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Revolution in the United States: The World Can't Wait

Last night, Aug. 8th, Larry Everest spoke at Liberty Hall in North Portland. His speech was a call to action for massive protests to "drive out the bush regime" starting on the one-year anniversary of the last presidential election, November 2nd 2005.

His call to action, compiled with the driving organizations (world cant wait, not in our name), seems very similar to the idea of the anti-war "movement" prior to the start of the latest war on iraq. In his speech he referenced the anti-war "movement" a couple of times, and many more times he referenced the 1960's movements and the power they had behind them; he seemed to be drawing on the energies that existed at hose times, and this call to action is a way to reinvigorate that momentum. I am not holding my breath, but I hope it works.

His ultimate goal is revolution in the united states, he is guided by the ideas of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), and while I dont necessarily agree with all of what they say, I like the fact that he, and other RCP folks are out there seeding the ideas of revolution. I have recorded the full speech, and it is available for download HERE, the speech is prefaced and closed with songs by Anna Roland who is currently on tour and will be playing Liberty Hall this Saturday, August 13th. The question and answer session is separated from the speech, as its own file. The questions are hard to understand, but the answers are not.

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The speech is definately worth listening to! If you need help downloading the torrents, refer to these pages: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html

Turnout 09.Aug.2005 15:32


Does anyone know what the turnout was for the Everest talk.


Magic? 09.Aug.2005 15:46


Sounds great...is there anything planned for november 2nd or is someone going to wave a magic wand and people will be in the streets holding signs and wondering how they got there? People call for action all the time. The only actions that ever get off the ground are planned ones. Like I said, it sounds wonderful; but does anyone know if planning is in the works or is going to be soon because i'd like to get in on it.

The failure of Regime change 09.Aug.2005 16:40

Marik marik@aracnet.com

The world can't wait organization, along with speaker Larry Everest, have no goal of starting a revolution in the United States. If this is there goal, they have failed to learn from their previous failures (Vietnam). And they will fail again. This may come as a shock and surprise to some of you, and to other, more experienced activists, it may not.

They will fail because their only goal is to replace the "Bush Regime" with a "Democratic Regime." They (the rcp) does not address what is the root source of wars like Iraq and Vietnam; U.S. Imperialism. It is not as simple as "Republicans are evil." 'Our' Government, which gave Bush the thumbs up for Iraq, which has subsequently rubber stamped the war effort, is composed of several different political flunkies, from both the Democratic and Republican parties. When Hillary Clinton most recently visited Iraq, she too gave a thumbs up to the war. When a recent batch of Democatic Senators (including Oregon senator Ron Wyden) visited Guantanamo Bay, they too gave the thumbs up too persecution and torture. Is this what you support?

Groups who operate under the banner "drive out the Bush regime" are misleading the American working class. They talk and talk about social change, revolution, Big Business, etc. But there only goal is to turn people like you and me, who are desperate to see a world we know can exist, into election fodder. Nothing changed in the 1960's, and nothing will change now. The answer is because the anti-war movement has not changed. It is still dominated by charlatan groups such as 'The world can't wait', The RCP, Liberal Politicians, and speakers like Larry Everest.

If you truly want to see an end to the Iraq war, and future wars based on the pretext of lies, then you must understand and see for yourself what drives these wars. Do you really think it's just a horrible group of people known as the Republicans? That is a truly naive notion.

The truth of the matter is that we live in an Imperialist society. That includes ALL of the ruling class, not just half, and not just the President.

marx, lenin, stalin, mao, 09.Aug.2005 16:54

and ... john kerry?!

I've heard a lot of criticism of the RCP in my life, but never before has anybody asserted that they're merely shills for the Democrats. This is so absurd it's hard to justify doing any research to resolve the question. It sounds like trollery.

marik, you read like an idiot 09.Aug.2005 19:29


hey marik. i dont think you are an idiot, and i dont disagree with you, however, anyone that listens to the talk will think you are an idiot. everest clearly, in the speech, lays down that the problem is us imperialism and that the democrats back us imperialism simply because they do nothing to stop it.

again, i do not disagree with you, but in your comment, you are wrong. the words you say are pretty identical to what everest said in his speech, however you start your comment by disagreeing with him.

so, all i am saying, is before you dismiss someone/thing publicly find out what its about. you are more driving a wedge than encouraging change. and i think we all can agree that change needs to be encouraged, and many of us will agree that the duopoly of american "democracy" is detrimental to the world and must be stopped/changed.

larry, in the q&a was asked: do you think driving out the bush regime will really change anything? i beleive he said no, but it was a beginning to systemic change, that this regime is currently forcing through so many detrimental things that if we dont get him out first than our task will only be harder in the future.

i dont necessarily agree with that, but its what he said. so, in the future, review the source material before commenting on it...or else you;ll sound like an idiot!

great idea 09.Aug.2005 20:01


But also, don't forget about the September mobilizations...which are expected to become a Unification of sorts of the anti-war and global justice movements...which need desperately to interlock and become the same enormous movement.

Perhaps your call should be more geared toward a convergence of ideas and spokescouncils rather than a protest, the likes of NCOR (National Conference on Organized Resistance)  http://www.ncor.org I believe it is. November is too soon, and besides...I think if we are to become a Revolutionary movement, the last thing we need to concentrate on are dates and anniversaries. They are symbolic yes...but it also reminds me of "let's only worship on Sundays" rather than "living the 'worshipping lifestyle' every day". We need to build momentum...the kind we experienced before 9/11, but for that to happen, we need to foment a HUUUUGE outreach campaign. A "Call to All Radicals" if you will. But with the Sept. demonstrations gearing up, the Nov. 2nd call seems too soon. We need to build up more energy, and 3 months just ain't enough time. Period. But the idea is WONDERFUL. Please don't think I'm raining on it...I just think we need more time to build more alliances, including, of course, with the 9/11 Truth movement (the real one, not the infiltrators trying to spoil it).

revolution 09.Aug.2005 20:24

karl roenfanz ( rosey )

nothing changed in the 60's ? the people with the anti-war on their shirts, cars, home windows, etc. kept the pressure up and helped a lot of people change their minds. if not it would ( vietnam ) be going on just like korea still is.the only news we get from korea is either i live report feed ( like the border hackings ) or the government filtered news. i served a year in an engineer batt. you can't imagine how many people " dissappeared ". iraq started with a 50% troop level and has gotten worse.

1306 john evansville, ind. 47714

Political Slogans 09.Aug.2005 21:30

Marik marik@aracnet.com

Perhaps Everest and myself say similiar things. But, operating under the pretense of "driving the bush regime out" is a false hope. It promotes the idea that we should merely replace the "Bush regime' with some other group. Most people would interpret it as "vote Democrat." Maybe that's not what Everest say's in his speech, but the slogan that this whole thing was under was "Drive the Bush Regime Out." There is a world of difference between saying Drive out Bush, and Drive out Imperialism. It leaves the movement nowhere to go after Bush is gone, because people will feel like the enemy is gone, job well done. However, we will still be living under the same economic and social environment that produces wars like Iraq and Vietnam; Imperialism.

I look at the antiwar movement of the 1960's as a failure because it failed to bring out the true power of the movement. It failed to topple Imperialist rule because antiwar activists failed to topple traditional antiwar leadership. Hence my harsh words towards Everest and the RCP. I would rather not see the current antiwar movement fail. It is for reasons that I stated above, such as operating under a misleading pretense, that the antiwar movement gets diverted, paralyzed, and ultimately disillusioned. However, it is possible I misjudged Everest. I suppose only time will tell.

Speaking of September events, if anyones interested in working with other activists who are gearing up for the Seattle Protest, you may find the link at the bottom of this comment of use. Look for the POF-200 subscription.

1960's power 10.Aug.2005 01:19


"the 1960's movements and the power they had behind them"

Actually, the power was _in_front_ of them -- the people they talked to. As karl says, they "kept the pressure up and helped a lot of people change their minds". They didn't worry too much about keeping followers in line or grant money in the bank.

"I am not holding my breath, but I hope it works."

If you really hope that, stop holding your breath and start talking.

you don't need a baby-sitter to take action 10.Aug.2005 13:58


Why, if we already know what needs to be done, do we need to "organize" in order to take action? We need to shut down all of these corporate institutions that are behind the opression of all of us.Talk amongst you friends and have an impromteu protest. If you're downtown , uptown anywhere you see to evils of the world, take action, shut it down. It's when we form these big anti-war/stop bush groups that their croonies (the feds) infiltrate the groups to watch its members like hawks. They're waiting for the order, which will come, to round us all up and ship us of to prison. Wake up people, AmeriKKKa is dead. And we're the ones whove got to give her new life, a loving, free life. So get out there stop traffic get people out of their sleep. We've all been pretty much de-sensitized by the sights of people being locked up or people dying. We don't need our hands held to do it.

I was there also 11.Aug.2005 00:54


I was there to see Larry Everest speak and I wanted to share my reaction to the speech. First of all there wasn't that many people there. Something like 20 people were there but some of those people I think were with Larry. The speech seemed to try to appeal to a broad range of people and didn't get to into the specifics like HOW, WHY just the focus on Bush and WHAT's next. Larry also seemed like a good individual with good intensions but seemed to fall a little bit short on crystalizing the picture in everyones head of his vision. So if he is not giving us a clear plan of what to do and isn't motivating us with a vision then it doesn't seem like this will work out to well.
But let me also speak of the good parts. It was nice to see that someone is trying to organize with the idea of revolution in mind instead of the classic "lets change things with hugs" idea. This could be viewed as a sign of change. Also at least Larry is trying something and not waiting for someone else to come along. I would rather see people attempting to organize an event and failing, rather than seeing those same people at home watching TV. It is part of the evolution of a movement, it helps keep ideas in peoples minds, it hopefully gets more people involved and also one day someone or some group will spark something that will shift the tide.
So hey the speech did not get me pumped but it did spark a lot of different conversations afterward.

the RCP 14.Aug.2005 21:02



20 people! foment the revolution! fight the power!

Oh yeah, the Revolutionary Communist Party. They definitely have got a lot going for them.

How incredibly lame. Get a life.

From a WCW organizer and RCP supporter 15.Aug.2005 23:08

Maggie Lawless

I'm a Seattle organizer for The World Can't Wait -Drive Out the Bush Regime (WCW) effort and wanted to comment on some of the posts here, which are interesting and much needed exchanges. (I was at both meetings introducing Larry to the audience.) Just straightaway, the Portland event had 40 people (plus more who filtered in later that evening) NOT 20. I counted. Twice.

Marik said in one post: "They (WCW—ml) will fail because their only goal is to replace the "Bush Regime" with a "Democratic Regime". "They (the rcp) does not address what is the root source of wars like Iraq and Vietnam: U.S. Imperialism"

First off, it's pretty clear when you read the Call that this initiative is not trying to replace the Bush Regime with democrats or by relying on democrats—in fact, Larry made the point several times in his speech that if people continue to operate in the framework of relying on the Democrats, they will continue to be demobilized, paralyzed, and -if this regime continues on the course they have set- this could well lead to people being crushed. But let's just look at what the Call says, since this it is what Larry drew from in his speech:

"There is not going to be some magical 'pendulum swing'. People who steal elections and believe they're on a 'mission from God' will not go without a fight. There is not going to be some savior from the Democratic Party. This whole idea of putting our hopes and energies into 'leaders' who tell us to seek common ground with fascists and religious fanatics is proving every day to be a disaster, and actually serves to demobilize people."

So Marik doesn't seem to have even read the WCW call which is the basis for this movement.

As for the RCP, it's full position is not encompassed by the WCW call, even as it unites with this call. To say that the RCP doesn't address the root source of war as imperialism all one can say is that either Marik has never bothered to read the RCP paper "Revolution" or go on it's website www.revcom.us , or is just seeking to falsify or misinterpret the RCP position. For the latest example of the RCP position on the Iraq war and resistance to it- see "Cindy Sheehan and the Crossroads of Crawford" in Revolution #12  http://rwor.org/a/012/cindy-sheehan-crawford.htm

(As for the RCP's position on the Democrats, please see the article by RCP Chairman Bob Avakian- , Elections, Resistance, and Revolution: The Pyramid of Power And the Struggle to Turn This Whole Thing Upside Down,  http://rwor.org/a/1237/ba-pyramid2.htm)

Second, the WCW is not another anti-war group—although the war is a critically important part of the focus- it is talking about the whole regime which is on a course to alter the political landscape in a way we've never seen before in this country. The WCW is talking about the whole package, the war, the round-ups and detentions, the wide spread use of torture, the moves towards a theocracy---all of it. I agree with bht's comment that if we don't get this regime out first then our task will only be harder in the future. And I think we are being faced with a challenge to confront this intolerable situation in ways we have never conceived of before. And there is a basis -there is a palpable beat of anger at and disgust with the current situation- to people taking up this Call and acting on it. And it is not -it CAN'T BE- just a "Call for all Radicals", (although it should draw them forward, yes!) as "anti-imperialist" says. This call and this movement must reach into every nook and cranny of society, to many, many different sections of people and into all areas, because this is what it will take to change the situation we face. And the beginning experience in the past few months with WCW has shown that people are looking for something like this and want to be a part of it.

I disagree, bht, with one thing you said ---that Larry's answer to the question: "do you think driving out the Bush regime will really change anything?" was no. Far from it. I think the overall answer to that question was that history and the future of this planet demands that we take responsibility to go up against a regime that is committing crimes against humanity and that without doing this there won't be a future worth living in. And if we succeed in driving the Bush regime from power and stop them from the fascist course they are on, people will be in a much stronger position to demand what is necessary for the future of humanity.

When the Schiavo thing erupted there were two people -two Revolutionary Communists- who went down in the midst of these Christian fascists and waved signs condemning traditional morality and Christian fascism. This was electrifying! Just as I was watching the news and thinking "we need to get down there!" ---the image of these two women popped up on the screen! I've been thinking: What if there was a different mood in society, what if there was a movement in motion around getting rid of this regime; what if we had a situation where the kind of flat out Christian Fascist rantings and moves at the top levels that manifested during the Schiavo case were met with a response COMMENSURATE TO WHAT THEY WERE DOING? This is what WCW is in part seeking to bring into being.

I wanted also to comment particularly on the Marik position.

Marik and people who are making these kinds of arguments are trying to pose themselves as criticizing World Can't Wait from the left- for not being anti-imperialist or revolutionary enough. But this program and political position of Marik and others is in essence a very rightist position and one that would (and will) give up and leave people to being crushed by Bush and these Christian fascists and neo-cons in power. This position sees what we're up against as "same old, same old". To be clear, this regime and everything it's doing is rooted in the imperialist system, but they are also out to do something quite unprecedented- remake the whole world under their domination and impose even a fascist and theocratic form of rule in this country. A position that doesn't understand the enormity of this, as well as both the danger and potential opportunity for even revolutionary change it encapsulates, is only going to set people up for disaster.

This position of attacking WCW for not being "anti-imperialist", which isn't just Marik's but has come out in other venues and discussion sites, also confuses and combines the strategic aims of revolutionaries on the one hand with what is the correct unity of a mass resistance and opposition movement to this regime that can be part of fundamentally changing things on the other. Mao said we must "unite all who can be united against the common enemy" and this is a very important point.

To be blunt, if World Can't Wait or the opposition to the Iraq war were built with an anti-imperialist level of unity now- it would exclude the millions and millions of people who right now want to get rid of this regime and hate the whole direction of society or oppose the war, but are not yet anti-imperialists or revolutionaries. What should be done with them, tell them they're fools because they're not anti-imperialists? Refuse to unite programmatically with them until they become so? Marik's line would say yes. This line will effectively leave all this potential outrage, anger and volcanic possibilities dormant and will actually abandon the possibility of any future worth fighting for. And it will in effect do exactly what Marik claims to oppose- leave all this mass opposition within the deadly and killing confines of the Democrats and politics as usual. This we cannot do if we want a different world.

The work of revolutionaries should be, and is, in the case of the RCP, to unite with and help develop this outrage in a way that can truly strike at the enemy and contribute to actually driving this regime out, and also to bring out through all this, the necessity of getting rid of this whole system, of making revolution. Our approach about the danger of the current situation and the urgent need to repolarize the situation for revolution, is a vital theme of all our work, and spoken to in Revolution newspaper, especially by the Chairman of the RCP Bob Avakian. There is a series in Revolution from Chairman Avakian on "The Coming Civil War and Repolarizing For Revolution"- on www.revcom.us website under "Bob Avakian". See for example-"The Dynamics Within the Ruling Class and the Challenges for Revolutionaries"  http://rwor.org/a/007/avakian-dynamics-within-ruling-class.htm

Through the course of taking this regime on, there will be much struggle and debate over what kind of world we want to have. What is the basic problem and solution here? These are questions that will have to be decided by the masses and through the course of struggle -and yes, those of us who are supporters of the RCP do have a response to "what kind of future do we want?", and our vision of that is brought out in every issue of Revolution newspaper. And Chairman Avakian has been at the forefront of developing a new synthesis of Communism—I would really encourage people who want to honestly engage these questions to check out his works.

Let me end by saying this: it's good that people are debating and struggling out these questions---"Will we be able to drive this regime from power"; "After the November 2nd, then what?" "How will this look?" "Won't it be chaotic and unfocused?" Etc. But let me ask you this: What will happen if we allow this regime to go unchallenged? What kind of hell will that bring? And what kind of possibilities will open up if we do drive it out? Nov 2nd needs to be a day millions stand up and make it clear this is the beginning, and we will not be ruled this way any longer.

Maggie Lawless
RCP supporter and organizer for WCW

time we got beyond these dark age same old agains! 09.Nov.2005 14:34

un-corralling, un-colonizing, and daring into the unknown

Maybe you think that these dark age imaginations about how we *must* live is all that is "realistic". Okay, that's good enough for you. Yet some of us would like to go WILDER and DEEPER, while *realizing the value* of being RADICALLY EXCELLENT with each other!

Czech out this article posted on la.indymedia:

entitled: Not Martial Arts, cRuciaL aRtS (visionary!)
a little pizazz iz needed in this
a little pizazz iz needed in this "society" of "ours"!