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anyone know about the bike V car?

Any info. on the accident on Powell?
There was a car that hit a bike on Powell today. It seemed really bad.
Does anyone have any information on the rider or saw it?

it's getting really dangerous out there again.

ride safe bike family

No Real Answers... 31.Jul.2005 15:34


I went down to the intersection of Milwaukie and Powell to check it out.
The cops blocked off part of the intersection for hours while they investigated.
They refused to divulge any info on the cyclist (of course)
but I saw a member of the PPB Traffic Investigation Unit (TIU).
TIU officers usually show up when there is a criminal investigation and/or a fatality.
The orange mountain bike landed about 25-30 feet from where the car had stopped. It looked like the cyclist broke through the driver side windshield. A two foot in diameter pile of blood dried on Southbound Powell in front of the AmPm. Two black Nike's and a pair of sunglasses lay scattered on both sides of the car.
Corporate media seemed conspicuosly absent from the scene.
Let's hope for the best.
Ride Safe Everyone!!!!

KGW has a story 31.Jul.2005 22:32


KGW has a story posted now on this. Not only was the guy drunk but he was driving with a suspended license!


Here's what they said:

Suspected drunk driver hits, injures bicyclist

09:50 PM PDT on Sunday, July 31, 2005

By JIM PARKER, kgw.com Staff

A suspected drunk driver without a license is to blame for a collision that critically injured a bicyclist in southeast Portland Sunday, police said.

Anthony Blankenship was being held in the Multnomah County Jail on charges of assault, driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving.

Blankenship's car ran a red light at the intersection of SE Powell and SE Milwaukie about 10:30 a.m. and struck the bicyclist, officer Greg Pashley said.

The bicyclist, Roger Wyatt, was hospitalized at Oregon Health and Sciences University in critical conition. The extent of his injuries were not released.

In addition to being intoxicated, Pashley said Blankenship "was driving with a suspended license at the time of the collision."

Blankenship was scheduled to be arraigned in court Monday on the multiple charges he faces.

Eastbound lanes of SE Powell were closed for much of the day as investigators examined the accident scene.

The Charges 01.Aug.2005 14:05

Bryan Dorr

Anthony Dean Blankenship, 40, is being held in the Multnomah County Jail. He is facing charges of misdemeanor driving under the influence of intoxicants, assault (second degree), misdemeanor driving with suspended, and reckless driving.

Source:  http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/sheriff/booking_log.htm

cycling accedent stats 01.Aug.2005 16:51


I heard that there have been over a dozen serious cycling accedent this year, does anyone know if thats the case, or have any info on the incidents of cyclist involved accedents in Portland??

Portland Police - Earn My Respect 01.Aug.2005 18:20


One of the few things most of us can agree on is that traffic laws for the most part make sense. And that for the most part are flagrantly ignored by too many drivers AND the police.

Today another cyclist was nearly killed by an idiot. One more tragedy.

As I walked past the downtown police garage this afternoon I watched an SUV driver talking on the phone blow through the red light just as I legally entered the crosswalk in front of him. He went right by the police garage as a cop in a marked car was exiting and who could not have missed seeing what happened. The idiot driver continued on without any sign of intervention.

I walk across SE 39th at Hawthorne or Division 5 times a week. It is normal that 1 or more idiot drivers blow through a red light either turning left or straight through with every cycle of the lights. Again, I have seen this done in full view of a Portland cop who did NOTHING whatsoever.

Portland police, you read this stuff. Pay some attention. Start doing what you are paid for and enforce the mostly reasonable traffic laws.

Save some lives, instead of harrassing protestors exercising their rights and killing unarmed citizens.

You might earn some degree of respect from some of us who now have little AND pay your freaking paychecks.

The Cycleist injured is my cousin and roommate 01.Aug.2005 20:06

Jason Watt codename@incognitopdx.com

first of all let me say the roger watt my cousin is doing better today
afer nearly losing his nose to the windsheild of the drunk guys car
he is sceduled for facial reconstructive sergery tomorrow morning
after initally bieng transported to ohsu he underwent sergery to releave
the pressures on his brain caused by swelling due to the sudden impact
i.e. they opened his skull briefly removed the himatoma's and replaced the cap
as of 8:00 pm monday he is still out and hasnt woken up yet.

the first thing i think is who the hell is drunk at 1030 am

as i understand it after speaking to portland police this is what happened

roger stoped at the interscetion of miluakie and powell drank from his watter bottle
then the walk signal came on to cross as that happened the miluakie to powell eastbound turn lane
went green the cars started to turn from miluakie to powell the driver turning noticed the car
that struck him was running the light and stoped roger thinking that the turning driver was
stoping for him as traffic should stop for anybody walking or bikeing after all he had the right of way
as that turning car stoped it obscured rogers view of oncoming traffic and as soon as he
cleared the bumper of the turning car he was struck by the drunkass no license driver....

i just want to say that this is all i can take how make cyclist's have to get killed
before people realise that they need to share the road in attition to not driveing drunk
i am a native to portland and i can remember every other time this has happened

all i can say is 1 time is too many

Jason Watt  codename@incognitopdx.com

anonymous 02.Aug.2005 18:32


I appreciated your update as I'm sure most people did.
But I'm sorry to say I found this text, that is quoted in the article (on the front page), to be extremely difficult to understand. For the most part because of the absence of any punctuation. I hate to be the one to have to point this out on account of your recent tragedy but if you feel that your testimony of the situation is worth telling, which an avid cyclist I believe your update to be of crucial significance, it should be communicated in a format more easily deciphered.

My best to you and your family and I wish your cousin a speedy recovery.

accident on Sunday 02.Aug.2005 20:51

daniel steely75@yahoo.com

I saw the entire accident; I was on my bike on the northwest corner of Powell and Milwaukie when it happened. I've never seen anything like it in my life; I'm surprized (and very happy) that the cyclist is even alive. I ran to the scene as soon as it happened and called 911. I talked to the driver, tried to calm him down and had no idea that he was even drunk, but he was later arrested and charged with DUI and driving without a license; also, he has no insurance. Anybody heard about a plan to raise funds for the rider?


Ghost Bikes in Seattle. 03.Aug.2005 12:41



Wednesday, August 3, 2005

'Ghost bikes' offer eerie reminder to share the road

Bicycles painted stark white are chained to stop signs and telephone poles at nearly 40 locations around the city.

An eerie visual reminder of the dangers cyclists face every day on local streets, these "ghost cycles" appeared at sites where someone reported a collision or dicey riding conditions.
Each one is accompanied by a sign that reads, "A cyclist was struck here," with a site number and a Web address: ghostcycle.org.

(more - follow link)

Beautiful, effective action.

lotsa crappy drivers in this town 05.Aug.2005 10:07

bike possee

i noticed nobody driving through my neighborhood ever stops at the stop signs...and this is on a street that is a VERY popular bike route in NOPO. so bikers/joggers/dog walkers beware, drivers seem to think those stop signs are optional.

as a person who has been hit many time by cars while on a bike, i would just like to say to the author of the original post, this sort of thing happens far too often. i hope your cousin recovers quickly. i'll be thinking about him every time i'm out on the road. the next time it could be any of us...

and if you like to go about your daily business in a less than sober state, walk, ride the bus, or get yer friend to take you there. don't let your habits become someone's tragic ending. there's no need to drive in this town, much less inebriated.

I saw on the news 06.Aug.2005 02:03


Not to push any buttons, but while I was watching the news I saw witnesses say the driver did not run the light, the bicycle did. Any one else have info on that?