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Cindy Sheehan to Be Arrested Thursday

a mother of a soldier killed iraq wants to talk to bush about why the u.s. is in iraq.
Cindy Sheehan to Be Arrested Thursday
by David Swanson
Mon Aug 8th, 2005 at 10:55:39 PDT

(From the diaries -- kos)

Cindy Sheehan phoned me from Texas a few minutes ago to say that she's been informed that beginning Thursday, she and her companions will be considered a threat to national security and will be arrested. Coincidentally, Thursday is the day that Rice and Rumsfeld visit the ranch, and Friday is a fundraiser event for the haves and the have mores. Cindy said that she and others plan to be arrested.


We need a tipping point here and I believe the only way would be to send the local texas rangers, other police in the area and agencies letters demanding them to leave her alone and support the Mothers of the troops!

Support the Mothers of the troops! Bring their Children Home!
White House spokesman, Scott McClellan... 08.Aug.2005 17:41

this thing here

... in comments to reporters today at the Crawford Ranch:

"Look, we can't have someone with any kind of honest, genuine arguments meeting with the President. It's clear to this goverment that such an event would completely compromise our national security, and it's simply ridiculous to think that the President would want to risk that. No. No, there will be no meeting, there will be no honesty or any kind of genuiness from this administration. We do not negotiate with honest, genuine people. Now, as I've already said to you repeatedly, honesty and integrity and, and, uhhh, intelligence, accountability, these, these are all threats to our way of life. Thank you. No. No. I've got an appointment with the President."

Call for Convergence 08.Aug.2005 18:25


If there was ever a clear call for convergence, on issues that we otherwise put in efforts to march and carry signs, seeming, anymore, with the only purpose being to bring enlightenment to ranks of robocops, this must be one.

If several thousand could get down there in Craw-fud ASAP, get that road occupied in solidarity with the Moms, I reckon it would claim more attention than the annual mass choir preaching energy drains in the major cities.

The corp press is camped out at the "ranch", waiting for something to write about in the fetid, west Tayk-shushz haze--like somebody falling off of a bicycle, or stubbing a toe on a rake. A convergence would put the spotlight on the imperial bunker.

Don't let the "vacation" go vacant!

She has the wrong man 09.Aug.2005 08:30


Cindy Sheehan, with her great pain and great loss, is contacting to the wrong man.

GW Bush is the commander-in-chief. He is the head general. He is a lot like Caesar. He is the prince of a war-making beast system (elephants and asses) of rulership. His job is to corrupt and then get you killed.

With all her pain and loss, perhaps Cindy can feel the pain of self-betrayal. Her son signed up, took an oath to kill for the war-making beast system of rulership.

Maybe lots of folks can get together with Cindy in Crawford Texas. But asking any kindness or sympathy from GW Bush is like asking an old dog to do a new trick.

Our healing will begin when we turn from the rulership of war and begin to embrace a different kind of living.

Leave GW Bush be in all his misery. He isn't going to change any time soon.

It is up to us to make the changes.

If we don't like war, if we don't like losing our children, then it's time to stop.

Let's stop war. As soon as we 're ready, it will stop. Make no bombs or bullets or weapons of any kind.

Become a trooper for no one.

Stop participating in any system of punishment.

And watch how swiftly the world changes.

Sign on for: no war anytime anwhere for any reason.This is how we heal the loss of mothers like Cindy Sheehan.


Disrupt the Arrest! 09.Aug.2005 09:29


You guys need to nonviolently blockade the place so she can't be arrested. Now THAT is what I call solidarity.

Just go and Support Cindy 09.Aug.2005 10:11

on my way

Gulf War veterans are on their way to lend support to Cindy. We all want to know the answers to her questions. Why are we in Iraq? It isn't because of 9-11 nor is it due to WND's and it certaintly isn't to bring democracy to the Iraqi people. So yes, I too want answers, exactly what is the official reason for our military to be occupying Iraq?

They can't arrest all of us, there is safety in numbers. So the more of us that band together and challenge the administration's basis for this war the less terrorism the Bush cabal can get away with.

Not Even the Soviets 09.Aug.2005 16:23


How on earth, this bereaved mother and her small group of peaceful companion, can be a threat to the ' national security ' to the most heavily militarized country on this Planet? As far as GWB's security is concerned, he doesn't go anywhere without the escort of a phalanx of Praetorian Guards, armed to the teeth.
Not even the Soviets had arrested the protesting bereaved mothers of soldiers who had been killed in Afghanistan. Rather, they had resisted their own totalitarian urges and endured them, with gritted teeth.

i find "observer's" responses simplistic. 09.Aug.2005 16:26

this thing here

the reason for war is... war? wtf? i thought the reason for this war was something called a lie, something to do with manipulating a nation of 300 million by using fear. and yes, it's o.k. to be outraged and mad as hell about it.

leave bush alone? i think you're missing the point.

do i expect that cindy sheehan will ever actually meet the president. no. if she did actually meet with the president, do i expect what cindy sheehan wants to be accomplished will be accomplished? not really. the point here is to make them bend, to make them squirm, to make those fuckers have to respond to you in one way or another while all the cameras are rolling. THAT IS WHAT THREATENS THEM. IT DESTROYS THE LITTLE WORLD OF MAKE BELIEVE THEY'VE INSULATED THEMSELVES BEHIND TO HAVE TO ACTUALLY DEAL, OR NOT DEAL, WITH THIS WOMAN.

so what would be accomplished if cindy sheehan were to just give up and walk away? what the fuck would that do? one hell of a lot less than making them squirm by your mere prescense, even if nothing is "accomplished". because then cindy sheehan can say that she tried, but they didn't care...

Living in Peace?? A Response to Observer 09.Aug.2005 16:41

DJ Shadow

Sorry, but I disagree. If you and I live in peace, the US will still be at war in Iraq. If you and I don't build any bombs, the US will get someone else to build them.

You say "Let's stop war. As soon as we're ready, it will stop." Lots of us are ready for this war to end, but the war rages on--in our names!

Simply not participating ain't gonna cut it. We need to ACTIVELY resist the US war machine. We need to disrupt their plans to recruit more youth. We need to support the vets and families that are demanding that this war end. We need to organize to hold our "leaders" accountable. We need to to do way more than live in peace. We need to fight for it.

The Texas Whitehouse?? 16.Aug.2005 13:03

Teresa E.A. Teater teater1956@hotmail.com

If George Bush wants to run the country (into the ground) from texas, do you think we should run another quick election to put a REAL PRESIDENT into the REAL WHITE HOUSE ??? in Washington D.C.....

CAUSE I SURE DON'T need one to sit it out in Texas and take a break on my Tax Dollars when
RED State persons put him in the WHITE HOUSE FOR A 2nd time...(a U.S. Constitutinal admendment ought to be made, to allow only so many days away from the Whitehouse or lose the JOB TITLE and the JOB.)

NOW get "your" President under control,and STOP running up the dollars to fly white house cabinet members to work out of Texas you dumbass republicans...and you call us Democrats wasteful !!!

While you are at it MR.President...pay up "your" 3 POLICE overtime bills (aug 22nd,2003 thru 2004)in Portland Oregon,And Oregon City,Oregon for Cheney visit on Sept 13th,2004.

We've lost our COPS budget to fight serious crime,and Portland Oregon needs that $500.000 to hire more DRUG BUSTING COPS....


STOP RUNNING POLICE BUDGETS INTO THE GROUND !!!! all over America...We are fighting a serious DRUG WAR in PORTLAND ,Oregon,& you blew our BUDGET ..

NOW if you are done dividing America....you might want to start to help fund and fight the Wars going on in America. DRUGs/Education /Mental Health/Social Services.

SO,GEORGE , meet with CINDY SHEEHAN already...'cause she's doing a great job of driving down your approval rating...as if she needed to help you do so...

Teresa Teater Oregon City,Oregon

This is how you stop it... 18.Aug.2005 20:58


You simply stop living this high consumption lifestyle you lead. Stop driving your car and ride a bike. That's the first step. You'll be much happier and healthier! The more you purchase and consume the more oil is drilled. Try to grow a garden and buy locally grown food if you can. If there is no market for oil, then we will stop invading countries for their oil. Peace.