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42,636 dead this year!

Wow! Is that figure from war all over the world? Nope. That is just deaths from vehicles on American roads this past year. The article actually sounds upbeat that the figure went down from last year. Hooray! It just disgusts me to no end that we allow our roads to run red with the blood of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children. And somehow this is acceptable to us as a society? It's like that law that just passed that allowing gun dealers to sell guns in an irresponsible manner and we can't sue the gun makers for their negligence. Man this country has gone beyond wacko! I'm looking into escaping into Canada. Is that tunnel still open?Good luck everyone! You'll need it.

Dig in where you live 02.Aug.2005 10:56

and take responsibilty

think it's any different in Canada, one of the largest corporate governments on the planet?

lets sue ! 02.Aug.2005 16:33

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

if the manufacturers delibratly produce a deadly object, we should be able to sue. but the patriot act protects eli lilly. but in the suit the people who sell those items must also be included. maybe that would help cut down the traffic deaths. pass a law that requires people to sell their old stuff to an authorized dealer! that would cut down on the trash site as well. rottables only to compost sites, everything else recycled. more jobs, less waste!

No were to run ...or hide for that matter . 02.Aug.2005 19:15

The man that said nothing

I know this is not sane or real or right or wrong , RE: to Article

I wonder if that's the way it's going to be I meen the way everthing is cop's killing people , big government running all of us into the ground , there is so much debate about enerthing one person say's one thing and yet another say's something differnt , No untiy on even the simplest of issues . So much violence . Greed is killing everthing , you know that there is less then 6% old growth trees left in north America perhaps even less then that . I ponder if any of it can change or even if it should maybe in one since that's the way it should be . So sure there is of us who see and even care but to the biger picture it's miniscule .

I think that the fight is gone out of "most" Americans , this is of course my opinion and I'm sure that some body out there has some to say about that and if so thank you , and what do I meen by fight ? .
So pass a law that would help ? more law's , is that a helpless society remedy or lack of creative thinking . I so much want to run , but were do I go some body once told me no matter were you go there you are ... I hate that person . What is the anwser well maybe there is none . Maybe we are all ready dead we just don't kmow it yet ... how can we when we can't even see .

random selection 03.Aug.2005 07:18


as a human who has been in the work force since the late 1970s, and who has used only public transportation, bicycle and my own feet to get to work every day since 1984, i have watched the annual traffic fatality figures with great sadness for a long, long time.

no matter what i do, no matter how hard i try, whenever i try to reason with others about the need to move "beyond the automobile" to more sustainable (and more pleasant!) lifestyles, i am also told, "oh that would be great, but I NEED MY CAR!"

of course they NEED their car! the light rail network that was built in the early 20th Century was deliberately destroyed by the car manufacturers, oil corporations, and bus lines. the post-WWII strategy for American development was to build highway after highway after highway. basically, Truman and every leader since has bet the bank on the automobile as the engine of developement for the US economy.

(see "The Power Brokers: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York")

our zoning laws were deliberately skewed to small single family plots extending horizontally in every direction, while public transit was focused entired on inner city streets. this created an endless cycle of dependency on the personal auto.

(see "The Geography of Nowhere")

the only way to break this cycle is to move toward smaller, denser communities, where humans can live, work, and play within walkable distances. these clusters, acting as nodes in a regional transportation network, need to be connected by clean mass transit (such as light rail like Portland's MAX or electric buses like Vancouver B.C.s system). and there need to be multi-modal transit hubs, where humans can shift up from local transit to higher speed or longer distance connections, as well as shifting down to bicycles near their places of residence. all of this is doable!

we only need the willpower and collective insight to make it happen! it will happen!

i have been working, hoping, and struggling for twenty years against the needless and ridiculous seas of bloody disaster and poisonous toxins created by the automobiles. the fact is that, as humans, we have become virtual slaves to these machines, and we no longer live in a world of natural selection, in which the old the sick the infirm are outlived by the healthy the young and the intelligent. we now live in a world of random selection, where any drunken asshole can obliviously wipe out the greatest living genius, just because our society encourages the use of giant metal bombs hurtling at deadly speeds under the guidance of absolute idiots!

isn't it time for ONE TOWN IN AMERICA, or even ONE TOWN IN THE WORLD to start over. to remove automobiles from the center and push them out to the periphery where they belong. why must infernal, deadly, poison-spewing machines dominate the CENTER of all our lives? why can't they be relegated to the fringes of a town, as a means of OCCASIONAL transporation between towns, rather than the constant occupier and destroyer of all our lives?

c'mon, let's just build the post-oil, post-auto, post-Cheney civilization.

we can do it!

Darwin 03.Aug.2005 08:49


Eh, gotta thin the ranks somehow . . .

ANY OTHER activity... 03.Aug.2005 09:46


ANY OTHER activity that resulted in that many
deaths would be heavily restricted or illegal.

Don't wanna look at 'em 03.Aug.2005 09:50

Ed Chigliak

I moved to a VERY rural area.

Prime reason is that I didn't want to look out
of my window and see parked cars everywhere (mine or anyone else's).

I look out my window now and see nothing but douglas firs.

Try it, you'll like it.

bye 03.Aug.2005 10:41


good riddance,except for the innocent children you scumbags murder

Acceptable level of harm 03.Aug.2005 13:59


These annual national traffic fatalities and injuries fall under the mind-set brainwash philosophy of an acceptable level of harm versus benefit to society at large. One person's benefit may be another person's or species' harm. Also most Americans worship their cars. Some of them take better care of their cars than their own bodies and personal health and well-being. What politician would be elected to office who ran on a platform of banning the car? Answer: none. Perhaps what society needs is more racetracks where people can go to crash their cars at high speeds. There are cars all over this planet now and more on the way. America is AMERICAR !