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17 Year Old Woman Halts Old-Growth Logging in Memory of Joan Norman

A blockade has been constructed to stop ancient forest logging within
the Biscuit timber sale and to honor the late Joan Norman. Atop a
platform 50 feet in the air, a 17 year-old woman sits committed to halt
felling within this contested old growth reserve timber sale, called
Ancient forest logging began at the Hobson old-growth reserve timber
sale last week. The sale has been the site of numerous acts of civil
disobedience. In the wake of a court decision in favor of the timber
industry's further exploitation and destruction of the very last
ancient forests on public land, large numbers of citizens continue to
come out of the woodwork to defend the Wild Siskiyous. The media is
invited to visit the Joan Norman Memorial Road Blockade today.

In the spirit of 75 year-old late activist Joan Norman, who inspired
people all over the world with her courageous acts of commitment to
ancient forest protection, the young woman is currently suspended 50
feet in the air. The platform is suspended from a traverse between two
trees, with support lines anchored into multiple points in the road.
Any interference with the ropes will cause the platform to tip, thus
endangering the woman's safety.

"I'm incredibly inspired by Joan," said Leera, the young woman occupying
the road blockade. "I know that the protection of the last ancient
forests is up to all of us; following in Joan's footsteps, its time for
my generation to lead the way."

Leera intends to remain in the structure until old-growth logging is
halted at Hobson. At only 17 years of age Leera is putting her young
life on the line to protect the ancient forests that she loves. Leera
is also dedicating the blockade to Joan and hopes that her act will
help to inspire others to take action.

We are also announcing a new canopy protection station in Unit 12 of
Hobson. Located in an area that highlights the complexity of fire
ecology, hanging amongst the intermixed mosaic of green and singed
trees, is an innovative canopy protection station. Unlike a
traditional tree-sit that protects one tree, this design utilizes new
tactics and technology. The protection station is able to defend the
majority of the unit slated to be cut.

Local residents of the Siskiyous and concerned citizens from all over
the country will continue to oppose the destruction of the last roadless
areas and ancient forests on public land. Media is invited to visit the
Memorial Road Blockade on Monday, August 8th. Also, media is welcomed
and invited to visit the canopy protection station on any day, as the
vigil will be sustained until the area is protected.

Escorts and interviews are available - Please call Wild Siskiyou Action
at 541-659-2682


From I-5 take the Merlin exit

Head West on the Galice Rd, you will cross the Rogue river and pass
Indian Mary campground

Take a left on Forest Service Road 25; there is a detour sign
here (road also known as Taylor Creek Valley Rd, or Briggs Rd)

Go 10.5 miles, take a right at the juncture onto the 2510

Continue to follow the detour signs, the next juncture is
about 4 miles away-veer right onto the 2402 road (Chrome Ridge Road)

Keep following detour signs (towards the coast)

When you get to a 3 way intersection, go left towards the coast (not
towards Galice)

Follow this road until it ends at a paved road. This is Forest Service
Road 23, on some maps it is labeled 34-8-36.

Turn Left on FS road 23

Go approximately 1.5 to 2 miles after you have turned onto the paved
road and take your first left on Forest Service road 2411. This road
is not marked, but you will soon come to a "Y", go right at the Y. The
road will now be marked 2411.

Drive along the 2411 road until you hit the blockade, it will
be located a few miles after the fork.

For more detailed directions to the canopy protection station (which is
located further down the road)please contact Wild Siskiyou Action at

phone: phone: 541-659-2682.

Major support 08.Aug.2005 17:02


Hey! All my love to Leera and all of you~! Wish I was there!

was she evicted? 09.Aug.2005 07:54

fake forester

update? shifting tactics! yeah!

Update 09.Aug.2005 12:17

Wild Siskiyou Action & Kalmiopsis EF! siskiyou@cascadiarising.org

Update on the Hobson action:

The action held off logging all day yesterday. However, around 1pm, the Forest Service brought in a bullbozer, and bulldozed around the blockade, destroying a little hillside, and making it possible for loggers to drive around.

The person in the sky pod descended in the night, and the structure was taken down by WSA activists, to reserve resources. The person in the pod was NOT arrested.

Loggers have become increasingly violent toward non-violent forest activists, with the forest service law enforcement's complicity. Recent incidents include a young man being shaken about by his shirt. Also, a woman's car was blocked in by loggers' trucks while they made violent, sexual threats toward her. In this case, a FS LEO was nearby, watching, and did not stop the loggers, and instead pulled the woman over as she tried to leave.

But we're still fighting strong for the Biscuit! Come on down if you can, or call us for more info.


hobson hunkers down round infinity 10.Aug.2005 13:26


the more rounds the merrier, the Forest Service cant put up with it forever. keep it up yall.

I Appreciate You-all 10.Aug.2005 21:10

Ben Waiting

These trees would all be gone by now if it wasn't for these defenders
All Gone ...over with ....done

But Thanks to you-all they are Not Gone
It is only you-all that have preserved these beautiful trees
They would otherwise be Gone ...but there Not !

Haa ...Thank You ..Thank You ...Thank You
My children's, children Thank ...You-all

The Forest is Alive and we know why
It's Only because you-all cared enough

Thanks So Much.... very honorable

Great Americans 26.Aug.2005 09:33

Gunnar Sharp gunnarsharp@yahoo.com

It's a bit scary to hear a 17 yr old is risking her life. But what a great American(s).
It's so ironic that it's the fat beer slug with the flags flying off of his obese Ford truck who thinks himself a patriot. The one with the bumperstickers that say "No Fear."
But who is really brave? Who really cares for this land and its people? Who really faces their fears when it's needed?
A 17 yr old girl.
You're brave and though you may not think of yourself this way, you embody the best this country has to offer.