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Democracy for Chlidren

Let's assist our President, and suggest a softer democracy for the world, that has nothing to do with war. A demoracy with a plethera of "political women", providing sorely needed role models for girls and young women. It's not the person with the big bucks, fancy degree, or military frontline defender; it's all about women who have made there number 1 priority as children foregoing hihger degrees and influence...but DOING THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD. That's the most qualified person for office and you would be surprised what positive poltical actions they can do.
Dear Beatrice and Eileen:

Please consider reading my website. I provide a variety of references that; I feel make a strong case.


Democracy for Children: A complex micro platform


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This website attempts to assist our President when he says he wants democracy for the world. I suggest a softer democracy for the world, one that has nothing to do war, but whose number one platform is "raising children". Through an assessment of US history, statistics, logical thinking and common sense, I suggest this world government be called "Democracy for Children" (DFC) and be mainly Matriarch or run mostly by women. Why? Logically, it can be said many men take a backseat to child raising or sometimes they do not take care of the child at all. There are statistics, which can verify this. There are many women in our society who view "child raising" as their number one job, even single working moms. And if you think about it, they are right! But, there is a more subtle reason I suggest this new world order; girls and young women would have more role models.

And yet here's another leap of thinking, to pay for this, slowly take money from US supported international organizations and create the DFC to work with these other worthy organization. This is just one possible scenario.

DFC main goal is to give the world moral, political, and financial backing to projects that assist children. The assumption is that society needs to dramatically give more importance to child raising because the state of our children is bad. At this point, you may ask, well what about wars and justice? Both are worthy issues. But society needs a pill to cure one ailment at time. Said in another way, don't expect World War 3 to come to you, you go to it! It is the WAR on abuse of children. And yes, do declare political war with worldwide consequences. In addition, all forms of democracy have one thing in common, profit. The creation of what I call a "Youth Stock", which will yield profits over the short and long term. This is Dollars and common sense.

This DFC is based on an economic/psychological theory that states, investing a major amount of time and money in children, will be profitably and morally right (please note, up to this point, I have not suggested churches role in this). For example, let's say we provide much more education related in taking take of the elderly. In time, when the child is grown up, he/she may take an active participation in helping their parents or the elderly. Ergo, for those elderly who live on Social Security only, assistance from youth can ease their burden and make Social Security money go further.

As I suggest, a scenario could be taking money out of the UN tagged for children. In time this DFC can grow opening under a new umbrella of peace (having nothing to do with war) say expand into treatment of our elders. Less monies for organization that have military ties.

I forsee more naysayers saying there are nations on this planet that are run in a matriarch (Native or indegenuos people), but these are the conquered people are who supposed have there own nation, but have no representative in the United Nations.

Many may scoff at this! No, I'm neither economist nor a psychologist; let's put these 2 different fields together and work on, debate and resolve. My job as a marketing advisor is to show the practical benefits and reinforce them with cogent arguments.

It is my hope this message will help you understand the crux of the DFC.

Here's what I feel. The only way you can get congress attention is when you put report as thick as the 9/11 report. So, why can't develop a thick report at the grassroots level ? Then when we do march, we have our sword, the mightily used pen.

Thank you for your valuable time,

David Coronel A.A.S.