lie, Cheat, and have bad hygene. Some of us are great people caught in a cycle of self abuse by putting this drug in our bodies. Most of us started out recreational users and turned to long term use. Please give those of us HUMAN being that have this horrible disease a break. and instead of suggestion death or destruction ,. suggest something more productive like REHABS and COUNCELING or THEAPY. Grow up and get a back bone man.

Meth kills, it just killed my ex wife. 12.Feb.2007 07:27


I divorced my wife ten years ago because of her meth addiction. She died Jan. 27th, after being up 2 days straight, (or more), falling asleep at the wheel and driving off a cliff. She put our family through HELL as an addict, and more so when she died. My kids were cleaning out all her tweeker shit from the car, and came across her meth pipe and meth in the car. Jeez, thanks for that woman. My kids thought she was getting straight. She was the ultimate liar, all from SPEED. I dream daily of killing speed dealers, slowly. She was 54 years old and a grandmother.

ignorant people should be banned from the internet 01.Jun.2007 11:24

Lauren Daugherty

I'm a recovering meth addict, and I feel that the person who wrote 'karate chop a tweaker' should be karate chopped. Educate yourself, idiot. Drugs are drugs -- no person is above the effects produced, and NO person acts the same when under the influence of ANY mood altering substance, PERIOD.

ignorant people should be banned from the internet 01.Jun.2007 11:28

Lauren Daugherty

I'm a recovering meth addict, and I feel that the person who wrote 'karate chop a tweaker' should be karate chopped. Educate yourself, idiot. Drugs are drugs -- no person is above the effects produced, and NO person acts the same when under the influence of ANY mood altering substance, PERIOD.

IGNORANT PEOPLE 01.Jun.2007 11:29


I'm a recovering meth addict, and I feel that the person who wrote 'karate chop a tweaker' should be karate chopped. Educate yourself, idiot. Drugs are drugs -- no person is above the effects produced, and NO person acts the same when under the influence of ANY mood altering substance, PERIOD.