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Forest defense action this Sunday!

Get on the Bus named "Cool" this Sunday with "Back2theWALL" for a protest action in Sisters!
The US Forest service has just issued it's Record of decision to log the B&B forest complex fire under the provisions of George W. Bush's Healthy Forest initiative by declaring an emergency status to expedite the "cut" without restrictions.
Many of you will remember the B&B fire (most likely political arson) which was the roaring fire that Bush used as a backdrop to tout the Healthy forests initiative during his 2003 visit. Very nasty indeed!
The B&B sale is in excess of 5000 acres of the Deschutes forest near Sisters and will soon be gone if we do not act!

The Bus leaves from the corner of 38th and Belmont in SE Portland this Sunday (8-14) at 2pm and will be joining buses from Eugene and Bend. We will return the next day Monday 8-15 in the early evening. We will travel to Breitenbush where we will hike in ancient old growth forest followed by a soak in the hot springs and a vegan dinner will be served. We will camp out at Breitenbush and depart for the Sisters forest service action in the am.
(We will be performing the "Light it! Fight it! Log it!" musical)

You will need to bring camping supplies (tent, sleeping bag, sunblock, bug repellant, etc.) and if you have them, musical insturments and a big smile and a willingness to have fun while you are doing what is right and what is necessary!

Food will be available, but it is always wise to be self sufficient when camping out!

Logistics: Leave Portland Sunday 8/14 at 2pm from the corner of 38th and Belmont on a bus named "Cool" for a forest defense action the following day in Sisters.
Return Monday evening.

For additional information and to reserve a place on the bus.....
Contact Steve at (503) 772-3164
Joe at (503) 234-2613