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RE KBOO PRESS EJECTED multiple appearance: IMCpdx glitch in receiving attachments?

article below is text of comment I submitted in attempt to provide images of documents to go along with article
KBOO PRESS EJECTED attachment (1 of 3)
I really apologise for 'multiple submissions'. I kept getting the return message "error title" so I assumed whole submission had been rejected. To avoid apparent current glitch in IMCpdx system (or maybe softwarwe doesn't like blend of latest (and I hunch premature) FireFix release + Windows 98 SE) I submitted these as individual comments using Opera 80 browser.
KBOO CEO protest treatment of reporters (1 of 3)

phone: phone: 503 287 3473

glen 09.Aug.2005 15:03


What kind of files, by which I mean what file extension, are you trying to upload? This will assist in determining your problem.

huh 10.Aug.2005 09:54


there does seem to be a problem... being looked into... thanks