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Idea for "truth" add re tobacco

Walking downtown one day... I had an interesting experience and funny idea that I think ought to be turned into one of those anti-tobacco television commercials. I don't know who to contact for any of that... thought I'd toss it out there and see who steps on it.
So I was walking along on my way someplace more interesting than the place I'd been. On my way past a Men's Warehouse, I noticed a couple of women standing there, under the sign, smoking cigarettes. "Hmmm...", I thought, "those must be the 'wares'." So I walked up to them and asked one of them, with a twinkle from my secret gleaming silently in one eye, "hey, are you a 'ware'?" She says "Huh? Aware of what?" That tobacco is the leading cause of ... yada yada ... and that it's illegal to litter-it?

So, let them eat smog, right? Tobacco is high profit... but so is organic produce. Anybody want a farmstead? ;-)

Have a smoke, sharecropper watermelonfarmer. Candy boy snicker tacker.