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Directions to Hobson Camp at Biscuit, Come On Out

Due to the many variables involved in forest defense, including the start of active logging at the Hobson timber sale, we have had to move the location of our resistance camp once again! But don't fret, it's easy to find, and you'll want to find it to come join us "Hunkering Down at Hobson" this week and beyond.
As usual, come self-sufficient and prepared for wilderness camping including very hot weather, steep slopes, and last-minute changes. We will have some food to share, but donations are always appreciated as well as any tools/camping gear. See you out there!

*From I5 take the Merlin exit
*head West on the Galice Rd
you will cross the Rogue river and pass Indian Mary campground
*Left on Forest Service 25 Rd; there is a detour sign here (road also known as Taylor
Creek Valley Rd, Briggs Rd)
*Go 10.5 miles, take a right at the juncture onto the 2510 rd
*Follow detour signs - the next juncture is about 4 m away - stay straight onto the 2402 towards the coast (NOT Galice)
*Left after about 3 m (just follow the detour sign towards the coast)
this is FS rd 23, on some maps it is labeled 34-8-36
*after another approximate 2 m take a left on the 2411 rd
*stay Right at the "Y" (this is still 2411)
*drive about 1 miles. You will pass one large rock quarry, and once you come to the second quarry turn right into it. You will be facing a very large gravel pile - park wherever and walk/drive to the right and back of the pile. When facing the downward side of the mountain, with the gravel pile on your left, walk right into the woods. Camp is about 50 yards away. (this all may sound confusing, but it's really not, we promise)

Wild Siskiyou Action = (541) 659-2682

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