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NW Regional Anti-War Demonstration Sept. 24, Seattle

Rationale and motivation for Sept. 24 anti-war demonstration in Seattle, to be held in coordination with national demonstrations in Washinton DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Sept. 24 Seattle leaflet
Sept. 24 Seattle leaflet
Motivation and rationale for Sept. 24 Mass Unified Anti-war demonstration in Seattle

The ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) has initiated a call for mass, unified anti-war demonstrations on Sept. 24 in Washington DC, with coordinated actions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The Seattle rally and march will gather at Westlake Plaza in Seattle at 12 noon. For initial Portland transportation information, see


Why now?
The war and occupation continue, each day bringing more death and suffering, while the people of Iraq insist that the United States leave their country immediately. Public opposition to the war here in the United States continues to grow. At the same time, the US almost daily threatens other countries. The occupation of Afghanistan continues, as does the illegal presence of US troops in the Philippines. The US continues to fund and politically support the oppression of the Palestinian people. At the same time as US military expenditures skyrocket, the administration attacks workers, immigrants, people of color, women, youth, l/g/b/t people here at home. Schools, housing, healthcare, the environment—all need funding. The time is ripe for a new, large mass anti-war mobilization that will draw in the many sectors opposed to the war and affected by administration policies. The world watches and is given hope when there are large anti-war protests here "in the belly of the beast."

Why these demands?
(you can view the leaflet at  http://www.answerseattle.org/ANS_S24.aspx)Leaflet is also attached.

We believe the demands articulated by the ANSWER Coalition reflect the emergent consciousness of the anti-war masses, especially those from the working class and most oppressed communities. While giving primacy to ending the war in Iraq, the demands reflect the popular understanding that the US is not simply engaged in a "mistaken policy" in Iraq, but is engaged in a war for empire. We can't just focus on Iraq, demanding that the troops come home (from Iraq) now, only for the troops to be redeployed to the Philippines, Syria, North Korea or Venezuela. The demands reflect the views of the Arab and Muslim communities of the interconnectedness of the struggle for self-determination of the Arab people. The demands reflect the interconnectedness of the struggle against the war abroad and the war at home. The demands are not a "laundry list." They are the concrete and inclusive expression of a popular anti-imperialist perspective.

Why this kind of activity?
A large, mass, unified anti-war demonstration means bringing the largest number of people together at the same time and in the same place. This gives us the best shot at getting media coverage, which magnifies our impact. It allows us to assess our strength and bring together people from different communities, building ties.
All organizers must do everything in their power to assure the mass character of the activity, that is, to make it safe for all to attend by negotiating for permits, and generally organizing the event to achieve a peaceful, safe gathering for people of all ages and backgrounds.
Holding a demonstration in a central location, near public transit is the best means of facilitating the participation of people both from within Seattle and from other areas. It is critical that outreach be conducted to ALL communities, especially those most affected by the war: the working class, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, young people. ANSWER has focused its outreach efforts in such communities using a person to person and street visibility approach. We have received very positive feedback to our efforts from community members we have met. We are confident that with continued outreach and the participation of additional organizations, we can bring out significant portions of previously under-represented communities to Sept. 24.
Organizers are also committed to mobilizing from the following areas outside of Seattle: Eastside, Tacoma, Portland OR, Bellingham, Olympia, Bainbridge, Bremerton, Everett.
We welcome all organizations and individuals to work with us. Local endorsers include: Arab American Community Coalition, El Centro de La Raza, BAYAN-USA (Seattle,) Digging Deeper Media Collective (Bainbridge Island), Eastside Fellowship of Reconciliation, Filipino Workers Action Center, Independent Community Activist Network, Native Forest Council, US Committee for Labor and Human Rights in the Philippines, US Women and Cuba Collaboration, Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee, Voices of Palestine, Veterans for Peace #92, Rev. Angela Ying, Rev. Tim Nakayama, Dr. John Ruhland, John Jeannot (member Squire Park Community Council), Dr. Larry Mosqueda (The Evergreen State University*), Rob McCauley, Business Agent, Teamsters local 763 *, Roi Brown, Community Activist, and Women in Black (Seattle).

homepage: homepage: http://www.answerseattle.org
phone: phone: 206-568-1661
address: address: 1122 E Pike, #1211, Seattle, WA, 98122