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Passive Idea

register or re-register to vote non-affilated party
We the People, have to do something. I am speaking of the group of honest, self regulating, hard working,
self sufficient and just want to live a life time without interference.

I am tired of hearing that criminals, lies and all the other garbage has been running this government for
more then 200 years.

I could be wrong about this, but I believe that when you register to vote as a Democrat or Republican
party, the party receives money for the campaign.

What if we all register to vote as a non-affiliated party, and then this government would see that the
constitution gives us the right to get the criminals out and find honest people to put into the offices.

I beleive that we are the majority, we just can't find any organization that fits with our ideas.

People will say that would give us too many choices, I welcome a change. I will look for someone honest,
logical; with analytical thinking, intellengence and fairness.

I suppose this will be futile. I can hear all the answers I have received in the past. I know one little
person can't change the world. Especially, when I am seeing any and all the good people resigning,
retiring and not doing anything to stop what I believe is totally crazy world we are in.

The world is not going to end, but we all seem to be in a miserable time right now.

All I can hope for is that we continue to educate ourselves and get as many views as we can. The more you
learn, the better you can see the corruption. Some have learned enough to choose to use corruption against
those less educated.

The following statement taken out of content from:

Jim Babka
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

A democracy, where three wolves and a sheep can vote to determine what's for lunch.

I thought we were suppose to be a republic. But it doesn't feel that way.
There's alot more than the duopoly! 08.Aug.2005 15:38



Your comments indicate you are someone who is under the misconception that we only have two parties to choose from. We have many, many more.

While it certainly true that our current "one-party two-wing" duopoly dominate the current system, they only do so because of mindsets like the one you have demonstrated with your comments. People not only need to stop registering as members of the party to maintain empire, but they need to become active in the alternative parties that represent their views.

People need to abandon the propaganda of the dems and repugs and begin to understand that there are additional choices with unique platforms that address many of today's biggest problems.
In addition to the Green party, we have the liberatarians, the socialists, the peace and freedom party, the constitution party, the natural law party, etc. etc.
Whether your a "free marketeer", or a fascist, or a commie, or a radical, there already exists a minor party whose platforms mirrors many of your views.

People need to quit pretending that third parties are not viable while then doing everything they can to make their predictions come true by selling out to the lesser of two evils logic that the duopoly has worked so hard to ingrain into your mind.

i don't agree with any of the partys 08.Aug.2005 16:25


I know about all the different partys and have read their idea's.
I just haven't seen one that I can support.