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Noah’s Arc Ministry

Noah's Arc Ministry (NAM), for all intensive purposes, does not exist among the Christian Churches. Why do Christians deny the very first ministry, the story of Noah's Arc and the animals? This was God teaching us how to take care of animals and this message is lost among almost all Christian Church's. Look at it this way, if in God's eyes humans come before animals, why didn't God say, "Fill the arc with only humans and I will take care of the animals." Instead he said take 2 of each animal in the arc and only Noah's direct family.
For those of you who don't understand, a ministry is defined as a Christian organization that helps a specific cause identified in the Bible.

So NAM is based on the biblical story of Noah and also refers to the Creation story where we are commanded to take care of all the creatures of the Earth. In today's terminology, NAM can help forge a stronger bond between humans and animals.

Some functions might be praying over dead soul of animals, watching over the young, give medical aide or to simply observe and learn from wild animals.

First, let me address the scoffers. "God is not an animalist!" or "God takes care of animals". More accurately, God is an animalist, a humanist, He loves plants, and He loves all his creations.

Sadly NAM is a myth. Christians will only help the human soul and it is assumed our human soul is better than the lifespan of animal. An arrogant statement considering we are sheep of the Lord. Our humble beginnings was from dust and from the clay God molded us. All this from Earth and all similar to the creation of other life.

Why is their denial for people to speak positively about animals in a Christian church?

Some might say its idolatry or worshipping animals in a godlike manner. To put in perspective, there's the Catholic story of Saint Francis of Assisi. When he was a priest, he heard about a wolf terrorizing a town and killing people. He went to the townspeople with his companion. They employ him not to go, but he goes to face the wolf. He leaves with his companion and finds the wolf. Father Francis says, "Although you have killed, God still loves you." He then blessed the wolf and called it Brother. For those of you who don't know, Catholics are Christians too, so in a sense the Church is validating animals are our brothers and sisters. But not much is spoke about animals in Church, despite them being part of being all our relations. As for the Protestants (who are Christians too), they have no animal ministries I'm aware of.

Watch the flood of denial and anger come from Christians. This is always the initial response. To think, God loves all his creation equally is appalling. Like my Pastor says, "Go with what the Bible says" And there are so many positive references to our brother and sister animals in the Bible. Instead of supporting your agenda and agreeing with your church, don't attack the concept but ponder just for a minute to consider what other Biblical references support NAM. Just for one lousy minute consider and don't attack, then when you have made up your mind (and prayed to God)let's hear your voice.
meat-eating christians? 31.Jul.2005 09:20

that's an oxymoron

i found this post to be very interesting. the angle i always come at my family with in regards to the veg. issue is a christian one, as they are awfully christian. i try to point out that even if jesus did at one point condone the eating of animals (which i'm not sure about) i'm sure he would want absolutely nothing to do with the way his creatures are treated in today's factory farms. i think it is so obvious that such a supposedly loving and peaceful man would find the way we treat animals abhorrent. how can a person claim to love jesus and say they are following in his footsteps and then turn right around and become intimately involved (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in activities that he would make his mouth water with disgust? my feeling is that when this point is made to most christians they do understand it but aren't yet willing to accept it. whatcha waitin' for, jesus-freaks?

intensive purposes 31.Jul.2005 12:19


you mean intents and purposes?

Will become a vegatarian one day 31.Jul.2005 12:39


Recently I've to say goodbye to my wife who cooked me animal food, not realizing the importance of eating no meat. So I'm slowly training my taste buds too like vegatarian food.

That Would Be... 31.Jul.2005 22:20


Noah's Ark.

Move that Dan Quayle spell checker to the trash.

Interesting 19.Nov.2005 05:09

P Allen Skroch askroch@triwest.net

I have not heard of another person other then myself actualy talking to an animal in the wilds and find this article incrediable interesting. I had the opportunity to preach to a Big Horn Sheep in the mountains. The story is on our web site which is under construction.